Sunday, March 1, 2015

I ‘love’ it!!!!


Hi Folks ~ I picked up my bedding order at Walmart today.  Before I left the desk I asked the man if he would open the box for me so that I could see if they sent the right size before I walked out of the store. He did, it was a ‘full’. Relief!  I thanked him and left.

I got home and stripped the bed, put on clean sheets, then put the spread and shams on and I just love the look, the colors.  It’s made very well. Large enough so that it wraps up around top pillows under the sham covered pillows, hangs down about 25” all the way around.  I have a high bed, so it does not go to the floor.  I had already made a skirt with some nice material from my friend Nanci.

The bedroom is a work in progress. Faux beadboard paneling will be going up. The head and foot board were found in Spain when we lived there, we ‘curbside shopped’ there too. After we found these, the next time we took that road, there was a sign where they had been, saying ‘no pongas la basura’, which means ‘do not put trash’. These are light colored beech wood, with some turned wood, we decided to stain the wood dark because we like dark wood.  It is a double/full size.

This little cottage, about 25 ft x 25 ft with two bumpouts, is roughly 665 sq. ft. and had two tiny bedrooms when we moved in. We opened the two rooms up to each other making one larger room, I believe it is nine and half ft. by twenty-five ft.

In the photo below is the first wall covered by the faux bead board paneling, still have crown moulding to put up when the walls are all finished. This where I take care of bookwork east wall.


This is across the room, well you know 4 feet or so away from the desk on the east wall. When this is all done, I’ll show a pic  before and after. YIKES! We had been using this area as storage, were in the process of finishing up caravan so that we could sleep in there while we worked in this room, walls and flooring. Well, you know the rest of that story. DH became ill and our projects were not finished. I am doing the best I can. All in time.  Craft items, threads, yarn, finished pieces, stored in drawers and cabinets.


The photo below is what you see when you go from hall into bedroom. Craft office area to the right, sleeping area to the left.


Now I am looking south,  into the sleeping area. This sleeping space is ‘cozy’ and comforting. The road is out behind the window on the back wall where sun is shining in. The books add a sound barrier and it’s rather quiet in there. There’s about 14 inches between the bed and the book cases.

Here is my new bedding! Smile


The two little pillows (below) my DH gave me for my bday one year. They accompanied him to the hospital, supporting his head on either side while in the ambulance, as they had wrapped him up in the sheets and carried him out of our little cottage that way.  They could NOT get that huge gurney with four big guys in and out of this place, so that way was how they did it.

Anyway, they are special to me and add to our eclectic, Bohemian, gypsyish, cottage style.


Here are some close-up shots of the squares.




Reverse side


Ok, that’s it from Plum Cottage for now. I just had to show and tell my new bedding. DH would have liked this. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny so I’ll wash these on the gentle cycle and line dry them. Aaaahhh!

Hope you all see less of winter and more of spring.



There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. ~ Jane Austen


Betsy Adams said...

LOVE love love your new bedding.. That is so colorful and would brighten up any room... Congrats.

In fact you are doing a fantastic job with your rooms/areas.... Amazing what one can do (using their creativity) when he/she has a small space... You are doing GREAT... Proud of you, Lorraine.


Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

Your bedroom looks so lovely and cozy. I love the new bedding. You are doing a great job remodeling the cottage yourself.

Terra said...

Your bedroom and new bedding has a romantic feel to it. You seem to have a gift for organizing a lot in to a small space.

Sallysmom said...

Love it. Looks lovely there.

Nancy J said...

This is SOOO Plum Cottage, and perfect for you. Lovely to see each wall, and know where you do stitching, paper work, and finally, some sleep. Another Hot Autumn day here, almost midday, and 29.9Celsius, how could this be in March? Hugs to you.

Jane said...

Very Bohemian Chic. Looks perfect on your bed. It has a very serene feel to it.

L. D. said...

Is that not a neat Jenny LInd antique bed? It is a neat piece.

Rebecca said...

Oh, my goodness, Lorraine! I can't imagine anything cozier. Do I understand correctly--you found that bedspread at Walmart?????

Thistle Cove Farm said...

The new bedding is Lovely, Rainey! I like the Kantha look as well as the different squares...beautiful and very well done.

Deborah Montgomery said...

The bedding is beautiful, such beautiful colors and patterns. And I love the bed, such gorgeous head and foot boards.

