Sunday, February 8, 2015

Beautiful Orchids ~ colorful eye-candy

Good evening Folks ~ What a nice day we’ve had here in s.e. FL, even though it was partly cloudy and we had a few sprinkles this morning.

My friend, Ramona, and I had a date to go to the Mounts Botanical Orchid and Herb sale this morning. We both bought orchids and herbs. Oh my gosh,the orchids were amazing. Next time, I will take more pictures.  I would have to say after roses, these are my next favorite flowers. We didn’t walk around the gardens today because it started to lightly rain, so we decided to leave. We spent a couple of hours there as it was, looking, deciding, then watching a little demonstration about making herb butter and cooking with herbs.

I found out that they do have a morning Herbal Society meeting the second Tuesday each month, so I plan to check that out.  I think I would really enjoy that.

Ok, I’ll start with the orchids that caught my eye, but not my pocket-book. One lady even said to me, we take credit cards, and I told her I only brought a certain amount of $, left the credit card at home. Safer that way. I spent all the $ I took. A Valentine’s gift to myself.

~ The most highly coveted of ornamental plants,

the delicate, exotic and graceful orchid

represents love, luxury, beauty and strength. ~


These first photos are most of the tables set up inside, there were a couple more behind me that I forgot to take a picture of. There were a few more outside too in their little covered spaces.




I have to say that the majority of these were definitely out of my price range. This is a hobby more for the wealthy. But, I am thrilled with what I bought, and they are good orchids for novices like me. Exotics were the most expensive, of course.

OK, here are some of the beauties that caught my eye.  Some took my breath away. Some are scented. I didn’t get names of them.

Click on photos for larger view.





I think these are the blooms of one of the orchids I bought.  I bought a smaller pot and the plant has unopened blooms.  They are scented.




This one really grabs me.  I love it.  I think the price tag for this one was around $30. The colors are amazing.



Here is another beauty, a lady slipper I think.



Next are the little sweeties that I bought. I bought 6 orchids for $40.


This orchid is

Phalaenopsis 'Sunflower', scented.




Here we have the one that I showed a picture of above, purple and white blooms. 

It is

Scented Dendrobium Nobile

You can read about it here.


These next three were 3 for $10.  They are vandas. Babies or ‘seedlings’ as the tag said in the display




The next is my favorite orchid that I bought. It was the most expensive, $12, but I asked her if she would take $8, as it was all I had left. I had already bought two others from her, the yellow and the purple, @ $10 ea. She kindly accepted my offer.  She had a great sense of humor and said “I suppose you’re going to want the name of this one too for your $8.” I laughed and said “Of course.”  I had asked her the names of the other two already. Smile There was only one of these in this tray in my price range, it most definitely stood out and grabbed my attention.

This is an ‘Izumu’ dendrobium



Well, that’s it from Plum Cottage.

I think I’ll watch the rest of part one of Louis L’Amours ~ ‘The Sacketts’. DH and I loved watching westerns. I watch movies on You-tube for free on my computer. I don’t have cable. I have heard of that wireless Roku box that you hook up to your computer and TV, so that I could watch  on a larger screen.  But, I haven’t done that yet, as it scares me.  DH was the computer geek here in our home. I’m just little ol’ FlowerLady.

I’ll close with these two you-tube videos.

I found these two musicians recently and their music really touches me, heart and soul.  I’ve always loved violin music and the guitar in this reminds me of my husband playing his guitar. He talked about, more than once in his life, playing in the big ‘jam session’ in heaven. I look forward to hearing him then.  He will be soaring.

Guitar and Violin Cover by



Happy Valentine’s Week


~ Love is Eternal ~


Teresa Schubert said...

Orchids, glorious orchids!! OOOh I love them all, so beautiful! I hope they all do really well for you, I can keep others alive but the only one I can get to re- bloom is Phaleanopsis for some reason. Maybe because I keep them inside? Hope you have a blessed and wonderful week my friend.
sugar, spice and whatever's nice

Ruth Hiebert said...

Oh wow!.All those Orchids would leave me speechless. I am sure the ones you bought will flourish under your care,as all your other plants do. Have a great week.

Darcie said...

