Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Under the weather, flowers, painting


Good morning Folks ~ Hope you all are doing well. Thank you for bday wishes.  I had a lovely bday celebration, in spite of missing my DH, had a good cry late in the day, letting off stress/pressure before bed.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a stuffed right sinus and a sore throat.  This morning I sound like a bullfrog. I emailed my brother-in-law to let him know how I was feeling and that I didn’t feel like moving stuff out and away from bedroom’s west wall so that we could do the paneling.  That’s what we were planning for this weekend, plus doing my taxes.

This is an unplanned rest from ‘doing’. I’ve been a little stressed about my job situation, even though I believe God is working all things out. Somewhat stressed about pressure cleaning and painting although I have had fun so far. I’m just trying to get it all done ‘now’ if you know what I mean, before summer heat and humidity settle in. I just need to ‘stop’ and ‘rest’ so here I am.

Sunday I went to a Home Show with friends.  It was ‘free’, it was also for the ‘wealthy’. I did get a short ‘chair massage’, which felt good, then had a try out with a TENS unit, and that was ok.  I remember that from when we went through therapy after our car accident. It would be nice to have one of those, but not for $149.  YIKES! I got a ‘free’ pkt of coreopsis flower seeds from the city.  It is our state wildflower if I’m not mistaken. The show was interesting, but the people were there to sell their wares and they tried and were pleasant. 

It was nice to get back home to my little place.  Before the Home Show I had gone to HD for yet another paint sample for the cottage.  I had taken my little container of 3 mixed samples together, and the computer read the paint to make the new sample.  It’s a hair ‘off’, but not enough to worry about. I’ll go with it. I also got some bday plants from friends while there. A small Meyer Lemon tree, and a small Key Lime (Mexican) tree, coleus, and stonecrop too. Yesterday morning I repotted the two little trees, didn’t feel like doing anymore.

The great thing about coleus is that cuttings root real easy in water, so I plan to take cuttings from all of these, and that will also make them bush out more.



This is the Stonecrop ~ a succulent ground cover that spreads easily.  I love the color and it has little yellow flowers.  The white NG impatiens my friends gave me a few weeks back.  I still need to repot them.


I believe this is ‘Angel Face’.  Love the color and the scent.


The next photos are of the same ‘Granada’ bud just a different angle.



‘Meyer Lemon’ flowers.  Did you know that a Meyer Lemon is a cross between a lemon and Mandarin oranges. You can read about them here.


‘Confederate Jasmine’ is a bloom I wait for every spring.  I love the scent of these frilly little blooms. I have had these a little over a year now and they are doing great.



Arbor posts painted. More to do here. Smile Will share later.


This is the wonderful bday cake from my friends Nanci & John.  They came into the shop carrying this with candles lit and singing ‘Happy Birthday’.  The cake is Tres Leches with a strawberry and a peach filling, decorated with fresh fruit on top.  It was delicious. Aren’t those star candle cute?


Well, I think that is it from Plum Cottage. I’m going to eat some breakfast then go get horizontal again.  I did not sleep all that well last night even though I took Nyquil.  This too shall pass.

Enjoy each day.



Don't let your mind bully your body into believing

it must carry the burden of its worries.

Terri Guillemets


Casting all your care upon him;

for he careth for you.

1Pe 5:7  KJV


(I came home from work one day when DH was ill, and he said right away,

“The verse for the day is ~ Cast all your cares on Him.”

Even in sickness he was encouraging me in my faith.)


Jane said...

so sorry to hear you are ill, Rainey. Must be something going around, because it sounds like the same thing we have here. What a nice cake! You have some very thoughtful friends!

Anonymous said...

Rest my dear Rainey . . . painting and everything else can wait a spell.

I love that quote by Terri Guillemets.

Love and Hugs,


Rebecca said...

That sure is a beautiful birthday cake!

And while I'm sad that you're not feeling well, I think you got the message about "rest". Hear and heed those words from God's Word that your DH spoke to you. :)

Seeing your beautiful blooms is just what I needed this morning. We had enough snow yesterday to cover the ground well - and the cold temperatures overnight preserved the sight for this morning....Sigh.

Morning's Minion said...

