Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brrr, brrr, brrr.

It is cold down here! Right now at around 12:45 it is 51, this morning when we got up it was 35 and with the windchill factor felt like it was 24. We're not used to this kind of weather. Too cold for me to work outside, so I've been working inside. Homecaring (dusting, vacuuming, dishes etc.), more embroidery bead work, baking a loaf of apple bread, and cooking up some cranberries. I did go out to take some pictures this morning to share with you all.

Here are the cranberries and the apple bread.

St. Francis and Louis Philippe roses.
I love the shadows on the shed.

Maman Cochet

Copperleaf shrub, I love the sunlight on the leaves.

Here is my blue bottle bouquet.
Sunlight looks great hitting those too.

This is my latest bead/embroidery work.

To see the piece finished, click here

That's it for now. Hope you all are having a great week, whatever you are doing, wherever you are, whatever your weather.

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


lemonverbenalady said...

Glad you've joined the brr club! Beautiful embroidery!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

I hear you about the cold. You cranberries look so yummy. I use to love to embroider but have never tried the bead work. It is so pretty. It is wonderful also to see your roses on a cold snowy day.

YayaOrchid said...

What gorgeous pictures, Flowerlady!
Your apple cake looks so yummy....perfect for this weather. I imagine your kitchen smells delightful.

It's cold out here too, expected to freeze Friday morning. It's a rare treat for us-cold weather- so we enjoy it. but we do have to protect our plants...that's the down side to cold weather.

Kiki said...

Gorgeous photos..spectacular beauty of St Francis and the roses..I always feel like I am in a different magical space when I visit..the music adds to the magic!Now I am hungry too..with your deliscious photo!

Becca's Dirt said...

Beautiful embroidery. Thanks for sharing your beauties when so many do not have any right now. Everything around here is dead now - our temps have been hovering at 20 degrees at night but we are expecting the mid teens by Sat morn. I'm ready for some gardening.

Jenny wren's nest said...

Its 15 degrees in Indiana, we are ready for a winter storm, everyone runs to the grocrey store. they running out of milk and bread.

L. D. Burgus said...

I hope you will warm up soon which means we will warm up soon. That jet stream is reaching down almost into Mexico and that is our problem. Keep warm and keep embroidering, it looks great.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Now I'm hungry. At first, I was just a little peckish. I can almost smell that apple bread. The cranberries look delicious. I should really do more cooking and less eating out. Maybe once the kitchen is finally done?

I'm sure this weather is hardest on those of you who aren't used to it. Let's hope it moves out very soon. I was outside today. In the mid 30s most of the day, it's going to take a while before my feet warm up.

Rambling Tart said...

I adore your blue bottle bouquet! I'm smiling so big at the sight of it :-)

Noelle said...

Oh that does sound cold...we are not used to that in Arizona too often. Your apple bread sounds delicious. Stay inside and be warm :-)

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are so lovely! It makes me long for spring. Here it is about 10 degrees and falling. We are in the beginning of a blizzard says the weatherman and there is still lots of snow left from Christmas. I wish it was in the 30's here! Then it would all melt and thaw out!
You've got the right idea thoug- hunker down and make something pretty, make something warm and yummy. It is a very satisfying feeling : )

sweet bay said...

Beautiful garden pictures. Your apple bread looks wonderful too.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I like all your lovely blooms, Flower Lady, but your embroidery is what I like the most. Beautiful!
Stay warm!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I think it might be colder there than here! It still looks so pretty, and sounds like you had the perfect day of things to do inside! Your beadwork is so pretty!

gld said...

The bread sounds delicious.

I have been hearing about Florida's cold weather. I hope the crops aren't damaged.

We are expecting -8° tonight....are ready for this to be over!

I have been 'trying' to crochet again; haven't done it for a long time.

FlowerLady said...

Good morning ~ not as cold as yesterday.

We are having the apple bread with our coffee this morning, aaahhhh, nice.

Thank you for your comments about my embroidery. I love doing this particular needlework.

