Saturday, May 3, 2014

Today is ‘National Widow’s Day’


I just found out about this a week or so ago through another blog for widows, Widow’s Christian Place. I was reminded of it again this morning by our own widow’s group Friends Needing Friends, founder, Dotti.

You can check out the website Widow Wednesday to find out more about this ministry for widows and widowers too.


So, dear Friends, if any of you know any widows/widowers let them know they are not forgotten today.

I want to thank all of you who have supported me since losing my dear husband 9 Dec. 2012. Your love, prayers, support mean a lot. Being a widow or widower is an ongoing, growing through grief, process. 

Thank you again ~ FlowerLady


Terra said...

Thanks for telling me about this day, and I am sending you hugs from California.

Jean Campbell said...

I ran across a statement the other day: You will get through this, you will never get over it.

I thought of you this morning when I found 2 Alamo Vine seedlings by the Stick House. Dry, empty seed pods remain high on the structure. I'm thinking of hanging some Spanish Moss up there somewhere.

Nancy J said...

Lorraine, I'm sure there are so many who will benefit hugely from this, do you meet, or share online? Such a change in anyone's life is the biggest challenge ever, and every day when I read your words, I can see your faith, inner spirit, and huge will-power that shines. Enjoy the day with others. Hugs, Jean.

Balisha said...

Wishing you a beautiful weekend...Balisha

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Sending hugs to you and praying that your day will be filled with blessings.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

A truly wonderful movement in your country Lorraine. Very, very worthwhile. Much love

Annie said...

A wonderful idea