Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Morning

Good morning ~ Hope you are having a nice weekend so far. I worked at my job yesterday so wasn't able to get out to play in gardens. Today we are going out to lunch with an elderly friend, then afterwards to a local museum to see two exhibits. One is paintings by Georgia O'Keefe and photos by Ansel Adams, the other exhibit is American Impressionistic landsca
pes. I've heard that these two exhibits are great, so DH and I are looking forward to this afternoon date.

Below is a photo of my main garden that I played with in the PSP Paint Essentials program. This was before I started watching the instructional video. I look forward to getting back into the program to learn and do more.

Have a lovely day whatever you do.


Below is a redone photo of our lady statue. I love the soft look. I can tell I will be having fun with this new photo/art program.

The longer the island of knowledge,

the longer the shoreline of wonder.

J. Singer


Bren said...

These are wonderful images you 'played with'. Have you heard of Picasa by google. I use it daily for blogging because it is fast and easy. I am still a big Photoshop fan but mainly use it for professional photo shoots that I sell.
Happy Sunday and love your work!

FlowerLady said...

Good morning Bren ~ I had not heard of Picasa by google. Maybe I'll check it out too.

I am thinking of making notecards with photos from my gardens to sell in my Etsy shop.

I know I've things to learn yet. Thanks for your kind thoughts.


gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Both of your pictures look really pretty. It's fun trying new programs and seeing how things turn out. I'd love to get photoshop or something like you have. I just have i photo right now.
Hope you find some gardening time!

Dirt Princess said...

George O'Keefe is one of my favorites. Wish I was going with you!!! Take photos of you can! Have a great time

Marla said...

You do a great job. Your are a talented woman.

karenleigh said...

I so love your statue!

FlowerLady said...

Catherine ~ I've heard about PhotoShop on different forums, but when I saw the price, I looked elsewhere. This program will do nicely for my needs at this time.

DP ~ Didn't think a camera would be allowed so didn't take one. It was a nice exhibit, but a little disappointing. The paintings by O'Keeffe were somewhat 'politically correct', if you know what I mean? :-) We both really enjoyed the exhibit of Impressionist landscape paintings.

Marla ~ Thank you. We all have talents, just different ones.

Karen ~ Thank you. I love your gardens. All those roses, irises, etc. Your secret garden, your pond, your chickens. You must have a large piece of property to have all that. Just beautiful!!

Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

Sue said...

I want to ask Larry about what you are using. Those images are well done. The thing that bugs me about Picassa is that they take all the photos from my iphoto library, which includes family pictures I don't care to share. I may have accidently set it up that way, and don't know how to undo it, or if I can.