Monday, September 14, 2020


Hello again ~ this new blogger definitely takes some getting used to. I'm trying another new font. They have a whole long list of them, which is nice and you can save ones you like.

The title of my last post was 'fall is coming', and it is, even though it is still hot and humid. We had lots of rain and wind over the weekend, today it is a sunshiny day. I've felt hints of autumn in the past month. My dear husband used to laugh at me when I would tell him in August or early Sept that fall was coming, because we'd be outside sweating buckets. We don't usually see really nice, cool weather until November.

Last post I mentioned my little a.c. clogging up so that water wasn't draining to the outside, thus running down the wall onto the floor. I turned on the big a.c. again, which did this same thing to me last year. I keep the thermostat up at 76, not as cool as I'd like it, but so far no dripping on the inside.

As I mentioned, I've done a LOT of reading in the past 6 months. One of my latest books is a trilogy by Phillip Keller,  called 'The Shepherd Trilogy'. 'A Shepherd Looks at the 23rd Psalm', A Shepherd Looks at the Good Shepherd', and 'A Shepherd Looks at the Lamb of God'. The author has been a shepherd so has some wonderful insights into that life. This book has been very comforting. I found it on Amazon as the trilogy in one book. Here is the link,  Shepherd Trilogy - 23rd Psalm.

I came across this song the other day and will share it here.

I've read a lot of devotionals that come in my email, that have been dealing with anxiety, fear, etc. All are very helpful in this stressful time that we are living in.

The Bible has many wonderful promises to keep focused on as well.

I've watched the first season of 'The Chosen' and tears have been shed with nearly  each episode. Tears of joy and thanksgiving at the wonderful lovingness of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Tears of empathy and understanding. Tears for my own need of forgiveness. This series came up as a recommendation in my you-tube list.

Here is a short video by Max Lucado, 'God will Guard You.'

Here is a soothing instrumental selection of uplifting, faith building music that I'm being blessed by as I type.

My dear husband was in the US Navy from 1969-1973. After his schooling, he was sent to Spain, I joined him there and that's where we lived the first three years of our marriage, 70-73. When he got out we had a year before we had to come back to the states, so we had our belongings all carted up and shipped home, and we grabbed backpacks, cameras, canteens, maps and guide books, and traveled to 9 different countries in 60 days. 

We visited many museums, etc. One place we visited was the Vatican, which had some beautiful artworks of all kinds. We saw a lovely, emotional small bronze statue which he took a photo of. After we got home, he made a lino cut block of that statue, which we printed on cards. I have one of those cards, the template you could say. Then a drawing of this was done on fabric and I did it in embroidery with sewing thread, for my mother as she was recuperating from surgery. (The markings are for colors of thread for me to work with.) Looking at this again, I want to embroider it for myself with embroidery threads that I have.

 'The Lord is my shepherd

 I shall not want

He maketh me to lie down

In green pastures

He restoreth my soul'.

Psalms 23 



 With that I will close this post. 

My heart is full, tears are close to falling. I miss my dear husband so much. These past 6 months have made me miss him so much more. On the 8th, was our 51st anniversary. I celebrated with tacos and a margarita, favorite comfort food and our favorite drink. I thank Jesus, our Great God, for the 43 years we had together.

Love, hugs and prayers,





Lynn said...

Lorraine, you and your husband sound like you had an incredible time
in Europe back then. Wonderful memories. And that he made the lino and
you still have your pattern to follow to make a beautiful picture of
Jesus for yourself. This covid is so very difficult for everyone. And
ones like yourself, at home alone, have it worse. We all need personal
contact to feel comforted and peaceful. I think you are doing all you can
for yourself to stay safe and healthy and busy. And this new blogger, I
am not even used to blogging yet!

Nancy J said...

The memories are a huge comfort, and yo9ur faith is strong and steadfast. Your travels, what a trip that would have been, in days that were safe, hope all is well in Florida and you can venture to a shop safely. XXX from a windy day down here.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Those memories come along so often.

Ann said...

What a wonderful start you had to your marriage. It must have been an incredible adventure. I can relate to how you're missing him even more during this pandemic. I think I've had a harder time this year than I did last year.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Forty three years... it's a whole life! Happy life. My heart goes to you. Lorraine!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hello, I remember those years I lived in Steamy Florida --and then in Steamy Texas.... I don't miss those areas AT ALL....

Sorry about your AC... Hope you can get it fixed with no problems... MAYBE the weather will begin to cool down soon. JUST TODAY--we have some cooler weather up here. Don't know how long it will last.

Covid has changed a lot of lives, in fact --all of us in some way. Some of the changes are good --but some are not... The loneliness we all have felt these past several months can be horrible... We people all need each other --and we found out why we don't ever need to take the opportunity of seeing our families and friends for granted again.

Take care --and enjoy your gardens and flowers...


Vee said...

