Tuesday, April 29, 2014

End of April blooms


Hi Folks ~ Here we are just about into the month of May.  This year is zipping right along.  It is already starting to feel like summer here and we ‘need’ rain. It’s been predicted for days now and so far zilch.  I hand water mostly and use the sprinkler in the morning a couple of times a week if I remember.

This morning I worked in front of the work shop doing some clean up and pulling weeds and cutting down overgrown vines hanging from the tree. I won’t show pics of that because that whole area is still a work in progress as are some other areas on the property. I selectively take pictures.

So, here are some taken from the last few days.

Moonflower ~ which I didn’t get opening, just the bud and then the opened bloom. The scent is delicate and sweet.





Brunsfelsia at the end of its blooming.  They only really last a day, opening in the evening and that’s when their scent is the strongest.


Unknown orchid


Hugs-n-kisses ~ no two blooms are alike that is for sure. This one has a lot more yellow.


Here we have Dancing Lady orchids, Aloysia, and a rose.


Tahitian Gardenia



Unknown orchids






This is the White Orchid Tree ~ Bauhinia acuminata ~ this also has a delicate sweet scent.



Yesterday morning I was sent to you-tube from an email, to watch a video and after watching it, I don’t even remember now what it was, I saw one that said Gypsy Christian music. I thought why not, we were familiar with gypsies in Spain, in fact my dear husband bought a bedspread for our bed before I joined him, he got there in Dec ‘69 and I got there the end of Jan ‘70, and had it on our bed and I still have the bedspread today.

Anyway, I couldn’t understand a word of the song, but the photos were self-explanatory. As I was watching the video a few grabbed my heart and here they are. They really spoke to me.

My husband was always in blue jeans and a tee shirt.

Here he is leaving planet earth, heading towards his heavenly home.


Isn’t this great?


And the grand finale.


Needless to say, the tears were flowing, but they were tears of joy.

Then last night I came across another you-tube that caught my eye, just meant for me at the end of the day.

It’s ‘Walk by Faith’ by Jeremy Camp


Then last night I dreamed of my dear husband again and he came up behind me and gently kissed me on the right side of my neck, and told me ‘it is alright’.  Very comforting.

I believe that these different things I’m lead to read or listen to or view, and dreams too,  are gifts to me from my heavenly Father.


  I, even I, am he that comforteth you

Isaiah 51:12

Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,

the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort;

Who comforteth us in all our tribulation,

that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble,

by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.


Enjoy each day, counting your blessings, learning lessons, and moving forward.



Anonymous said...

I am selective in the photos I post as well. :-) My moon vine seeds have sprouted and are about 3 inches tall now. I am so eager to see how these do. Your flowers look quite large and are very beautiful!

Have a wonderful week (and let's keep our fingers crossed that we finally get some rain).



Terra said...

Tears of joy. Yes.
Where I live we are in a drought and need rain too, as you mention.

Marti said...

Gorgeous flowers, as usual. I love the moonflower. I have a neighbor with an enormous one and I keep meaning to get seeds from her. Did the drops appear on it as it opened or was that photo taken on a different day than the bud?

We are desperate for rain here too. The weatherman predicts a thunderstorm and we are even under T-storm warnings, and then we get almost nothing.

I take selective photos too. I have too much unsightly work in progress going on all the time. But it is getting better.

I love the photo of him walking toward the light in his jeans. Just how I picture heaven too.

organicgardendreams said...

Dear Lorraine, beautiful, stunning, tropical flowers as always! Today I especially love the white orchid tree bloom (never even remotely heard of that one), your gardenia and the moon flower, obviously I am into my white phase again ;-)! I wonder which of them I could grow in my Mediterranean Southern California climate as well. Wishing you a good rest of the week! Warm regards,

Leslie said...

I love seeing all your beautiful tropical flowers. I sure hope you get rain. We had a nice rainy day today.

Jane Jazz said...

Such an inspirational post, Lorraine, and beautiful photographs. Those dreams sometimes feel like tiny, precious postcards from our loved ones, to help us keep the faith. Take care :o)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You must be surrounded by beauty,with all this flowers.God does give us just what we need,when we need it, Have wonderful rest of the week.

Julie said...

That moonflower is exquisite!!!! Your gardens are amazing!!!!!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

The moon flowers here are just popping up. I saw them today for the first time this year.

Thanks for sharing the things about your husband and Jesus.

Priscilla @ Homegrown Delight said...

You have the most beautiful flower blooms, they're so delicate. I'm very sorry to hear about your husband. My first husband passed away at a young age from a heart attack. I was 25 years old and he was 33. I can't believe it has been 9 years. It was the most difficult experience and I went through the journey of grief. God led me through the valleys and the darkness. He was my comfort and strength.

I love your faith, it's great to know you're a Christian woman. We know where our husbands are! I remarried and it has been 4 years now, praise the Lord I learned to love again. We're happy and we have a 16 month old daughter, she's a precious blessing! Thank you for posting photos of your garden :) I'm selective too, my garden is a work in progress in many areas. Have a wonderful week!

Nancy J said...

Heartfelt song, and the last photo of your moonflower, that could so well be the fabric " Broderie anglaise " , or a design like it is for a quilt, every flower is perfect. Hugs, Jean.

Sunita Mohan said...