We are supposed to get rain which we really need, this weekend. We'll see if that prediction comes true or not.


Lemon Verbena Lady ~ We sure did join the brr club. Usually we only have 4-5 days of cold weather in a winter not 2-3 weeks worth. Too bad I can't pkg. it up to spread out during the hot, humid summer. It is a change of pace and gives us more of a sense of change in seasons than we normally get. We 'know' it's winter this year. :-)

Hocking Hills Gardener ~ I hadn't embroidered in quite some time, then got the bug to do so again, probably from seeing blogs and checking books out of the library.

YaYa ~ Our little cottage smelled really yummy while the bread was baking, the scent of cinnamon and apples always is nice. Hope you don't lose any plants.

Kiki ~ Glad you think of our little space as magical. I need to feel that myself and create our place to be more that way. The music probably does add to the magical quality that's for sure.

Becca ~ Glad to share pics from our gardens at this time of year for all of you with your sleeping gardens.

Jenny ~ Hope you are snug as a bug in your place, with plenty to eat and do as this latest storm passes over you.

L.D. ~ Thanks. It is amazing that we are having cold weather, for us, so long. I think we're still predicted another week or two of this.

Tom ~ If you enjoy cooking/baking, then I would definitely do more of it. It is so satisfying and rewarding. You know what is going into what you are eating, there are left overs too. Plus it's cheaper. All good reasons in my book. Just wait until your kitchen is done, and you'll enjoy working in it creating gourmet delights.

Rambling Tart ~ I'm glad the blue bottle bouquet made you smile, it makes me smile too.

Noelle ~ For us it is cold. I'm working at my job the next three days and I know it's going to be cold in there as we don't have any heat except from overhead lights and there is a little space heater to put by the desk.

Merrie ~ I hope the blizzard treats you kindly. YIKES! Can't believe your girls went out in that to get ice cream. :-)

SweetBay ~ Thanks, the apple bread is delicious!

Tatyana ~ Thank you. My love of flowers is not just for real life ones buy is extended into my needlework of them too. I am really enjoying each one of these embroidered/beaded pieces, and keep looking forward to the next one.

Catherine ~ Thanks. I checked out where to friends live in the mid-to-nw US and we were only about 5 degrees warmer than they were.

Gld ~ Yes, there is worry over the crops, especially the citrus in the middle of the state. The bread was delicious. If I lived in the snow-country, I'd be ready for it to be over too. Once the newness of the beauty has worn off, it would be a hassle, plus I really don't like being cold at all. ~ Don't stress over your crocheting. Practice just making a square or something to get back into the swing of it. It will come back to you and get easier.


Thanks for visiting and your kind comments. I appreciate your time and thoughtfulness.


Darla said...

Yes mam it's freezing here too~~~!

Anonymous said...

The whole nation seems to be in a cold snap lately. Looks like another pretty project. I bet you could use transfers intended for crewel embroidery for your bead work. The one you are doing now reminds me of it.


Carol said...

There is no end to your creativity FL ... your apple bread looks so yummy and I love Love the photograph of St. Francis and the rose! Beautiful light and shadows.

sweet bay said...

Hi, you asked about the videos -- they're easy to make. I used Picasa. There's a lot of options for transitions and overlap between images, and you can make the video and upload to youtube by pressing one button.

FlowerLady said...

Darla ~ I hope it has warmed up there for you. It is much nicer down here the last couple of days.

Jane ~ It is amazing how the whole east coast was effected by this weather for so long, and down here we are just not used to it at all. ~ It's funny you mention crewel transfers, as DH found a booklet of them up in the attic. I do love the Jacobean style.

Carol ~ Thank you about the St. Francis picture and the rose, with light and shadows.

Sweet Bay ~ Thanks for the tip. I did get into Picassa, forgot I had it. So I need to learn what all it can do. It is neat seeing your own pictures as a slide show.

Thanks again everyone ~ for visiting and your kind comments.