Tuesday, December 11, 2018

4 Roses Bourbon, Book of History and Anniversary Rose

Hello Friends ~ back in the middle of summer, I was contacted because of my love for roses (I assume), by the 4 Roses Bourbon Company. They would send me a book of their history, a bottle of their 4 Roses bourbon and from J&P  Live Roses Nursery, I would receive the rose they had developed for the 130th anniversary of the 4 Roses Distillary.  I wrote back accepting their offer, excited to do this.

I am so looking forward to adding this rose to my collection of roses.

From the website: “The blooms of this rose are exquisitely formed, fade-proof, and emit a lovely damask fragrance. Once they open, the blooms are 3- to 4-inches wide and comprised of 20 to 25 deep red petals. These blooms arrive in early summer and keep on going in waves all season long, especially if promptly deadheaded. It's a vigorous and easy-to-grow rose, heat tolerant, and resistant to rust and powdery mildew, meaning it's a good choice for warmer climates.” Photo from website.


I received the nice bottle of bourbon and the very informative and interesting book on the history of this company, nice photos. I read the book in one sitting. The 4 Roses name has a romantic history behind it.


I had my first sampling of this bourbon a couple of weeks ago. I am novice and do not drink a lot. I have wine with dinner, an occasional margarita when I feel like celebrating something, and on rare occasions with the right food I will have a beer with lunch. I googled bourbon and how to drink it. Some drink it straight, some dilute it. I tried a sip straight first, a bit strong for FlowerLady, I then added a tad of water as suggested, didn’t have sparkling water. That was much mellower and was nice to sip.



It will be good to have in my eggnog Christmas morning, a sometimes tradition for DH and I, started by my Cuban BIL when DH’s family were all together for Christmas when we were younger.

It would also be good as a ‘hot toddy’ when one is sick with a cold or the flu, with honey and lemon and ginger tea.

I pray that those who do drink will do so responsibly. In moderation.


That’s it for now. May you all have lovely Christmas holidays and please stop to think on what this season is really all about. God, come in the flesh, His name, Jesus. Creator and Savior of the world. To Him be glory now and forever.


FlowerLady Lorraine


ellen b. said...

Bourbon is wonderful in eggnog instead of rum. It will be fun to see that rose bloom in your garden. I like the label on the bottle. Hope your week is merry and bright!

Out on the prairie said...

Love my roses also, I had a friend who hybridized his own and planted from seed. Lots of patience, but he always won the fair awards. Nothing smells better.

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

That looks like a beautiful rose, Lorraine - how nice that they are sending it to you!!

Kit said...

Oh how my late mother loved her occasional glass of bourbon! She would drink it with water. If I joined her, I would put ginger ale in mine. I don't drink much but if I want to, I drink whiskey and ginger ale. It tastes like the holidays! Happy Holidays! Love, KK

Ann said...

That rose is gorgeous.
I've never been much of a drinker and I don't think I have ever had bourbon.

Cynthia said...

A Merry Christmas to you, Lorraine! That rose is beautiful...I wonder what the aroma is like? I am not much of a bourbon drinker, but it does keep for a while, so having a nip now or then is nice and warming. Enjoyed your post!

L. D. said...

Your manger scene is so wonderful. I like how you found things that fit into the telling the event. The drink looked good but I don’t drink enough to know what to do with any of it.

Ruth Hiebert said...

I am sure that rose will grow and bloom in abundance for you.You just have a way with these plants.

Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...

How nice to have a new rose; well done! I'm not a bourbon drinker but do enjoy Scotch whisky ever now and again. A bottle lasts me years so, yes, I think it's safe to say I drink responsibly. lol

Terra said...

I like your nativity with the sweet little ducks joining in. How nice to have a new rose and the bourbon and book. I think the bourbon would be good in some holiday drinks, you could search that online.