What a lot of plants you have blooming right now! It's always a joy, isn't it? I think the firt orchid is a drndrobium and the others look like Phalaenopsis (if I remember the order right).
Take care. Peace.

Sallysmom said...

I don't know what to say except you are so truly, truly blessed to have had that reassuring dream from Mark. Lock it in your heart and treasure it always.

Sharmayne said...

Loved the wonderful photos you shared of such beautiful flowers..... really loved the moonflower!
Big Hugs to you my friend!

tina said...

Moonflowers are so pretty. You captured them perfectly. What a sight. So glad you are feeling okay. Grieving is a long never ending process I suspect.

Lona said...

Your Moonflowers blooms are so pretty. Thee bloom is so large.I would love to smell the fragrance in your garden with all the lovely blooms you have. I really like some of Jeremy Camps songs.Music helps us lift our spirit and faith. Have a wonderful week and I hope you get some rain for your garden.

Skeeter said...

We have a clan of Gypsies living across the Savannah River in South Carolina! I reckon they are what you would call Modern Day Gypsies and one must be careful when having work done by these folks. They are known for leaving a job half complete after receiving money's for said completed job, Sigh.... Your photos are always so beautiful and I can sometimes close my eyes and smell the scents you talk about! You had some great finds with your recent shopping trip to the garden center and with soothing music and water to greet you, I bet they sell a lot of beauties! How lucky to be surround by all those orchids. My Jasmine took a hard hit this winter and fear I may not have any blooms to enjoy. Those vines normally fill the entire acreage of our land with such sweet scents. Great for the soul. Am glad to see you had a date with the Easter Bunny! That reminds me of a blow up bunny I use to have as a child and it brought a smile to my face with that memory. We all have dreaded, works in progress with our gardens and only show the perfection on the blog. So nary do you fret with only showing the bright sides! Ha, I am looking out my window at weeds as I type thinking I should be out there plucking instead of typing! But today I am getting joy from typing so typing I do and no weeding for me today. Am sure your baby mocking bird is all grown up by now. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly birds grow from a small egg to a beautiful wing flapper full of song in the trees above. We too were expecting a lot of rain from this band of storms moving through but so far little to none has fallen. I don't mind as with these storms came great destruction for many. We are yet to clean up the entire mess from the ice storm so do not need more to deal with. We have just put it on the back burner and have been taking some vacations this spring. Must enjoy the mild temps while we have them. This front has brought humidity to the air and I do not like that but must get ready as it will soon be here to stay.... Happy Gardening... Oh, and My Mark always wears jeans as well. I love me a jean wearing man... :-)

sweetbay said...

You have beautiful tropical flowers! The hibiscus has such unique coloration. I love the white orchid tree.

Flower Freak said...

What a beautiful post! Your flowers are so different from what grows here....it's great to see them. I'm going to plant some Moonflowers this year so I have a particular interest in them. They're annuals here.
God is so good! He didn't just drop us down here and leave us......He's with us and He loves us......what wonderful gifts.....the dream, the videos and the song.....doesn't it make you feel special to have the Heavenly Father so intimately involved in your life? :)

Sunray Gardens said...

Lovely exotic flowers shown today. What a pleasure it must be to look through your gardens and see all those.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Sometimes I think I am okay..but I'm not. This did make me cry too. I understand. I will never get over it..but I can bear it now. I knew he would stay close to me until I was alright ..and he did. I am alright..but like your dreams..he visits me now and then. I am thankful for that. Our daughter visits me too. I am a very long way from being able to bear the loss of her. She visited me a while back and told me she was alright and that she was tending the gardens. I often think lately that I am ready to join them..almost. It's getting closer. I can feel it. This is a new feeling but I think it's common as we get older.
Take good care of yourself. It's not an easy road we travel. I really am happy..I am putting one foot in front of the other..and making a life the best I can.

L. D. said...

I am glad the God is comforting you. Your flower shots are so wonderful.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

As always
your flower's are beautiful.
At one time had the Moon Flower
and wonder what happened to it ?
and your sharig
is a blessing to this one...

Jean Campbell said...

Thank you for sharing the messages of comfort that are sent you.

Your flowers are beautiful despite the lack of rain. I hope you get showers soon. We've had an abundance of rain.

KathyB. said...

Your pictures of your flowers are beautiful. Each flower is in itself a work of art done by the Master of all artists, God.

I was very touched by the rest of your post and the comfort the dreams offer . I truly believe God gives such things as dreams , memories, and words of encouragement ( and not contrary His word ) to help us on our journey through life and into His arms. You are so very blessed.

Pam's English Garden said...

Your messages of comfort reached me, thank you. I especially love the verse from Corinthians II.
At last you show a flower I can grow in the cold Northeast -- Moonflower is an annual here and I love it. Must buy some seeds today. P. x

sharon said...

wonderful flowers that white one was huge...I am dying for a hugs and kisses and I cannot find oneE!

shirley said...

Love the delicate pattern on the moonflower petals. Hope you get rain soon.

M.K. said...

So true! We are blessed as God's children to be recipients of His deep, enriching, healing comfort -- not like the shallow comforts of this world that leave you hurting worse afterward. I'm so glad that He is ministering to your spirit and soothing the loss. That photo of the "hugs and kisses" flower is amazing! It looks to me like a big, flowy, crinkly skirt. Wish I could wear it :)