Thursday, February 19, 2015


Good morning Folks ~ Well, we are having our coldest spell in years. At 7:20 EST, here in s.e. FL it is 44 degrees F and feels like it is 36. Tomorrow morning we have a ‘freeze warning’ from 1-9 a.m. I put older orchids in hanging baskets in the little wash house, grouped herbs and other plants into a corner somewhat protected from winds, and brought new orchids inside here. The one I was waiting for buds to open finally has sweet blooms. It’s the one in the middle in photo below.


Here they are grouped inside.


Today I plan to make a quick run to the PO to pick up a pkg. and then to the grocery to get a few things there and back home. These places are close, and I am thankful for that.

My radiant heat heater is still in the attic. I need help to get it down, (and once it’s down, I’m not putting it back up there, I’ll store it elsewhere.) But, it’s somewhat cozy in here and this little cold spell won’t last long. Sunday it’s supposed to be 78. Smile

I repotted some plants the other day into bigger pots, moved some around. Did some rearranging inside the cottage to make things work better for me. Still more to do in that area, all in good time.

I’ve been working on a needlework heart that’s a special order and have been enjoying that. I sit here listening to soothing music as I stitch and it reminds me of my dear husband and his love and encouragement.

Here are photos of part of my work area. Good grief! I really need to straighten up again so I can find things. I no sooner clean it up and the next project has is wrecked again. Part of the creative process. You can see several WIP’s, works in progress also.




Last night for supper I made a new recipe, a curried ham dish, and it was pretty good, served over jasmine rice. What’s nice is I have left-overs!

I hope you all are staying safe and warm in the wintery areas.  Hang in there, spring isn’t too far away.

Thank you all for your kind comments and your encouragement.  Much appreciated, more than words can say.

I will close this post with a saying from the book ‘Wabi Sabi ~ The Art of Everyday Life’ by Diane Durston.


The best things in life are nearest:

Breath in your nostrils,

light in your eyes,

flowers at your feet,

duties at your hand,

the path of right just before you.

Then do not grasp at the stars,

but do life’s plain,

common work as it comes,

certain that daily duties and daily bread

are the sweetest things in life.

Robert Louis Stevenson

Have a good day ~ FlowerLady


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

I love visiting you - your space my kind of space - just wish I could sew..,. Take care

Sandy said...

Believe it or not, when I saw the temperature here this morning of 3 degrees I thought of our close friends vacationing in Florida and of you! Yes, your temperatures are cold but ours here are ridiculously so! High today is only going to be 15.
Love your work area and all you are sharing today. I am working on my needlework designs and planning opening my second Etsy shop in the spring. Thanks for sharing the sweetness of every day life, dear friend.

M.K. said...

What a lovely poem by Mr. Stevenson. I love seeing your work station, Rainey. And I say that because, as a blogger, I know sometimes we think our readers must tire of seeing the same little bit of our houses or yards, over and over. They are familiar to US, but to our readers, it is really fun to see that spot again -- to be able to "visit." And readers cannot visit unless the bloggers allow them to :) So ... thank you! Be sure to share your next heart project, and stay warm until the warm temps come back your way!

the Goodwife said...

My dear FlowerLady you give off such a sense of peace, that peace that passes understanding and I'm thankful you've got it! :) Stay warm and stay safe!

lil red hen said...

I agree with M.K.; love seeing your work space. You should see my floor when I'm doing string quilt piecing; instead of using the wastebasket, I just flip the tiny pieces onto the floor and then bring in the broom later. I'm sure hoping the cold weather doesn't harm your beautiful flowers!

Friko said...

What heavenly orchids you grow! I only manage to buy them from the plant shop and I usually manage to keep them going for another flowering before they get sad and past their best. I really like yours. You’ve encouraged me to look at growing them with new enthusiasm.

It is stil best to stay indoors and potter with things that give pleasure; outdoor pursuits will have to wait maybe another month over here, although there are already jobs in the garden crying out for attention.

Ah well, it won’t be long now.

Ruth Hiebert said...

It's been cold here,too,much colder than your temperatures,but then we are much farther north.I like seeing your crafting spaces,that's what my house used to look like,but I don't do much crafting anymore.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Your home is so pretty and cozy. I love the arch shaped doors. It was also fun seeing your work space with work in progress.

Your orchids are gorgeous, I am glad that you had enough warning to be able to get them inside before they got nipped with cold.

