Thursday, April 3, 2014

Aaaahhh, April is here

Good morning Friends ~ April is absolutely lovely so far.  The weather down here in s.e. FL has been absolutely perfect.  I worked outside the past two morning, three hours each and am happy with my accomplishments. More to do yet, another time.

This is on the north side of my little shed. You couldn’t see the space for all of the weeds and the old mail box mounted on car springs, had broken off it’s base and fallen over into area. I think the raccoons climbing around did the damage. I had to bust it off the base, then haul it to new location on a hand dolly.


I’m sitting in the ‘faux bois’ chair pictured above to get this picture below.  This are was filled with Spanish needles, and other weeds.  Butterflies love the Spanish needles but they are a pain to get rid of, they spread by little needlelike seeds that stick to you clothing.


The potted small tree pictured in front of the caravan long window, has feathery leaves, but I don’t know what it is. It’s not a Poinciana and I don’t think it’s the ‘Rattle Tree’ either.  I’m leaving it in the pot.  I want some shade for the caravan so am using this for now. The sun is still down away yet, as it’s around 8:15 when this was taken.



Here’s the mailbox in new location.  This used to be our mailbox out by the street until we got a new one.  It has our address numbers on it but I blocked them out in pictures for privacy.  Mark painted them on there and I’ve left them, just painted around them.







I hope the nude painting in my wash house does not offend any of you.  It is a study, probably done by a student in art class many, many years ago.  I love the colors and she is holding a rose. (I would post a larger photo of just her, but like I said, I don’t want to offend.) This is sort of how the space looked before the appliance repair man came to look at washing machine, only worse. Smile I did take the  painting down before he came over and moved that little shelf unit up onto the desk to the right so he would have room to work on machine.


Here it is straightened up and I decided to paint the fronts of the shelf unit. Not the shelf tops though as they will just get scruffed up.


This is the s.e. corner.  When we first got this little shed in 2000, besides it being for the washing machine, and storage for bulk items, I was going to paint in here, but it’s too hot in there and the vibration from the spin cycle of machine made it unpleasant to be in there for painting. I’m not into painting anymore but this is still a cute tiny space, 6ft x 8ft.


This is the other corner. Glass shelves that still hold some things that haven’t decided to bounce off. I need a lamp shade and think I saw one in the big shed out back that might work. The one it had originally was HUGE.


This is the north wall. Found cabinets.  I painted the one on the right blue quite awhile ago, the other one is formica. The blue formica topped drawer piece we found curbside too. It’s filled mostly with seashells collected from the beach. Which makes me think, I should go to the beach for nice healing walks.


This is still a work in progress.  I’ll post more pictures later.

Below are blooms from the ornamental cotton plant I grew from seeds from eli. She has a wonderful blog.  She has a green thumb and I always enjoy visiting her blog. Do visit her, she has a wonderful butterfly garden, grows veggies, and has wonderful orchids and other beautiful plants.



Isn’t this beautiful?



These are taken the next morning. This morning they are closed up and a deeper burgundy color.  They’ve done their thing and now they should grow a cotton ball with seeds.  I hope to collect some seeds to add more of this lovely plant to my gardens.




Below is ‘Kathleen’ one of my favorite ‘simple’ roses and her scent is so sweet. The first two photos the flowers are almost spent.  Petals will be falling off now.



This was taken of a new bloom with buds this morning.



The past month or so I’ve started getting more into my new way of living. I’m feeling more at peace, there’s more joy and my memories are sweet. God has been my strength and I am learning contentment and enjoying the gift of each new day. I want to work on projects again. A fog filled my life, a heaviness too. Now, life is lighter and it’s all because of God and His love and tender mercies.

Happy Spring to all of you where spring is happening in your part of the world.  Some are entering their autumn time of year and I wish you happiness too.



"Look at the trees,
look at the birds,
look at the clouds,
look at the stars...
and if you have eyes you will be able to see
that the whole existence is joyful. 

Everything is simply happy. 
Trees are happy for no reason;
they are not going to become prime ministers or presidents
and they are not going to become rich
and they will never have any bank balance.
Look at the flowers - for no reason. 
It is simply unbelievable how happy flowers are."



Rebecca said...

Glad to hear of the lightening of your spirits. It comes with time, I think....but don't be surprised by the occasional return of sadness, etc.

You know? I think I see a face on the end of the caravan - don't you?

And the washhouse is simply charming. I do SO love small, unique places marked by the personality of their "people" :)

Shabby Cottage Collectibles said...

Just love the ornamental cotton plant...wonder if it would grown up here in PA. Warm hugs, Esther

Nancy J said...

I so love every part of your garden. Down here, your plant looks like "Wattle" they grow huge, and do have those feathery fronds. Beautiful cotton flowers, and then the buds, superb photos, Enjoy your spring day. Hugs, Jean.

Balisha said...

I always find some peace when I come here to visit. As usual I love all the pretties that you show today.
Have a lovely afternoon,


Hi Lorraine, I'm glad you're doing well. Your gardens are so interesting and fun to look at. I wonder if your tree is a Mimosa/Albizia. The leaves look like it but until it blooms it's hard to know for sure. Have a great week.

ladyhawthorne said...

I thought the tree looked like a mimosa as well. Love them but they can be messy as they drip a sticky dew.

lil red hen said...

Mimosa was the tree which came to my mind first also. Years ago we had one in the yard, and now when I dig in the flower bed, little mimosas come up. Isn't it amazing how nature works?

I love your white picket fence!

Teresa Schubert said...

I'm so happy your finding your balance again:) It looks like you really accomplished a lot in a little time! I've never seen a cotton plant in bloom, how pretty!
That tree looks like it could be what we called an ear tree when I was growing up, it has these black seed pods that are shaped like ears and rattle when you shake them...being children, we thought these made great moracas!! I guess time will tell.
God bless and I hope you have a great day.
sugar, spice and whatever's nice

Anonymous said...

Well how about that? I feel like a celebrity making it on your blog! :-) I'm so glad you were able to experience the beautiful cotton blooms . . . and soon you'll have PLENTY of seeds of your own to share.

Oh - and I just love the nude painting. Your home seems to have all these amazing nooks and crannies full of unique things. You have one of those homes that I would just love to "explore".

Thanks for the shout-out, FlowerLady.



Ruth's Photo Blog said...

There comes a point in the grieving process when life begins to take on new meaning again. I am glad you have reached that point.I love those beautiful pink flowers.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I thought that your feathery leafed tree may be a mimosa. When they bloom, they perfume the air, especially on warm evenings.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

A more settled kind of peace is a warming feeling Lorraine and my heart sings for your new sense of calm. It seems April is a lovely month from one side of the planet to the other. It is finally cooling down here, but I think a cool winter will pass us by this year. Oh! what I would give for those shells!! Just what I need for my beach-theme house!
Have a lovely, sweet week-end dear lady.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

PS. The nude? no offense at all, it's ART.

gld said...

Not offended by the nude at all; in fact, I enlarged it to get a better look.

I love all your tiny spaces....they are simple a delight.

Glad you are not feeling so much better and finding a new pace to your life. You are still an inspiration to us all.

gld said...

I forgot to mention: the leaves make me think of a mimosa tree?

sweetbay said...

Oh those ornamental cotton flowers are lovely!

I watched a TV program where studies show that city raccoons do even better than raccoons in the country. Raccoons can get into everything. They dig in my garden and will make off with some things if I don't lock them away!

sharon said...

i will have to try the cotton