Sunday, August 5, 2012

Night blooming cereus

I edited this post as I closed out my PhotoSnack account where I made this slideshow. It is affiliated with Face Book so I cannot leave any comments to people who have posted to me there without becoming involved with FB, and I do NOT wish to do so.

I will have to come up with an alternative plan for showing these photos.

Sorry about that.

Posted yesterday.
Below is a link to a slideshow of the unfolding of this wonderful bloom, about a 24 hour period.
(I took the link out here.)
FlowerLady Lorraine
P.S. ~ There is music to this slideshow.


Jeri Landers said...

How lovely to have captured all that on film. Just look at those pistons and the little extra thingy sprouting out of the side, sweet!

lemonverbenalady said...

Jealous, FL, but also beautiful! xxoo Nancy

Nancy J said...

Beautiful, many thanks for showing us your stunning night bloom.And many, many ,thanks for introducing me to "snack" and all it has to offer for free. A huge bonus for us bloggers and photographers.Will the cereus continue to have other flowers ? Cheers, Jean

Mrs. Mac said...

Just beautiful. Does this bloom to the moonlight? And what is the pollinator? A moth??

Autumn Belle said...

Oh, how I wish I didn't miss this video about my favourite flower, the Night Blooming Cereus. You can use Picasa to make a movie (video) and upload from your computer to You Tube. It should not take long (I mean 40min is long) I think Picasa, Google and You Tube are affiliated.