Saturday, August 25, 2012

Watching Isaac

Good morning Folks ~ Well, we’ve had t-storms during the night, lots of heavy rain, then it slacked off, then more rain just a little while ago.  This will probably be the pattern for the next three days. I don’t know if I’m going in to work today or not, I’ll see how it is when it’s time to leave home.

Isaac is predicted to stay west of us and we sure hope so, as we have not gotten our windows boarded up. The rains started yesterday while I was at work. DH’s neck is still very sore and stiff, (we realized the horrific cramping in his neck was from dehydration), so IF we do any boarding up it will have to be done very carefully. We are in tropical storm warnings and Isaac is predicted to sweep the keys and up the Gulf Coast. Thoughts and prayers for those in the path. Hopefully this storm stays weak.



Miss Tork spent the night indoors last night. She hides under the bed when she hears thunder, but last night she braved the noisy, stormy weather and snuggled in between us in the bed. This morning now that we are up, she’s back under the bed. She usually sleeps out in the screened ‘catrium’ off the back of our cottage, but she may not be doing that for the new few nights.

I want to thank all of you for your kind comments on my latest needlework project, they inspire and encourage me to keep on doing something I love. Being creative with needle, thread, hooks and thread, beads and now some ‘real’ shells added to the mix is very soothing to me and makes me feel joyful.  I want to thank the ladies who have generously sent me thread, beads and books, I am truly grateful.

Thank you too for thoughts and prayers for DH. Be careful working outdoors in the heat. Drinking water is NOT enough, as you sweat out electrolytes and drinking water doesn’t re-supply those. Having your electrolytes depleted causes severe cramping. I’ve been massaging his neck with a basil essential oil blend,  then switch to Tiger Balm. Both very good and have helped him a lot. We bought one of those cervical collars and that has helped too. Plus our neighbor loaned us her gel pack that you put in the freezer then on your neck. He’s taking herbs and vitamins too. These things have all helped in healing this area. And we’ve ordered some tissue rejuvinator and electrolyte capsules. I read while doing research on this that the older we get the less electrolytes we produce, sheesh. The things you learn through living each day. Our minds still feel like we can do anything, but our bodies let us know otherwise.Now we will be more aware of that when we work outside sweating buckets.

Now, on to lovelier things, like flowers that have been blooming around here. Specifically the Prosperity roses. My goodness. This rose is very happy in it’s location growing on the fencing surrounding my potting area. I couldn’t believe the spray of roses. The coloring reminds me of old lace. The scent is delicately sweet.














Look who had made a web near these wonderful blooms an Argiope or zig-zag or writing spider.




Here is a vibrant bloom from Vincent Godsiff.


Then these next images are of sweet Kathleen. ( I just went outside, now that it’s light out and saw this shrub looking poorly. I don’t know if it’s from the battering of wind and rain that it got during the night or because I ‘jerked’ weeds out of the huge pot it is growing in or what. I took three cuttings, dipped the scraped ends in a root promoting powder, put them in some seed starting potting mix and am hoping for the best. I’ve had this rose for many, many years and would sure hate to lose her now. I can’t afford to just go out and buy more that’s for sure. Not a necessity.)




Here is a Gult Fritiallry butterfly sipping nectar from Porterweed blooms.


While outside I saw my nice potted, rooted cutting of that wonderful amanda knocked over, dirt out and roots showing. I hurriedly set it right and moved it out of the rain, added more dirt to cover the roots and am hoping for the best with that too.

Well, guess that’s it for now.  I hope you all have nice weekends. Ours is going to be really wet.

FlowerLady Lorraine


Wherever you go,

no matter what the weather,

always bring your own sunshine. 

Anthony J. D'Angelo, The College Blue Book


mary_smith said...

We'll be staying indoors this weekend as well. No gardening this weekend so I think I'll can a few peppers. Have a safe weekend!

crybrug said...

Just waiting and watching. I am not to concerned that the storm is coming just how much rain it will send. We are maxed out over here.

Good luck and hope the husband feels better soon!

Rebecca said...

