Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rain, chilly temps, roses, flowers, hearts

Good morning Folks ~ Well, we’ve got a ‘cold front’ down here in s.e. FL.  This morning it is lightly raining, and the temp is 56 and feels like it is 51.  I think it’s supposed to only get up around 70 as the high, and be cloudy all day.  Nothing like what is happening up north though.  The cooler weather for us down here is a blessing.  Monday evening around 5 it was 87 degrees and did NOT feel like November at all. Today it does. 

I took some photos of ‘Kathleen’ my sweet little rose I’ve had for many, many years.  I recently took some cuttings from her and hope they will root for me. Time will tell.  I just re-read a good post on rooting roses by Connie of Hartwood Roses. How To Root Roses From Cuttings. I didn’t do my cuttings like she did as I had forgotten about this post of hers until she mentioned it in her latest post.  It is very good and easy to understand.  She is NOT a novice at growing roses like I am, she is a PRO.

Click photos for larger views.





This lovely rose is ‘Crepuscule’, a recent addition to my gardens.  I had this years ago, but she croaked and it is wonderful to have her again.  I bought her from Rose Petal Nursery, which is in northern Florida.


This is ‘Louis Philippe’ which was one of the first roses I bought many, many years ago. I bought ‘Caldwell’s Pink’ at the same time, at a local flea market. I just lost Caldwell’s Pink last year I think.


This is ‘Penelope’ which I’ve had a long time too.  The buds start out a nice peachy color and the older the bloom is it turns to white.


This is ‘Rose de Rescht’, a gift from online friends last year.  This one has a deep, lovely, old rose scent.


I think this is ‘Picnic’.  It is what it was called at the nursery where I got it.  I have not been able to find a rose by this name by Googling.


This is an unknown that I bought last year from a local nursery.


Here are some blooms from my ‘Lilac Tree, or Lancepod Tree’. I planted this as a seed in 2010. It’ is now about 8 ft. tall. Blooms way over my head.  I pulled down a branch to get a photo and to also be able to smell the scent.  The scent is wonderful!!!



Below is the ‘Garlic Vine’ that has grown from a seed and vined along to climb up the tropical shrubs at the back of my shed.  The foliage smells like garlic when brushed against.







Next are my two latest needleworked hearts.

This one is 3 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches.  Bugle beads, seed beads, two crystal beads, and a neat glass flower bead. Edged with a crocheted/beaded edging. Smile This heart took 4 1/4 hours to make.




The flowers below are ribbon embroidery using white and cream silk ribbon, 4mm and 2mm sizes. Then I colored them with my alcohol ink markers. This little heart is 3 inches by 3 inches.



Well, that’s it for this post.

May you all have a wonderful holiday season.



Ruth Hiebert said...

I so enjoy all your flowers and the lush growth of every plant. Of course I enjoy them even more now,as I sit and watch the snow blowing across the street. :)

crafty cat corner said...

8ft in 4 years, wow that's some growth. I love the little hearts, I'm making a patchwork heart at the moment alongside a crochet scrumble one. Like you I love my beads, and even though I'm finding it more and more tiresome to thread the bead needles I shan't stop.
The roses are wonderful.

Rebecca said...

The hearts' designs and colors are so pretty - as are the flowers! It will be several months until I see flowers growing in our yard! Snow covers our beds; wind adds to the great chill I feel every time I leave the house! Seeing St. Francis in your post makes me remember I still have one outside! The temps are supposed to warm briefly in a few days, and I must fetch him and bring him inside for the winter!

Nancy J said...

Beautiful hearts, and those roses, I can see every shade so delicate. Google, and emails, sorry, no help there. Jean.

lil red hen said...

Thanks for giving us a sneak peek of your roses; I'm sure they smell wonderful.

Your green heart is beautiful; truly a work of art!

Julie said...

All your hearts are so beautiful, but this green one is my all time fav! It is stunning! Great work, Flower Lady!!! :)

Morning's Minion said...

As always, your needlework is exquisite. I especially like the shades of green in the beaded heart.

Leslie Kimel said...

The new hearts are amazing! The green one is so richly detailed, and the ribbon flowers on the white one look almost like a tiny painting. I am such a fan of your work.

Georgianna said...

I love your hearts, Lorraine! The ribbon flowers look so lifelike. Beautiful creations!!

M.K. said...

Beautiful! Both those hearts are amazing -- the irises looks so real. And I love the deep green-on-green.

My favorite of those roses is the "Rose de Rescht" -- love all those layers, and that scent is so hard to withdraw one's nose from :)

The garlic vine is pretty too. Glad your temps have fallen and you are having a little "winter."