Becky said...

GORGEOUS SET!!! Such a lovely room to get rest in.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Beautiful new bedding.Enjoy this.I know I get excited when I can put something on the bed that pleases me.

Jeri Landers said...

Lorraine, Love that dark dresser AND your bed is super! I love the bedding; the collection of prints and colors just sets off the dark wood of the headboard and visa- versa. I think that room is so comfy looking and personal and snug.

M.K. said...

I like both sides of that quilt, Rainey. Certainly is gorgeous in your warm, cozy room. I love the look there -- warm light, and many, many books. I love books. May you sleep long and deeply under your new spread!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Looks great in there!!

Kit said...

Ooo, I like those. Very pretty and fits the room perfectly. Your DH would be pleased that you found something so pretty for yourself. :) Take care. Love, Kit

Judy said...

New bedding for your bed--I did the same after Fred died as it was now, just my bedroom. I think you are actually going to be glad you have a small space, now that you live alone. Not so much to take care of perhaps?

Annie said...

I love it too! My comfort comes from being at home to!

Susan said...

It fits in your bedroom perfectly! What a cozy little space to snuggle up in and read a good book. Love, love, love your bed frame. Enjoy the week of warmer weather coming up. I can't wait to get out in the garden.

Noelle Johnson said...

Hello Lorraine,

I love your new bedding - it reminds me of a colorful garden!

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate your kind comments on my blog.

Hope you have a great week!


Flower Freak said...

Your home looks fantastic! I love your new bedding and your so organized! There's nothing more fun than roadside treasures. Happy Gardening!

Darcie said...

OH' your new bedding fits you perfectly! I can see you in my minds eye, moving about your cottage, fixing, adding, rearranging...all with love! You have a perfect loved filled cottage!

Consider It All Joy said...

Lorraine, You bed covers are as bright and beautiful as your gardens! You are most definitely the Flower Lady :) And I Love That!! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

gld said...

It looks perfect in your bedroom.

The size reminds me of our "master" bedroom. I might have 18 inches between my side and the window wall and then I have to corner around a tall chest at the foot of the bed to get out......

Sandy said...

This is the exact bedding I wanted but they were out of queen size so I settled for a similar pattern. I just love yours and think I will go back and see if they ever got the queen in stock. Really beautiful. Enjoyed your sweet post today.

Barbara said...

It looks like we all agree that your new bedspread is wonderful and goes perfectly with the feel of your house. I'm new to your blog but I can see that you are working and making the changes to your home that are right for you right now. I'm glad for you. Somethings take a big learning curve but just jump in there and try. I agree with everyone - you're doing great.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

You are so talented.
Love your new bedding
and would love to do something
different - but do not know what as of yet:)
Take care
and thank you always for your
special comments to me.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Hi Lorraine,
I love your new bed linens - your cozy room is very English Cottage with the dark antique furniture, book-lined walls, and flower sprigged linens. You are doing an amazing job in your sweet little cottage - your Mr. would be very proud of you! A place for everything and everything in its place! Hugs xo Karen

Maryann said...

I love the bedding, it looks beautiful in the room, very warm and inviting. No sign of spring here yet...more of that white stuff...sigh. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Dewena said...

Dear FlowerLady,
I can't even begin to tell you how much I've loved my first visit here. You have all the things I love and I felt I was visiting a friend. Thank you for visiting me from Rue's blog and for your sweet comment.

I don't want to miss your posts so have added you to my blogroll. I see you have been blogging for quite a while so I will have lots of posts to read in the future.

I do like your new quilt! Each square is unique. And your house and garden is like being in a fairy tale home.

There was so much that struck me as I read through several pages but in the middle of it I got a call from my son who lives alone with his dog, and is sick with fever and swollen throat. And here in Nashville tonight there are icy roads and even worse bridge to cross. So my mind is distracted but comforted from being here.


Rue said...

That picture of your bed in that corner with all those books is absolutely wonderful! The new comforter is perfect for it :)


shadesofidaho said...

Love your new bedding. I had no idea Walmart had such pretty bedding.

Your new Faux beadboard looks Fantastic. Really brightens up your room. You are doing so well with re-doing so much in a small space to work. your little desk turned out perfect too. Love the chair.

Miss yousorry I have been gone so much. Always busy caring for Joe. He is doing pretty well for now.