Friday, March 6, 2015

Light rain, roses, Trader Joe’s

Good morning Folks ~ Here it is a wet March Friday morning. We are having light rain right now, more rain is expected today, tomorrow and Sunday.  We need it, so I’m not complaining.
Wednesday morning I needed to get out, so since it was Sr. Citizen’s day too, I decided to go to several places. The weather was beautiful, big blue sky, white puffy clouds, not too warm and breezy.
So, I got in my van and went a little way out of my ‘comfort zone’. I was going to a new store, and it is out west of where I live and I don’t go out that way very often.  I was excited though and before I knew it I was where I wanted to go, which is about 8 miles from where I live.  It’s a store I’ve heard about and read about online, and from friends who have gone there. I’ve been wanting to go there and the day was right. I wore a colorful, flowery, Hawaiian looking shirt, jeans and sandals.  I was welcomed as I entered, then one of the young ladies who worked there jokingly asked if I was a manager from one of the other stores spying on them. I laughed and said no, it was my first visit to their stores and I was going to look around. She said “Well, managers wear shirts like you are wearing.”  I just laughed, took my cart, reassured her and started on my little journey through this delightful store. She mentioned a couple more times to other workers, how I really was a spy, all jokingly of course. They have great music playing that makes you want to start dancing or singing. Next time I go, I’ll take my camera and ask if I can take pictures. They have a wonderful cut flower display, that I didn’t really check out because I grow flowers, but next time I will take a closer look, as their prices are said to be very good for their bouquets.
I look forward to going back there again and a friend is going to go with me. Their prices are very good! Trader Joe’s worth a visit, and I’m sure you won’t leave their empty handed. When you visit the website, read their history and timeline pages, fun and interesting.
Here’s my haul:
Later in the afternoon I had a cup of Jasmine Green tea, sweetened with Florida honey.


After Trader Joe’s I stopped at the Goodwill Thrift store, discount day for srs.  and bought two shirts and one nice pair of linen capri pants, for around $6 altogether. While there I decided to go into the Hispanic grocery store to see what they had to take out to eat as I was hungry. They didn’t have Cuban sandwiches this time, so I got a chicken empanada and some yucca fries (I love these fries). I also at another store and bought Margarita makings. Winking smile
Now for some blooms for all of snowed in and oh so ready for spring.
Firecracker blooms, I also have this in red.
This is Iboza, a new one for me. I read that the white blooming one is male, and there is a pink blooming one that is female.  I didn’t know what color this was when I bought it.  I asked later, and they don’t have the pink. I hope to find it one day. I love it and it is very easy to root.

Rosemary blooms.

This is ‘Louis Philippe’ or the ‘Florida Cracker’ rose.
An unknown that smells heavenly. This bloom is just about done for.
Here’s another unknown.
The next photos are of ‘Granada’, a rose I bought in 2013. 
Granada is a favorite city of ours in Spain.
The colors of this rose are beautiful and the scent is wonderful.
These were taken on two different days.




Blooms are huge.



Miss T enjoying the new bedding. Smile


Thought for the day,
“Do not spoil what you have
by desiring what you have not.”
Ann Brashares, Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood
Have a good weekend ~ FlowerLady


denimflyz said...

Love your beautiful flowers. I am so ready for warm. We are going to start as of today for high 50's. I will be sitting outside when it get warm today.
Love your quilt colors, its so YOU. Please take care, say hello to Miss T and enjoy your weekend.
Hugs my friend

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

It sounds like you had a very good outing. I have heard good things about Trader Joes too, but we do not have one in our area. Not sure it there is one in our State. Love the roses, especially the pink with yellow in it.

Sallysmom said...

Your thought is absolutely what we all need to remember. Now if only we could get young people to understand this.

gld said...

Great comment; one we all need to remember.

Seeing your rose pictures makes me want to venture into growing roses again. When I complained about RRD, someone remarked that if I enjoyed them for two years or more that was worth the price. They were right.

What is flower in the header? I should know, but don't. Several plants have that daisy-like bloom.

Trader Joe's is one of those stores we are lacking down here in the Ozarks!

Maryann said...

