Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day

My dear husband gave me a little book he picked up in a little thrift store many years ago. When he gave it to me, he had marked a page with a little drawn heart by the title, which was “Do I Love You?” It is beautiful, it made me cry. He had just been away for days, doing an antique show with a friend. We had missed each other as we had spent few days apart since getting married.

Well, Thursday morning I saw the book in the little book shelf by my chair, and pulled it out to see what I might glean here in this week of Valentine’s Day celebrations. Oh my, this was just like getting a Valentine’s Day card from my husband. It was a special gift to me. It is also from me to him. The piece is called “Because I Have You”. I’ll only post the first and last stanzas.

“Because I Have You”

Days may lose all their brightness and die with the sun,
And the night may be lonely and cold,
But will all of the darkness when daylight is done
There is still a bright light to behold;
It's the light that is shining deep down in your eyes,
Burning flame, ever living and true,
And no matter the shadows I may realize,
I'll be happy because I have you.

Life may lose all its splendor, and age take its toll,
Any my being may wither and fade,
But a light will keep burning deep down in my soul,
Guiding light that your loving has made;
Years may come with their burden of sorrow and tears,
Still I'll smile 'til my living is through,
And although I may dread the great weight of the years,
I'll be happy because I have you."

From the book ‘Dream River ~ An Anthology ~ by Bud Rainey 1941

(As some of you may know, my nickname is Rainey and I’m sure that is what caught my husband’s eye when he saw the book. Then inside the worn covers, he found a jewel for me, and I found this one above now. God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. To find it right before Valentine’s Day is a sign of God’s love for me, in that He let me read this now, as if it was from a card my dear husband had picked out. I feel blessed and very loved.)


Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you.

Love & hugs



Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Happy Valentine's Day Lorraine. It's no coincidence that you came upon the book now. It certainly IS a gift.
xx, Carol

Teresa Schubert said...

How beautiful!! I think it was a special Valentines From heavenly Father and dear Hubby! Have a blessed and happy Valentines day!
sugar, spice and whatever's nice

Sue Silva said...

Happy Valentine's day Rainey. This is truly a gift.

Deborah Montgomery said...

So thankful you received this special gift from our Lord, such a comfort and blessing. xo

Antique ART Garden said...

Wonderful poem, and he was very romantic to find it for you.Hope you are doing well, love the stained glass heart. Big hug and love to you, Gina

crafty cat corner said...

I believe that things like this are meant to be and sent to us when we need them. Such a beautiful a poignant piece.
Love the stained glass.

Jane said...

I would say that was a heaven sent message. Happy Valentines, sweet Rainey! Sending you a big bear hug.

Nancy J said...

Love never leaves us, always in your heart, beautiful stained glass, and the words, just meant for you on Feb 14th. Hugs, from way down here as we have cooler mornings, hot days, not much rain, leaves turning colour and falling, and a wonderful family visit.

klaraau01 said...

Happy Valentine's day Lorraine and happy memories! What a wonderful message from your sweetheart and a special day for you. Love and Blessings...

L. D. said...

Good and very special memories. The window is beautiful

Rose ~ from Oz said...

God does move in mysterious ways and the sharing of this post touched me deeply Lorraine. thinking of you. \Hugs

Susan said...

God does indeed work in mysterious ways. Loved your valentine story. Hope you can feel the love from all who comment here. Sending hugs your way!

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful poem! I think I'll look it up and find the middle verses....

It's been extremely windy here ALL day and turning very cold. Dangerously cold overnight.

I hope you've had a pleasant day. We've not done anything special (but had lunch at our favorite restaurant on Thursday). ♥

Anonymous said...

Oh Rainey ~ truly a beautiful poem and I, too, will be looking up the middle stanzas.

Thank you so much for sharing. Have a wonderful week.

Love and Hugs,


Lemon Verbena Lady said...

The Herbal Husband and I send our valentine wishes to you! Have a lovely warm week. Thinking of you! xo

Lona said...

How beautiful. Reading it brought tears to my eyes. I am such a sappy girl. LOL! So I know how you must treasure it. Memories are precious and the love he had for you showed. Happy Valentines to you Lorraine. Hugs.

Darcie said...

What a beautiful gift for you to receive "again" on Valentines Day this year. I loved the verses you shared with us from the book...what a precious gift.

Bernie H said...

Belated Happy Valentine's Day to you too. What a perfect gift to receive on such a special day. Meant to be.

Deb said...

Hi Lorraine - thanks for sharing this lovely poem. You have a wonderful day!

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

How wonderful that you came across that little book just in time for Valentine's Day. It was meant to be. What beautiful verses! I got misty eyed reading them. The stained glass panel is beautiful!

M.K. said...

Both God and your precious husband do love you VERY much, and they're loving you together right now in heaven, thinking of you, looking over you. What a blessing to find and read that again, right now.

KathyB. said...

I believe God prompted you to open the little book because He knows your heart best of all. He knows when you need His sweet hugs wrapped in the memories of your beloved husband, in the form of an almost forgotten book, gifted to you with love.

Rue said...

That was absolutely beautiful, Lorraine.

You've been very blessed.


Karen said...

Rainey, I've been absent far too long. I love the poem, brought tears to my eyes. I think of you every day and you are always in my prayers. Things here have been slow-going and worrisome; every day brings a new challenge. All I can do is put everything in God's hands and do the best I can. Hugs to you, Rainey!

Debra Howard said...

Oh my! (sniff) (sniff) that one really touched my heart. What a lovely book it must be. Love love love that poem!