Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Lovely grass, a tree from seed, a sweet gift


Good morning Folks ~ I hope you are surviving the time change. Setting the clocks back is harder than setting them forward. My feline alarm clock doesn’t go by a clock so she starts in with her noises for me to wake up, at what she thinks is the right time, which is an hour earlier right now. We’ll get used to this change together. My usual time to get up is around 4, so 3 is a bit too early for me.

We had our first cold front come down over the weekend. In the high 40’s feeling like the low 40’s. I worked outside Sun. and Mon. mornings thankful to God for His many blessings.  It was wonderful working out there in the chilly air, with breezes, butterflies & singing birds.

The other morning when I was out there on the back stoop of the 8’x10’ shed, I turned around and was blasted by the beauty of Pink Muhly Grass.  Years ago we would see an empty field filled with this and the sunlight hitting it was wonderful.  Jean from Secrets of a Seed Scatterer had a lovely post about her Gulf Muhly Grass the other day, which you can read here.  I will divide my two clumps of this come spring. I have a spot I am thinking of putting this. I’ll keep you posted.

This clump just started blooming.


This clump in the other pot has faded blooms and new blooms.


Here you can see both clumps of blooms.


These below are taken in the afternoon. Sigh! such simple beauty. DH ‘found’ these two pots curbside not far from us. We had to figure out how to get them home and did on May Day 2008. These are another reminder of the ‘love’ in and of my life. When I had come home from work the day he first saw these he said, “I found a couple of flower pots I know you are going to want.” Smile





Sunday morning I moved a stack of marble that had been leaning against the wall of back shed. I had a hand dolly, and I moved slowly and got them all stacked by the door into my little shed.




You can see where the stack had leaned and the plum color that the shed had been.  It is faded out now. I ‘may’ paint this shed after painting the house.

I repotted Tahitian Gardenia, and also have hibiscus and roses here too.  Tools and artifacts make me love DH all the more.


Marble in new location, is also covered in a sheet of clear plastic.


Below is a tree, called ‘Lilac Tree’ or ‘Lancepod Tree’, that I grew from seed.  Started in 2010.  I moved it to new spot earlier this year and it has grown and has it’s first blooms. I am thrilled. I almost trimmed off the top earlier, but something held me back, and I’m so glad I heeded that ‘something’, as blooming beauty was just days away.  These are supposed to be scented too, but as of yet, I’ve not smelled them.  It’s been too windy.  I’ll take more pics as the flowers open up.  They are all across the top of this tree.


Yesterday I received a lovely handmade gift from KathyB of Spot on Cedar Pond. If you’ve not visited her blog yet, please do.  It is delightful!  She and her husband raise spotted Jacob sheep, and she then makes yarn from their wool and makes sweet creations from the wool. Her blog about the sheep and creations can be seen here. She also has and Etsy shop where you can purchase her creations. Cedar Pond Wool Craft.

I have loved her little ‘sheep’ creations since I first saw them, now I am a happy and thankful owner of a pair. I put in an order for a pair and asked for a little heart charm with the word LOVE on it, like I’d seen in a photo. When I opened the box there was a sweet note inside a photo card of these lovely sheep, the p.s. said “The sheep are a gift.” This of course brought tears to my eyes and love and thankfulness filled my heart.

Look at the sweet tissue paper too.


In my heart, this is the female


and here is the male.  It wasn’t until I was editing this photo that I saw that his eye was in the shape of a heart.  I asked Kathy about this and she did not do this on purpose, it just happened this way. I call it serendipitous, and a gift of love from my Creator to me at this time in my life. He knew this little sheep was destined to come to Plum Cottage, to bring happiness and love to my heart.


Aren’t they adorable.  Such a sweet couple. Kathy said that when she paints on the faces the little sheep take on personalities of their own, and it is oh so true.


I placed them differently and this photo really grips my heart. She’s looking up at him and he’s looking down at her.


That’s it. Tears are overflowing.

Thank you all for your love, encouragement, prayers and friendship. 

You all mean a lot to me.

Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady


Sallysmom said...

Wonderful post. Love your muhly grass. Mine flops all over the place. The sheep are precious. I can see why they touched you so. Take care of yourself.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Those little sheep are too cute and a wonderful gift that lightened your heart. My husband and I have a love of grasses. We have started re-landscaping the pond area and will divide our favorite in the spring. I love the way it waves in the wind. Wish I could find some pink that would survive our harsh winters. I'll make that a task for the spring.

Have a wonderful day.
xx, Carol

the Goodwife said...

Just sending love your way....

Jean Campbell said...

The little sheep are so sweet!

Your Gulf Muhly looks marvelous and you captured the sun behind it just right. The pots have to be one of the best finds that ever turned up.

Will that marble turn into table tops? What a great stash of it you have.

A home-grown tree is always such a wonderful treasure with a history behind it.

Stephanie said...

Oh, those sheep are adorable!! Lovely post :) Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Nothing quite like an unexpected gift to life our spirits . . . the sheep are adorable.



organicgardendreams said...