We all need a helpmeet. Life is more of a challenge without one. What wonderful memories of traveling together around Europe. I love that you found that piece and that you are going to embroider it for yourself. That will be a pleasant task with a beautiful result. God bless you and keep you. I watch Max Lucado nearly every day. He has such a pleasant, easy way of explaining things, doesn't he... He spoke recently of what would happen if he became a widower. He says that he'd be fine because his Anchor is The Lord. I thought to myself that he has no clue. LOL. No one does until he or she walks this path.

Carla from The River said...

I am sending hugs and prayers.
I appreciated your post and the honestly you shared.
Love, Carla

Mother Em said...

Think I mentioned before my husband was in the Navy 1962 - 1969, ending in Key West, but was in Rota, Spain as well. We celebrated our 50th anniversary on the 12th. Doesn't seem possible there already, but it's been wonderful all these years, especially when all my family (who are no longer with us) said it would not ever last!

Glad to see you are back on blog and enjoy reading it.

Take care in these troubling times and be safe.

Hootin' Anni said...

The 23rd Psalm ALWAYS gets me tearful as does the Lord's Prayer. You made my day sharing your thoughts...My husband was a Navy man too...but, in the 60s.

L. D. said...

It has to be difficult. I am so sorry that these days mean you are alone more. I am still struggling with the new format of blogger. I learn new things as I go along and then they are still changing it with what they think are improvement.

Rebecca said...

I admire how you're using new blog stuff!
The 23,rd Psalm is one I've learned to play on my ukulele,! It is SO reassuring in these days of uncertainty..

Deb said...

Hi Rainey - What wonderful memories of backpacking through Europe with your husband. I have been wanting to watch The Chosen, but haven't yet. Sending you virtual hugs. God bless and keep you.

Junkchiccottage said...

Good memories and strong faith are what get us through the rough moments in our lives. I want to watch the Chosen but have not gotten to it yet. Have a wonderful new week. Happy Wednesday.

Kit said...

Hello my dear friend. Nice to see you're moving thru these rough times. I'm sure Mark is watching and is with you always. Take care, wear a mask. Love you, KK

Rose ~ from Oz said...

The missing can be so very painful Lorraine. My heart aches for you. As you've said many times, your faith will carry you. 51 years!
I've just had a go with bloggers new platform/interface and (thankfully) I had little problems. I was expecting to be tearing my hair out. X

M.K. said...

Much love to you, dear friend. Tears are good medicine. These long months of isolation are quite hard on folks who live alone. May Jesus be with you and comfort your heart. I love the stories you tell of your times of travel, adventure, and creativity over the years. I'm so thankful that we have been omitted from "hurricane attack" this year. The Gulf has suffered, but somehow we have avoided them. I hope you enjoy the cooler weather! It's quite cool here now, and I'm so happy about it.

Terra said...

During this time of social isolation and stress, I miss my dear hubby too. We got married about when you did and when first married spent a year in Europe, soaking up the art and history. I still enjoy that beautiful afghan lap rug you made for me and think of you whenever I use it. Bless you dear lady.

Melanie said...

Happy belated anniversary. I can only imagine how hard it is every year to have your wedding anniversary dates come up. Me and my husband just celebrated 36 years of marriage and I hope and pray we have many more together.

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Lorraine, I am so sorry for your loss and realize it must be so hard especially in these times. You have a lot of good in your life and I am so glad that it is a comfort to you. Hope your AC holds out, I think we will still have some warm weather coming but it is a little more comfortable now that fall is here..Stay well my sweet friend..xxoJudy

Rebecca said...

I'm glad you celebrated the love and memories of life with your husband...
The Shepherd images and truth of our Lord have been of great comfort to me these past months...
We're nearing harvest season here....nights cooler; days shorter.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Such dear and sweet memories of your early years with your beloved. I'm so glad that you have those to look back on and remember the love that you shared. This is such a lonely time for everyone, but especially for those who are alone. Faith keeps life from being too hard to bear. I love the pretty card that you embroidered for your Mom. It would be lovely to stitch again. I'm glad that fall is here and that you can look forward to some cooler weather. Getting outside in the gardens is so much nicer when the weather is comfortable and it does wonders to restore the spirit. We are having stormy weather here with lots of rain after a bone-dry summer. I was getting so tired of watering every day, but I didn't want to lose my plants so I stuck with it. It seems like I have so much time now and I don't have to worry about wildfire anymore. I hope you have some sweet blessings this week. Hugs xo Karen

Red Rose Alley said...

What a wonderful verse from Max Lucado. I have watched him many times on tv, and always feel comfort in his words. How interesting that you lived the first three years of your marriage in Spain. Jess visited Spain many years ago and had a great time, but she said it was sooooo hot when she was there. Happy Anniversary, Lorraine - your tacos sound Yummy. I hope you are having good September days.


Karen said...

Dear Rainey,
My favorite prayer, the one I automatically go to at all times. Sending hugs and love to you!

Leslie Kimel said...

I'm so glad you're going to embroider the scene on the card. It's so beautiful. I can't wait to see how it turns out. Your husband was so talented, as are you.