Your roses are gorgeous, it's almost time for us to prune ours. I love Trader Joe's. We have one about 10-15 miles away and we hit it about once a month. Their prices are great. Some of the things we get there regularly are olive oil, balsamic vinegar, smoked paprika, bacon ends and bits and their blue corn chips...but they always have so many yummy things we never leave empty handed. Looks like you got quite the haul....hope you enjoy.

Nancy J said...

Your goodies look wonderful, what an outing, and your rose photos, perfect in every detail, truly gorgeous.

Rue said...

I'm so glad the people at Trader Joes were nice to you! I shop at whole Foods, which is closer to me and although the people that work there are nice, the shoppers are another story... yikes!

Margarita's sound good!

I always love seeing your beautiful flowers :)


Jane said...

Wish I could have joined you, Rainey, your outing sounds like fun! We don't have a Trader Joes around here, but from what I have heard it sounds like a fun place. Beautiful flowers as always!


Jane said...

PS: I love that quote!


lil red hen said...

What a wonderful quote!! I think this is easier for me now that I'm older and don't really have need of more "stuff". However, I would love to browse around in one of your thrift store places just to see what's in there.

Your beautiful flowers give me hope for another gardening season.

Ruth Hiebert said...

That store sounds very interesting,but the roses you show are the winners in today's post. Of course I love roses.

Barbara said...

Your flowers are so wonderful. Wish I lived next door. Trader Joe's - haven't been there but I'll put it on the list. Good for you for getting out and expanding your circle. I hated traveling to new place until I got my GPS. Now I'm a traveling foot.

Judy said...

Ms. T. on the new bedspread, covering it with her soft fur, LOL. Gosh, your flowers are lovely, especially those roses!

Stephanie said...

It looks like you had a great day out and came home with many wonderful items :) We don't have a Trader Joes here, but I have heard many wonderful things about them.

Lovely photos of your flowers :) Hugs to you!

Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, Looks like you had a wonderful day on your little outing... I always enjoy checking out new stores... Looks like you found a 'fav'... Bet you will go back there again!!!!

Can't wait to get some Spring here after our rough winter... Love your flowers --especially the Roses. Granada is gorgeous... WOW!

Your hot tea sounds wonderful. We always drink a cup of hot tea when we get up in the mornings while doing our daily devotions.


Rebecca said...

What an interesting day! Next time you'll have to take a photo of yourself so we can see your "Manager's outfit"!

Art and Sand said...

Your roses are gorgeous.

Trader Joe's has lovely flowers at great prices. I don't know how they can see a bouquet of roses for $3.99, but I love that they do.

Thanks for the sweet comments on my latest post.

Leslie Kimel said...

The Granada rose is so pretty. What a great color combination!

Your day sounded like so much fun, and your lunch sounded delicious.

By the way, I love your new bedding. It goes perfectly with the romantic style of your house!

Pam's English Garden said...

What a lovely day out! I wish we had Trader Joe's here in the NE. Your beautiful blooms brought me cheer on a cold snowy day. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog today! Blessings. P. x

jean said...

Lorraine, I heard a lot of good reviews of Trader Joe's. We don't have one here, though. Your flowers are lovely and I could almost smell the roses. I do love the thought for the day. Good one. -jean

Andrea said...

Hello Lorraine. I smiled at your mention of your look as a store manager, hehe!

I am surprised there is a firecracker bloom that is not red, as they are all red here! And i love seeing rosemary bloom, they don't bloom here, haven't seen one, maybe it needs a little cold nights.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Such beautiful flowers...we still have snow in Northern Indiana. Perhaps it will melt this week. We will need a little wind to take it back to where it came from..

We don't have a Trader Joe's, but I have a friend in CA that talks about her's all the time.

I'm a little late in visiting here..we have been on the run lately with DR. appts for Terry. I try to limit my internet time to mornings so I can stitch. It's working pretty will but it makes me a little late in visiting my fav places because I don't want to miss a thing!
xx, Carol

George said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Dewena said...

It is so much fun to view your lovely garden when all is gray here. I showed your pics to my husband and he saw the Granada rose and said he loved their fragrance from long ago.

We both love going to Trader Joe's. They have a great staff here in Nashville too.

M.K. said...

Miss T knows some pretty flowers when she sees them! I do love Trader Joe's. We had one near us when we lived in Massachusetts for a year. Sadly, there's not one anywhere close to us -- like, not for HOURS. Oh well! So glad you could enjoy that visit. I would go every week if I lived that close :)