I think your 'spring cold' is telling you to rest from your busy projects for a bit. It is so frustrating when our [older] bodies can't keep up with the interesting and needed tasks that our eyes see to do and our imaginations view as 'finished.'
Hopefully an easier day or two will put you back on track.

Sandy said...

Feel better quick, dear friend. Thinking of you. Your flowers are so beautiful. How I love roses and coleus. Need to get to the nursery for more coleus. Planting lots of impatiens and begonias in pots once this weekend cold spells comes and goes.I have to be so careful with what I plant as my little dachshunds want to nibble and so many plants are toxic.
Praying for you!

Jean Campbell said...

A rest will be restorative, you deserve it.

I planted some Meyer Lemon seeds but they show no signs of germinating. I guess I'll be compelled to buy one soon, if only for the blossoms.

Love that little Sedum. It fills in tiny spaces that just needs a little something and will spread in a big space if you need something flat.

I think you can find a good TENS unit for about a third the price they were asking at the home show.

Ruth Hiebert said...

I hope you feel much better soon. Not feeling well when we are alone is even worse.

the Goodwife said...

I'm sorry I missed your birthday, am sorry to hear you aren't feeling the best, but sometimes God has to force us to slow down! :) I know what you mean about stressing even though we know God has things all in hand. It's in our nature to still worry, and it certainly doesn't mean we don't have Faith! Feel better soon and your garden is so beautiful!

Maryann said...

I'm sorry your not feeling well, do take care of yourself. 1 Peter 5:7 is one of my favorites verses Your flowers look lovely, I know you want to be outside doing things but try to "enjoy" this time of "rest" Praying for you sweet lady

Susan said...

Hi Lorraine, sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. Must be all that pollen in the air. We all tend to over do from time to time and need a break from doing. I'm finding myself in that same position these days and am trying to slow myself down. It's not always easy when you're the only one around to get things done. So, give yourself a much needed break to recharge your batteries. Happy belated birthday and wishes for a happy year ahead.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I hope you will be able to get some good sleep to help you get over your "bug" soon.

Very pretty coleus and roses.

Take care.

Gary said...

Five free minutes at the computer with my morning cuppa at last. Happy birthday Lorraine....sorry it's late. The garden is looking magical. So sorry to hear you are not feeling too good, but it's the right decision to put off some of those extra jobs until your strength returns.

gld said...

Sorry you are feeling bad, but maybe it was intended so can you catch up on rest.

Love all the beautiful blooms but especially the jasmine.

Would you believe I recently made a tres leches cake for my Honduran SIL.
I didn't do the filling though and that would have been a nice touch.

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

Happy belated birthday Lorraine. I am so envious of your green thumb and beautiful garden. Hope you get over your bug soon and are able to get some restful sleep.

Betsy Adams said...

Hope you feel better soon. I know you are anxious to get lots more work done.

I'm sure your paint colors will looks GREAT.... You worked hard just to find the perfect match for you... Love it.

LOVE LOVE LOVE that cake... It looks tremendous. Hope it tasted as good as it looks...

Glad you had a nice birthday --and I pray that you will be feeling better soon.


M.K. said...

This post was from 2 days ago, so I'm hoping you are much better by now! It' s awful to be sick, esp. when you have stuff PLANNED! Rest well. Pray and try not to let the stress get the upper hand. We have seen God provide over and over. Sometimes it's really just the unwanted CHANGE that causes us to fret.

KathyB. said...

I am sorry to read you're not feeling well. All the "to-do's" can wait while you rest and recuperate. Sometimes it seems time itself sits heavy on us and sucks & smashes the action out of us, but God has given us time and He has also given us rest , a blessing some are unable to partake of. Rest! Read uplifting books, do a special craft that makes you happy, take time to simply look at the plants already growing in your garden and the life the moves in and out of the garden...the birds singing, the frogs, the butterflies and bees.( RESIST the temptation to weed and tend the plants when you're recuperating, just enjoy !!! )

Let the many blessings you already have wash over you in your thankfulness to God, and He will heal you in your heart which is what I read in your post is hurting the most.

( I know none of what I wrote is new to you and reflects much of what you have written about.)Bless you Lorraine.

tina said...

The birthday cake looks awesome! As does that pretty purple. Get well soon!

Rue said...

Happy belated Birthday!

I'm sorry you're not feeling well though. Get better soon :)

I had no idea that a Meyer Lemon is a cross between a lemon and Mandarin orange. How interesting!


Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Lorraine, I'm glad you had a good birthday. That cake was beautiful! I enjoyed seeing what you have growing.

I hope you feel better soon. I got teary at your last couple of sentences, partly because my husband is not a Christian.

Julene said...

There are days when it is good to rest....revive and remember tomorrow will be better. Healing takes time. Your gratitude shines through! I hope you are feeling better soon!
Your yard and garden is bursting with life! Delightful!

Deb said...

So sorry I missed your birthday. Belated wishes for a good year. Hope you are feeling better. I love your gorgeous pictures. Have a good week.

Karen said...

I'm so sorry I missed your birthday, Rainey! Happy Belated 66th to you! I am in the midst of a nasty cold myself, but I think I've passed midpoint with it, and I shall be glad to have it gone. Things here have been hectic, but I do think of you every day. I'm sorry to hear about the shop, I hope it will all work out. I love Mark's encouragement to you, what a wonderful memory to cherish. I hope you feel better very, very soon!

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Lorraine,
Many belated Happy Birthday wishes to you! What a beautiful star candled cake you were given.
That Meyer lemon is such a good one.
It has such a soft skin and always full of juice.
Do take care of yourself dear and try not to worry over things toooo much!
x Suzy

Jeri Landers said...

your Birthday cake is positively elegant and classy, How nice to go horizontal and just relish a plate of cake, yummm! Oh how I wish my Jasmine would grow like yours, The scent must be divine. I dearly love all the stonecrops, they are so generous in their spreadinG habits and easily dispersed to many barren parts of the garden.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Rainey, Happy, happy birthday! My apologies for being late, I've been away and just now home today, Sunday. I'm sorry you're sick...take Sambucol, it'll help with viral infectins. That cake is beautiful...did it taste as good as it looks?
now. please send your snail mail address; I've mislaid it and want to get a card in the mail to you. please.

Kalantikan said...

Your trellis reminded me of what i have long been intending to do, either for jade vine, garlic vine, another orange vine i forgot the name now, or hoya. I wonder who to ask to make it for me, as it needs to be iron to last long.

June said...

I hope by the time you read this Lorraine, that you will be feeling better. This is such a lousy time to be sick and especially with projects going on in the home. I do hope you have been able to heal and get back at them.
I haven't been to a home and garden show in so long. I usually didn't ever buy anything, but it was fun to see what was new and in. I'm glad you had the chance to go my dear.
Your flowers are getting me excited for a few blooms too.
Have a great week Lorraine!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

I hope you're feeling better. Take care!

camp and cottage living said...

Belated Happy B'Day! It sounds like it was a nice one, except missing your hubby, of course.
Your flowers are so gorgeous, Lorraine. They must take a lot of work!
I sure hope you are feeling better soon and can get your paneling done before the hot weather hits.
Take care-Kimberly

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

I hope you are feeling well now and enthusiastic to tackle home and garden projects before the summer weather sets in. I'm thinking of planting out some seedlings this evening, now that our summer heat is abating.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I had forgotten what perfectly gorgeous roses you grew! You are an inspiring gardner! Two other of my friends have said they have been ill..I hope you are better and back to normal soon.


That birthday cake looks delicious! Your flowers are lovely, as always and I love that sedum. The gate and arbor are perfect. I hope you feel better soon.

CraveCute said...

The cake looks luscious! Happy belated Birthday, every day is such a gift, isn't it!

Kit said...

Take good care of yourself! Rest up and before long you will be up and about and working on your lovely cottage. Love, Kit

Julie said...

Happy late birthday, Lorraine! Lovely cake! Where did they get it? Or was it homemade???? We love trees leche here!!!!!

Cheryl said...

Sorry to hear you have been under the weather, Lorraine. I hope that by now you're feeling much better! Blessings to you as you celebrate the glorious resurrection of our Lord!!

Jane said...

Happy Easter, sweet Rainey! Hope you are feeling better.


sweetbay said...

Dang, I missed your birthday! Belated Happy Birthday!

The cake looks *amazing*.