Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Blues Dispeller ~ Part 2


Good morning Folks ~ Well, I chose the perfect day to go to the Mounts Botanical Gardens.  Tuesday and Wednesday were gray with some rain, and yesterday it rained off and on all day long.

Let me refill my coffee cup and I’ll be right back to get started on this post. Ok, I’m back and just checked the weather and it is 75 and feels like it is 72, at 5:06 a.m. EST. More showers are expected today and each day through Thanksgiving. It is breezy too with 20mph winds from the east.

I can’t even imagine how the people up north are dealing with all of that over abundance of snow. I wouldn’t be able to handle it.  I’ve lived down here since 1960 and am a barefoot lady most of the time.  Anyway, I am thankful for our fall/winter/spring weather down here, summers are the pits though.

Now, back to my ‘Blues Dispeller’ at the botanical gardens the other day.

When I saw this Brugmansia or Angel’s Trumpets I could hardly believe it and was thrilled to say the least. This was what was scenting the air as I started my garden walk. This tree was at least 8’ tall and probably as wide.


Here are some blooms for you closer up. 

They are probably about 8-10 inches long, maybe longer.


These were in the rose garden area, which didn’t have much going on it right now as far as roses being in bloom. The yellow at the beginning and the white as I was heading down the path near the exit to this part of the beautiful gardens.  This white one was almost hanging to the ground. I almost backed up and went back around, but said to myself, nope, I’m going to bed over and walk through these wonderful blooms and I did.




This Brugmansia was in a different area. Amazing at the size of it and all of those wonderful blooms.


These next two photos are taken in the ‘Herb Garden’ area.

This is African Blue Basil. Here is a link telling about it. Mine is just a little baby right now. Once it starts growing, I want to take cuttings to make more plants.  It is supposed to be easy, by just starting the cuttings in water. Smile 


Here we have rosemary.  What a great display of this wonderful herb. This was the central focal point of the garden.


In this photo below, I am looking toward to the ‘Butterfly Garden’. It is my favorite garden here.  There were LOTS of butterflies hovering around too, but I didn’t capture any to share here.  Maybe next time.

You enter the little garden through the arbor. I have some of what is growing in this garden and want to get more, of course. I do have lots of butterflies visiting my gardens, but would like to draw in different kinds.




Here are a couple of ‘cats’ on a rue plant.


This is a path back near the airport strip, leading to the ‘Cottage Garden’ area which was actually kind of sparse, considering it is November I guess. There were things to see, but this will be much better during the spring. This path goes on around and then back out to main path.


This is a birdhouse in the ‘Cottage Garden’ area.


This is the Dombeya burgessiae (Seminole), or Hydrangea Tree. I bought a little one, about 6-8 inches tall. Here is a link for it. Mine, has a head of blooms on it already and I can hardly wait for it to bloom. I was amazed at the height and width of this plant.


Here are two photos of the veggie garden which is huge. This garden also looks better in the spring, but it still looks pretty darn good the end of November.



Well, that’s it for this post. I believe, there is one more post to do for this wonderful botanical garden from this visit.  I hope you have enjoyed this one.


 A garden recreates itself daily;

we seldom step in the same garden thrice.

Quote taken from: Garden Digest 


Ruth Hiebert said...

If that garden doesn't dispel the blues,I don't know what will. OK it is the garden together with the presence of God as you enjoy His creation.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Wow --what a fantastic botanical garden--even in November.. I love seeing the colors and the green this time of year. We are quickly turning BROWN--getting ready for more winter!!!!

I'm so impressed with the Angel's Trumpets... Reminds me of our lilies (upside down).... AWESOME.

Thanks for sharing.

L. D. said...

You captured some great shots. The garden would be a fun place to visit.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

That is a fabulous garden and the trumpet blooms are unbelievable! I'm looking forward to moving to central VA where it's not as cold or snowy. They do have hotter weather in summer but being with family will make it worth while. I'm also looking forward to growing rosemary...all year long.

Darcie said...

What a wonderful quote at the end of your post. What a wonderful day to chase away your blues. Have a lovely holiday if I don't get back over before then. :-)

Deborah Montgomery said...

The pictures from your last post and this one are beautiful. I'm sitting in front of a fire right now, and have gotten through a very cold week, and it's hard to believe you're walking through that lovely garden.
I do think God's wonderful creation is very healing. So glad you could get out to this beautiful place.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Hello Lorraine,
That Trumpet tree is amazing!! and a perfume to boot, doesn't get any better. I'm pleased you went to the Gardens, and more so that the trip soothed your soul and nourished it.
I enjoyed it very much Lorraine, thanks for sharing the visit.

Joy Junktion said...

WOW ~ What beautiful Angel Trumpets! Absolutely gorgeous! You have a wonderful garden area to visit! Thanks for sharing your photos! Blessings, Cindy

Masha said...

Dear Lorraine,

Thank you for the tour of the botanical gardens. I agree it lifts the spirits to go out into the sunshine and see beautiful plants. Those brugmansias are stunning!

Maryann said...

I am i love with your garden photos. Our Botanical Gardens is one of my favorite places to visit. It' where we go when we want to look at something beautiful. Love the little stone path, makes you want to keep walking to see what's around the corner. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving

Betty said...

I wished I was there with you. I love the trumpet plant. They do not grow that big here. Last week we had freezing temps and this weekend 60s. Thank goodness we did not have snow.

Debbie Harris said...

WOW! Those are amazing! Such beautiful creations of the hand of God.
You have a lovely place here!
Sweet blessings, Debbie

shirley said...

Gardens are such calming places and it seems this one is too. Enjoyed the photos.

Karen said...

Rainey, thank you for taking Carl and I along to the botanical garden. We sat in awe and pored over each photo. Loved the sight of lush green foliage and also happy that you enjoyed yourself. Glad you found a route to get there that wasn't too frightful, too. Hugs to you, dear friend!

Deb J. in Utah said...

What a lovely place to "beat the blues." You have a wonderful week! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

crafty cat corner said...

I tried growing Brugmansia once but I think our climate isn't the best for this plant, it's so beautiful isn't it?

Val said...

I love the statue--but I love more that you treated your soul to some time away. It helps so much. Good for you. ♥

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh what a glorious visit! We have no Botanical Gardens anywhere near us so I guess we have created our own and have been so fortunate, like you, to love and appreciate!
x Suzy

M.K. said...

Thanks!! That cascading Brugmansia is incredible! Wish I could smell it too :)