Hopefully your DH is on his way back to health and praying for safety from and the weakening of Isaac....

Your roses are just beautiful! We enjoyed the ones in the County Extension Gardens last night. Our own "whites" are re-blooming - not nearly as prolifically as yours though.

lemonverbenalady said...

Stay safe, FL and DH! The roses are gorgeous as always and the spider's web. They are really working hard these days. xxoo Nancy

denimflyz said...

Please keep me post FL. I have been so worried.
I wish you all could send us rain. We are now in the the purgatory of droughts, beyond recovery now.
Take care and have a "dry" weekend.

Lynn said...

So glad you checked in and are on the backside of the worst of it. May your husband continue to improve each day. It’s taking longer than I would have thought for him to heal. Your information about electrolyte capsules was new to me. I’m sorry your garden is getting battered. Your close-up garden photographs are a treat ~ lovely and clear as always. Looks like Isaac is headed more toward the panhandle of Florida, east of our general location (between Mobile and Pensacola) after the weekend as a CAT 1 or 2. The weather channel keeps changing the models. Being a true transplanted southern gal, I’ll think about it tomorrow. It’s odd how the days preceding and following a storm are always unbelievably gorgeous. Take care and be safe.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

What gorgeous roses! I hope the storm doesn't cause you any damage. Good to know what caused DH's neck cramps. When we're out in the heat, I always tell my hubby to drink until he thinks he'll slosh. Ha. We do add sport drinks and snack mixes to our intake. Take care and may you see some sun soon.

Balisha said...

Be safe this weekend. I've been watching the radar in your area and thinking about you.

Your poor hubby, there's nothing worse than pain in your neck. It affects your whole body. I use hot packs and then ice packs. I make an easy moist hot pack by putting a dish towel, dampened, in a zip lock bag then microwave it for 15 to 20 seconds. I hold it on the affected area for about 15 min. Then if you want an easy cold pack. Put a dampened dish towel in baggy and freeze it. I keep two in my freezer, so when one is defrosted I have another waiting. I hold this on the affected area for the same length of time. Sometimes I alternate hot and cold. Got this advice from my doctor. Just thought I'd tell you.I used to fool with ice cubes in a baggy. This is easier.

Balisha said...

Where are you in Florida?


Bernie H said...

Hopefully Issac will miss you and you'll just experience some heavy rain. Wishing you all the best over the next day or so.

Your white Prosperity Roses are just spectacular. You know how much I love white and those Roses are beautiful.

I'm glad to hear DH is on the mend. I know something about how de-hydrated we can become in the tropical heat. I drink lots of water during our summertime, but maybe I need to look into replacing those lost electrolytes as well.

Jane said...

Stay safe, Rainey! Every time I go to the doctor, he mentions that my electrolytes are low. Old age I suppose. Hope your DH is feeling better soon. You two are such dynamos!

Kalantikan said...

I am sorry for the typhoon, i know how it is like we have lots of it, all letters of the alphabet is not enough for our rainy season typhoons. So it will hit the Miami area too, where my cousins are. When they visited here were not able to go out much because of typhoons and floods, and now back home they are welcomed by another one. OMG!

I hope your very beautiful roses will not be destroyed, and I hope you DH will be well soonest. That spider shot is nice too.

Anonymous said...

The white roses are just gorgeous! Roses are the one thing I cannot grow, so I'm quite jealous. ;-)

Stay safe and dry.

Hugs from eli. . . .

PS - no pressure at all . . . but I still have my heart set on that heart.

tina said...

Be safe! Those Prosperity roses are indeed happy. They are so pretty they look like iced cupcakes!

Annie said...

Beautiful Garden pics

Leslie said...

It sounds like you're taking excellent care of DH. I hope he's better soon.

I just love seeing pictures of your heirloom roses. Yesterday several of my roses were blooming and I was so excited. I haven't tried rooting any yet, but that's on my to-do list.

I'm watching the radar and worrying about Isaac too. Stay safe!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I scrolled down to see what flowers you've posted lately. I hope they all come out well after all the rain. I was glad to see the spider and butterfly as well.