Dear Lorraine, the Muhly Grass looks really stunning back lite by the sunlight. I also like the containers, they fit perfectly into your garden style.
Great that you moved the marble away. This corner looks so much tidier and nicer now.
Last but not least: The sheep. They are very sweet. How nice of Kathy to gift them to you! Wishing you lovely rest of the week!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Love this grass
and have never seen before.
Might find in the Spring
but do not know if in my country woods setting I need pink.
Sent you how I make the
apple upside down cake :)

Rose ~ from Oz said...

The sheep are just too adorable Lorraine.
We have a similar grass here too and its lovely.
You did a fabulous job with the tidy-up, it looks amazing. Oh isn't it wonderful to have a cool change when working outside!
Daylight saving commenced here in oz recently (but here in Queensland we voted it out many years ago)
A lovely post as always Lorraine.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Beautiful.The grasses are gorgeous and those little sheep are very cute.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

The sheep are too adorable!!!
So sweet. Enjoy them.
That grass is pretty to. I love it in that tall container.

L. D. said...

Your after photo of the cleanup is wonderful. I get inspired to do things like that and when I am done it is such a great feeling.

Sandra said...

Oh those sheep are too cute for words :) What a sweet gift :)

I absolutely love the Pink Muhly Grass, how stunning.


Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

WOW, you have been doing alot of work and it looks great. It is always nice receiving a gift, especailly when it is handmade.

Deb said...

You have been busy and each new post reveals your creativity not to mention your green thumb, I always wondered about the pink grass and now I have the answer. I put in work outside over those cold days too and finally made some progress. Those little sheep are just adorable I may have to order some for myself.

sweetbay said...

Those sheep are so cute! I'll have to visit her blog.

The Muhly grass looks amazing. That is my favorite ornamental grass. I think it's in a class by itself. I love the flowers of the lilac tree.

Karen said...

Rainey, wiping tears away here too, the sheep are so cute and somehow symbolic of the love you and Mark shared. I know how much you miss him and always will, and I do believe he is watching over you.

I love the pink muhly grass, in every type of light it imparts a lovely glow. I don't know if I could grow it here, it probably needs a long season, but I certainly enjoyed seeing yours.

Pudding is doing quite well; she ran to meet me this morning and I told her to slow down, we want you here for awhile yet. Hugs to you, dear heart.

Darcie said...

Oh' I love the gift that you were given. They are absolutely precious and absolutely perfect for you. How truly wonderful that the eyes were in shapes of hearts. They were meant for you. What a sweet friend to send them your way. (((hugs)))

Leslie Kimel said...

Your muhly grass looks so magical, and the pots are fabulous--such a cool find. I can't believe someone would throw those out!

I really enjoyed seeing your little sheep. The last picture is so sweet.

Debra Howard said...

Love love love that grass! It grows along our roadsides and I especially enjoy when it turns pink and purple in the fall. I have been planning to add some beds of it and yours looks so beautiful it inspires me. Maybe next spring

Betsy Adams said...

HI There, Glad your weather is better and that you are able to get outside and work more... It's looking good!!!! Love that PINK GRASS.... Just gorgeous and it adds so much to the area...Thanks for sharing.

What a lovely gift. I love sheep and those are adorable.

KathyB. said...

What a sweet post , thank-you for mentioning my little sheep , I am so glad they pleased you and the sheep with the little heart eye was destined to go to your home. I can see throughout your home and gardens the love you and your husband have for each other reflected in all the work done with so much care and creativity. The flower pots, the garden shed, and you continue your labors of love where every part of your home is a memory of your beloved.

The pink grass is beautiful and I don't recall ever seeing any around here. I can just imagine fields of this grass.~

Rebecca said...

Wondering if that grass would grow up here???? It. Is. Beautiful. And the pots are extraordinarily fine.

Precious, that pair of sheep - and how special the ♥-shaped eye!

Do you have something in mind for that marble? I am eager to see what might become of it!

M.K. said...

The sheep are SO adorable!! I love them. What a treasure! I'm so glad you have cooler temps and can enjoy the outdoors and all your gardening without the sweltering heat! i love, love this time of year. My favorite :) Adam says it's looking gloomier and more depressing outside, and i say that the outdoors look more awake and alive than they have in 6 months :) Just a difference of view. Your place is looking lovelier every day!

Jillayne said...

You have such a beautiful, tender way of writing about your husband - you are so blessed to have a love like that. So very blessed...
The garss is lovely - the plants you planted together are a loving, growing gift you can cherish every day, a true reminder of all you have shared and that it isn't all gone. It never can be, not while you remember love so well...

Thistle Cove Farm said...

wonderful flower pots and how sweet of your beloved to know you so well. I've never know what those pink plants were called but have always found them beautiful. Rainey, you did good work beside the shed and best part was it was safe injury.
Kathy's sheep are AAAdorable and love how God watches over you/me/us in even the smallest things.