Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cottage Living ~ our style

Good morning everyone. Hope you are all just about ready for Christmas. It is chilly here this morning. Right now at a few minutes after 9 it is 58 and feels like it is 51. Tonight it is supposed to get down to 47 and feel like it's 40. That is cold for us down here. Tomorrow night is supposed to be even colder.

Last night I was sitting in my chair in our cozy living room and decided to take a picture from where I sit. Our living room is apprx. 17' by 9 1/2'. You can see the library/my office/craft space through the arch on the left. It's a wreck right now with different things going on in there.

Anyway, here are the pictures. The issue of Cottage Living magazine that is showing up in picture is from 2005. I had gotten out old Christmas issues to enjoy and this is the one that I put here for the picture, in our 'found' table. The green spread on the sofa was also found in that curb-side shopping spree, :-) it's the reverse side. DH has cut a piece of glass for the top of table and is refurbishing the finish as I type, out in his workshop.

The desk/bookcase wall unit on the left is another found item, as was the bookcase on the right which is on top of a wonderful old hand made piece that we got for $25 many years ago.

Click on pictures for larger views.

Have a wonderful weekend and a lovely Christmas week.

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


Dirt Princess said...

I love the ceiling! Very nice, quaint and cozy! I also love that coffee table! It is very cool here as well! I am loving every second of it!

FlowerLady said...

Hello Dirt Princess ~ We love that ceiling also. The tongue and groove boards were used throughout our little cottage, lighter in color in a couple of the rooms, and in one room painted white before we moved in. It ia made from Dade County Pine. Our little place was built around 1951.

DH cut glass for the table top and refurbished the finish and brought it in before I left for work. I just love it. It's our Christmas present this year.

It is wonderfully chilly and breezy here and we are loving it too.

Have a wonderful Christmas.


Nell Jean said...

So clever, the Magazine. It's cool here, but not miserably so. I think we're expecting cooler yet.

Have the Merriest Christmas and Happiest New Year, in the garden at at home.

lemonverbenalady said...

Hi FlowerLady,

Love your cozy style! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas! We got our snow! Can't be Christmas for me without it! Stay warm. xx LVL

aims said...

We don't have anything like that in this little town. But I remember when you could put stuff out on the curb - one day a year or maybe it was more. Then we would hide behind the curtains and see what people would go for. It was fun.

And it was fun going and having a look at what was on offer in other driveways.


And a great find! My goodness. Nice table!

gld said...

They should be doing a spread on your cottage in one of those magazines! I could live there very comfortably and feel right at home.

BTW, I sent you the recipe for the candy....was afraid it got routed to your spam mail.

Have a wonderful Christmas and the best new year ever.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I love your style! You make great use of your space.

FlowerLady said...

Good morning Ladies ~ Hope you are all ready for Christmas.

Our cottage is cozy that's for sure, at a little over 700 sq.ft. It's a challenge.

Nell ~ The first picture I took I had a different magazine in the rack, and I said, wait a minute and grabbed that issue to put in there. It was perfect and really made the picture. It is a cold 47 right now and feels like it is 43. It has dropped a degree since I got up around 5:30. Hope you are keeping warm.

Lemon Verbena Lady ~ I saw your snowy scenes on your blog. BRRR.

Aims ~ I've heard of others saying they have one day a year where they can put stuff out like that. We have two days a week where you put out your 'trash', so you never know when you'll find something, especially when different areas have different pick up days than we do.

Glenda ~ Thank you. We'd have to do a lot more around here before being featured in a magazine, but your saying that made my day. Oh my goodness, sometimes I forget about that mail account so went and checked it right then and had several msgs. Shame on me. Thanks for the recipe, it sounds delicious.

Sue ~ Our style is sort of eclectic, always has been. It suits us. We love color too.

Reading all of your comments makes me ready for a new day, to live fully in any given moment, appreciating our many blessings.

Thank you again and have a lovely Christmas week.


sweet bay said...

You've done a great job with your cottage. It does both very cozy and interesting. The table looks great there, like it's been there always.