Oh' I know I could learn so much from you about flowers. I simple adore reading all about the joy flowers bring into your life! The orchids are simply beautiful!

tina said...

Absolutely beautiful! The yellow one looks a lot like daffodils. That was so nice of the lady to accept your lower offer. Gosh, what a beautiful place!

Anonymous said...

Boy this sure does make me think of my Mom. She LOVED orchid shows and would always go a little crazy at them. I wished you lived closer, I have to repot and divide all my orchids this spring and have so many to share.

Have a wonderful week. Looks like we have another little cold front coming our way.

Love and Hugs,


Cheryl said...

Oh, you have added beauty to your world this weekend! I know you'll enjoy those gorgeous orchids, Flower Lady!

My sister recently told me that she watches Netflix on her television via her smart phone. (Don't know if you have a smart phone either, if you're not techie. I don't.) It only requires a small device (sort of like a thumb drive?) to plug into the back of your TV. It looked easier to me than a gizmo with a bunch of wires for me to decide where they needed to go! :)

Maryann said...

Beautiful orchids, I keep waiting for mine to bud...but nothing yet. We got a RUKO a couple of years ago, got rid of our cable and never looked back. Maybe you could find a "geek" friend to help. Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing all the lovlies with us

L. D. said...

I have one that is dead and I won't be buying anymore of them. They do drop down in price at Walmart but then the car that they have before you buy them is iffy. I still haven't thrown away my last one but will do it soon. The botanical places are do fun to visit as their greenhouse conditions are so perfect for flowers. You have some great photos here.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Rainey, what wonderful memories and what a day, glorious day, that will be! The orchids are fabulous; God does such amazing work, doesn't He?

~ Dixie said...

Beautiful orchids! I love them too! I have one blooming and two that I am wishing and hoping will re-bloom.
Thank you for sharing...

Stephanie said...

Oh my, what beautiful Orchids! Your posts are always full of loveliness - thanks for sharing. Hugs!

Betsy Adams said...

Like you, I love Roses AND Orchids.. We can't grow them here ---but overtime we go to Biltmore, we go inside their Conservatory and see their gorgeous orchids, many of which you have pictured here.. They are SO beautiful.

Glad you made some deals and got to go home with some pretties.. You will LOVE them.. Congrats.

KathyB. said...

I love orchids too and have several. Our local Safeway supermarket sells them regularly and they have a very good variety. I have my eyes on one I spotted there, it was pricey, so I didn't buy it, but maybe if it is still there after Valentine's Day I will.

My daughter's orchids re-bloom but I haven't had much luck with them re-blooming. I mostly ignore them in the sun-room and since that works for my African Violets and Christmas cactus I am hopeful. I did buy some Orchid fertilizer I will use soon. Do you have success with your orchids re-blooming ?

gld said...

The orchids are beautiful!

Don't be afraid of Roku (get Roku 3).
I have hooked up two of them so far.

Just be sure you have an hdmi outlet on your device. Do some online research. We have watched more TV with the instant streaming that we ever did with Directv. Netflix just costs us $8 or so a month.

Val said...

Pretty! My ex-boyfriend's mom loved Orchids and had a bunch displayed on big shelving units in a kitchen window. They're such striking flowers.

The woman's comment to you about wanting to get the price for your $8 too made me laugh. :) Pleasant people like that just make a good experience even better.

A song/performance recommendation for you: Singers Lennon and Maisy, two young girls, cover the song "Ho Hey," and it's one of the most gorgeous and touching and joyful things I've ever heard. And the lyrics will probably "get" you the way they do me. :) There are a couple different performances of it on YouTube, but here's one:

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Such amazing and beautiful orchids - each one has its own personality! So fun to see them all - it was a wise decision to just bring cash! You bought yourself some lovely selections - I especially love that some of them are scented. How sweet to know your dear husband will be giving you a concert in heaven <3 My daughter in law just got a new violin for her birthday and is taking lessons again - she used to play in high school. Lovely music. Hope you have a beautiful week. xo Karen

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

I've never seen so many orchids at once or such variety. Thank you for sharing!

M.K. said...

Those are stunning, FL! I'm so glad you went and had a great time :) You always choose such nice flowers. I love that last one, the lavender one. Thanks for taking us along.