Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hi Folks ~ I mentioned the other day that I was reading a little book entitled, "Take Your Time - Finding Balance in a Hurried World". It's an inspiring book, with lots of good food for thought.

Thoughts about paying attention, not losing your cool, etc. Negative thinking vs. positive thinking.

Well, I was washing dishes this morning and caught a glint of some action out the little window on my right, which is the driveway area. I looked closer and there was our cat 'Tork' and the neighbor cat 'Tinks' who is a bully and not a nice cat at all. Both of these cats are tabbies, both are girls. Tinks is fat and squatty, never seen a cat look like her. She runs funny and she is MEAN. We've been able to pet her, but she's taken one too many swipes at us for no reason, so we've quit trying to be nice to her. We've even fed her when our neighbor's have gone on vacation, several times. That doesn't matter, she's still mean.

Anyway, Tork came to us about a year and a half ago as an abandoned kitten. She's an outdoor kitty and we had her fixed last year. She follows us around when we're outside and she loves to sit in my lap and 'knead' my arm/shoulder. Every now and then Tork and Tinks come across each other here in our property and Tinks is the aggressor.

Well, what I see out the window this morning is the two of them in a 'stand-off' position. I raced out leaving the water running in my haste, luckily into the empty sink. I opened the porch door and yelled "Get out of here, you fat little turd." Tinks took off like a bullet while Tork came toward me with her fur all standing up on end. I petted her and told her it was alright, then came back in.

DH started laughing and repeats what I yelled at Tinks. We start laughing and he repeats it again which makes us laugh even more.

So, the ooooops is, here I am posting about living a calmer life, and I don't heed my own advice. I'm not perfect that's for dang sure. I've learned that when you want to do something good or be better at things, stuff happens to make you fall flat on your behind, and you take two steps backwards. It's not the end of the world though. There are lessons to be learned each day, and life is to be lived in each and every moment of the days we are blessed with.

It doesn't mean I won't call Tinks a turd or worse the next time she bullies Tork either. I wish to be calmer, to be more tolerant, but...

I'm sure DH and I will have chuckles over this for the rest of our lives. It cracks me up even now thinking about it.

Have a nice evening whatever you do. May you have a good night's sleep also, waking up refreshed tomorrow morning ready to face the day and what it might bring.

Here is Tork, looking in the window over the sink.
She sits out here watching for her breakfast
or just staring into our world.

Here is mean Tinks.


Debbie said...

Well I guess the gloves come off when Cat Mommy has to go protect her Cat Baby! Guess that "calmness" is gonna take a little more effort!!
Turk has that lean teenager cat look to her. She's very regal sitting there. Turks doesnt look as evil to me in the picture though.
You're not getting a pellet gun are you????

FlowerLady said...

Yes, 'calmness' is going to take a little more effort. LOL.

Tork is young and my baby. Tinks does kind of have a wild eye look in that picture. She doesn't look really mean, but she is. She's drawn blood from us, not nice.

No, no pellet gun! I do throw pebbles and pine cones at Tinks though, none have hit her, they just make her run to her own territory faster.

In eternity the animal kingdom and humankind, will all be friends. No more animosity, no more fear, no more sickness, no more hunger, no more greed. All will be well.

Have a great day Debbie ~ FlowerLady

Dirt Princess said...

Hilarious! I am still laughing at what you said...too funny! I would whip a kitty if it messed with my kiki. I whip The Hunter when he messes with her! Don't mess with my baby!

Connie said...

That was an entertaining read. Some things in life call for a non-passive attitude, at times.
I like the blue glass in your windowsill.

FlowerLady said...

Dirt Princess ~ Glad you got a good laugh over what I yelled at Tinks. It is still funny. You can hear her when she's around because her tags hanging off her neck make tinkling noises. Hmmm, maybe that's why they call her Tinks? Anyway, I was walking toward main garden from the patio and I hear her as she runs from my presence. She ran around the paths and up over the fencing into her own property. :-)

Connie ~ You are so right, "sometimes things in life call for a non-passive attitude". We have to defend what's ours and our rights. I'm afraid there will come a time, when speaking the truth or defending our beliefs or what we stand for, will not be allowed.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady