Friday, May 1, 2009

New Tool

Good evening Friends,

Since I love taking pictures, and my PSP program was version 6, about 9 years old, we looked online to check out Photo Shop, which I'd heard different ones talking about. DH said he thought it was going to be expensive. Yikes! That's for dang sure. I could not see spending $800. We then checked out the latest PSP, ordered it and I just got it in the mail this morning. There is a learning curve to using this program. So, I've some reading to do and playing around with it to learn how to use it.

DH installed the program and all that went with it for me. He's the computer geek in our family.

Below is a picture of my first Don Juan bloom this year. I love the deep velvety look and red color. The scent is wonderful also.

TodayDH also worked on the arbor over our gate from driveway to patio area. I love how it's coming out. The arbor is the icing on the gate project. I'll post pictures later.

I am thankful for all the things that DH does for us. We have saved lots of money through the years because he was able to do so many things himself.

Have a great weekend.



sweet bay said...

Don Juan is lovely.

You're way ahead of me with the editing software. I just use the Pentax software that came with the camera and Corel for better cropping (Pentax only allows you different sized rectangles, but gives a good big view of the shot). Probably using something that combined the advantages of both would save time..

FlowerLady said...

Good morning Sweet Bay ~ Hope you had a great week, and have a lovely day today.

My camera is one I got for my bday last year, a Canon PowerShot A650. Since I do so much flower photography, I wanted something with great macro capabilities and this was suggested to me by a photographer. I love it.

Paint Shop Pro was made by Jasque and is now owned by Corel. Besides the photo program, there is an art program and I use that a lot, and this new one is different of course, so I'll have to get used to it. I'm an amateur with much to learn yet.