Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rain, cold front, Bernie news, thread colors

Good morning everyone,

Boy did we ever get the rain yesterday! Streets were flooded where I work, as it was just too much water for the drainage system to handle. I was glad to be inside.  It had started raining lightly here at home when I left for work, but got to raining heavier over the 30 minutes it takes to get to work.  I’m always glad to get to where I have to be when driving through rain.  It is NOT one of my favorite things to do.  DH said it rained here most of the day, but not like we had 9 miles away. More rain is expected today but not at all like yesterday, and then tonight it is supposed to go down to 42 and feel like it is 30.  That will be cold for us.  It’s a good thing we did not put our heater back up into the attic.

Bernie commented in my last post that she is fine, but there is some kind of Google glitch which shut down her blogs, picassa albums, etc.  She hopes to get it all figured out and be back in here soon.

I ordered 12 colors of crochet thread for crocheting needlecases and they should be here Monday.  I look forward to creating these sweet, useful cases.  I really enjoy using mine.  It is so nice to not have to look for needles in the pincushion, they are in one place.

Here are the color swatches.

River blue


Copper Mist




Dusty Rose


French Rose


Light Peach




Myrtle Green


Orchid Pink






Wood Violet


Today is my last day or work for this week.  I look forward to puttering around here until I go back next Thursday.  Hopefully we will have some lovely days of sunshine so that I can play in the gardens.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.



Sunshine is delicious,

rain is refreshing,

wind braces us up,

snow is exhilarating;

there is really no such thing as bad weather,

only different kinds of good weather. 

John Ruskin



Hopefully I will remember line three if a hurricane comes our way this summer.


Darla said...

We sure could use some of that rain up here. Great thread colors and I'm glad to hear that Bernie is okay.

Sandy said...

We are getting a nice snowfall this morning. I love it. Just flurries at the moment but I am hoping for more.I love the colors you've chosen for your needle cases, especially the dusty rose and myrtle green. Those are two of my very favorite colors anyway.
Glad your friend is fine.
Blessings on your day!

Southern Lady said...

So glad that you didn't have to drive in the heavy rain. It has gotten really cold here too. Today is very windy. I love your little saying about the weather. We really do need all kinds of weather. I personally could do without hurricanes and tornadoes though! Carla

Meems said...

Good rain here yesterday also... now windy and getting down to 32 possible tonight. I just had to go outside and cover a few new plantings. ACK! Everything else will have to fend for itself. I sure hope it doesn't get as cold as they predict.

I like your new swatch colors.

Enjoy your weekend. Next week should be really great gardening weather. :-)

HolleyGarden said...

I hope Blogger fixes Bernie's blog and photo album soon. How frustrating for her! I hope you are making it through this cold front fine, and that your garden is too. I really liked the poem, and laughed at you saying you hope to remember it if a hurricane comes! Surely, that would be the exception and considered bad weather!

Debi said...

I hate driving in that kind of rain too especially when you can't see the lines on the road. I guess that low temperature would be freezing for you all. The temps have turned bitterly cold here. I will be chopping ice in the horse buckets tomorrow morning. What is that flower in your beautiful header?

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

I do not like driving in the rain either. So bitter cold this morning. 12 on my deck. To think it was almost 60 a short time ago.
Next week some warmer. Love the colors for your project.
Enjoy your days at home and thank you for visiting me...