It is so cold here in Missouri, that I am wearing leggings with old slacks over the top of them and a turtleneck with a sweater over it, and two pairs of thick slipper socks. I had been so hot blooded for about 15 years before this, having to dress so warmly is strange territory for me.

I'm looking forward to spring and my flowers and herbs and being out in the yard. Seeing your beautiful orchids really perked me up today. Thanks for showing them to us.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, When FLORIDA gets a cold spell/freeze, that means that we are REALLY REALLY cold here. It was MINUS 6 this morning at 6:30 a.m. Gads!!!!!

We go through what you are when it comes to trying to protect tender plants during a freeze. Our freezes come in April --after many of our early spring flowers bloom. We've lost many of them in past...

Your Curried Ham sounds delicious... Hope you get your little heater down...

Stay WARM.

Nancy J said...

I love your work shelf, with all the lovely things we associate with you, it gives a wee peek into your home, and your words let us into your heart. Orchids, beautiful, and the words from R L S, so true. Down here, life goes more slowly, will email with an update for Hugh. Hugs, Jean.

Sue Silva said...

A freeze warning in Florida just seems wrong, lol!

I love your work space, Rainey. It always looks so cozy. I bet you love spending time in there!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Don't you just love the scent of jasmine rice as it is reminds me of popcorn! :)

It's warmed up here to about 4 degrees right now :) I ran errands and it did not seem to bad out at all because it was not windy.

Then again I had three layers of clothing on under my winter coat! :)

Susan said...

It is chilly up my way today. It didn't freeze last night, but I have a bad feeling about tonight. It's only 49 degrees at 2pm. Doesn't look good. Love your orchids . . . their blooms are beautiful! Stay warm tonight.

Gary said...

Beautiful orchids Lorraine, and that WIP is looking really quite special!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

What a darling little cottage you have Rainey! I love your arched doorways and all your beautiful orchids. I do hope that someone comes to help you with your heater soon! It is 40 degrees and raining here in WA state and I have a fire going. Glad it is going to warm up for you there. I scrolled down to your last post and it really touched my heart. Sending you prayers of encouragement and courage, my Dear. Hugs xo Karen

Deborah Montgomery said...

Your workroom looks so cozy and full of creativity and beauty. And those orchids are gorgeous! I am sitting in front of the fire right now -- single digits now, and below zero again tonight, brrr!!

Rebecca said...

I so enjoy photos of your interior spaces, Lorraine. Your artistic/creative touches are what make your home so lovely.

And it IS cold up here! Many degrees below zero with the wind-chill factor. Nasty.

Good days to stay inside and cover with an afghan :)

Jane said...

Well Rainey, it's exactly 54 degrees colder here today and tomorrow it's even supposed to be colder! We haven't been out of the negatives in a week. Glad we are sturdy people! Your home looks peaceful, the orchids suits it perfectly. That was such a lovely poem! And so true!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

I'm sure you and your orchids are not used to that cold. Enjoy those blooms while you have them inside. We're looking forward to 55 tomorrow before our next cold spell.

Cheryl said...

"Cold'is a relative term and it all depends on how our bodies are acclimated. I am sure that your 30's feel quite frigid and I hope you're able to gain access to your space heater! I also hope that your lovely orchids fare well in the chilly air.

Ah yes, spring is coming...

Deb said...

Your orchids are beautiful as are the stitched hearts. I love your work space, it looks quite tidy to me with a few works in progress on hand.

This cold spell we are having in Florida I am hoping my daffodils will bloom, they did a few years ago. We had a week of freezes in October and tonight down to 20 though the days are filled with sunshine which make for a brisk mornging perfect for weeding, perhaps winter last cold breath for us until next year.

Kit said...

Wow! That's cold for you guys. I hope your plants survive okay. :) Kit

tina said...

The weatherman up here has made it a point to say "even Florida is feeling the freeze". Hope it warms up soon!

Jean Campbell said...

Stay warm, Rainey. We made it through 2 freezing nights in the twenties and now the sun is warming us back to near normal for February.

It was so cold here yesterday that they couldn't pour concrete for my Mule Barn (garden shed) and the cat never came out of his hut with heating pad all day.

I know our complaints seem silly to those who are at zero degrees but we do not expect such extremes in our climate.

Debra Howard said...

In a pinch you can throw a blanket or towels or even a couple of sheets over them and save them from the freeze if it isn't expected to last long or get too awful below freezing. Hope yours were all saved.

sweetbay said...

So it's cold even all of the way down in Florida. Your orchids are beautiful!