Thursday, February 9, 2012

Days of Liquid Sunshine

Good morning Folks,

We’ve had days of what we call ‘liquid sunshine’ and there is more to come. I am not complaining as we really needed the rain badly. I planted seeds a week or so ago, some have come up and I’m still watching to see what others will sprout. Hopefully all of this rain won’t make the seeds rot.

The other day though we had some time where we didn’t get rain and I was able to get a load of laundry washed and hung out and almost dry before the next rains came. Brought it in and hung it around to continue drying, which didn’t take long.

Thank you to those who have wondered where I’ve been. I worked a 5 day work week last week, and when I get home from work I just want to relax. It’s not the work that wears me out, it’s the going to and from work, and being around people. It is our ‘busy season’ so some days are busier than others. Things are looking up at work and I’ve had my pay raised back ‘almost’ to where it was before the economy crashed. I am thankful. I’m working today through Saturday this week, so today will be my first day of work.

I do have some pictures for you.

La Marne roses.





Fading Phyllis Bide blooms.


‘Cocktail’ rose blooms




This is the same bloom, only a day later.


‘Callisia fragrans’ or basket plant. I love the scent of these blooms and the bees love them too.



‘Mom-of-millions’ love the difference in colors of these two pictures.



‘Bon Silene’ rose


‘Cocktail’ roses again. Smile



Cordyline ~ I just love these vibrant colors.


Next is an epiphyte, and air plant.



Kalanchoe blooms


La Marne rose rain drenched.


Reed orchid blooms


This is a tiny little orchid plant that I thought I had lost. I went out and lay in the swing in our screened in ‘catrium’ on the back of our cottage the other day and in this pot of some kind of fern, lo and behold, the orchid wasn’t dead after all. I went through old pictures to find the name of this but alas I couldn’t find them.



Firecracker blooms by the front gate, looking out onto the 5 lane busy highway.


Tuesday morning I made these two loaves of bread. Well, the bread machine made the high oatmeal loaf of bread. The other loaf is fresh strawberry and cream cheese bread. Nice with afternoon tea or morning coffee.


Let’s see, as to crafts, my needle tatting book came in so we picked it up at Walmart the other day. Now I can practice until I am comfortable and having fun with this new (to me) needle art. I also ordered some lovely colors for more needle cases. I sold another one the other day, which makes 3 now. The ordered colors are ~ russet, river blue, copper mist, silver, maize, wood violet, light peach, dusty rose, myrtle green, linen, French rose, and orchid pink, those are all size 10 thread. Then I got 3 size 30, fine thread, in cream, white and natural. I love making these needle cases, and I really like using my own. It is so nice to have needles where you can find them, instead of hunting all over your pincushion.

Work on the caravan is a bit slow right now as DH is reading up on electrical stuff, which caused him to go up into the attic and add another ground wire for our hot water heater sub panel. He passed all inspections years ago when we did some building here but things have changed so he did an improvement before doing anymore on the caravan. The little propane/electric refrigerator that came with the caravan is waiting to be installed next, and a counter built, the little stainless steel sink and the stove set in too. The 6’x8’ space is shrinking.

Well, I need to get a move on, so that I can get a few things done before heading off to work. Hope you all have a great day.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady


Life can be found only in the present moment.
The past is gone, the future is not yet here,
and if we do not go back to ourselves in the present moment,
we cannot be in touch with life.

Thich Nhat Hanh


denimflyz said...

Figured you were working.
Thank you for posting you beautiful floral photos, they are so magical.
I will talk to you later on the other end, I've had a crazy week here too.

gld said...

Good news about the pay raise. We don't hear of many these days!

I love the blooms with the rain drops. May we all see plenty of them this year.

The bread looks scrumptious. I really like to have things like that to go with coffee (or milk).

Have a super day.

organicgardendreams said...

The beauty and diversity of your roses and other plants is quite dazzling. In this post I am most fascinated by the ‘Mom-of-millions’ blooms and the ‘Callisia fragrans’. I love the frilly delicate flowers of the latter. I so admire you for baking your own bread. The two loaves look ultra delicious :-)! Last but not least I would like to let you know that I really liked the Thich Nhat Hanh quote. So much wisdom to be found in that.

Lona said...

I love your Cocktail rose. What bright and beautiful colors. And the Coryline is so beautiful. I got seeds sowed yesterday too but mine were indoors. LOL! It was snowing outdoors so we got a touch of winter yesterday. I know the commute to work can wear one out. Have a wonderful week.

L. D. Burgus said...

The mother of millions is an interesting thing. I hope to see it in further bloom, or maybe that is it. You flower photos are wonderful. Thanks for giving us a peak at the world of Florida.

Rebecca said...

Happy that you are getting more hours at work (and that pay is going up a little). Of course, the flowers are quite incredible...the bread looks yummy (even if I'm currently restricting my caloric intake rather severely for a spell), and I'm waiting, WAITING for another peek into the Caravan! Hope you can catch a breath or two this weekend!

Becky said...

OK - I'm intrigued about the Strawberry Cream Cheese Bread. Could you share the recipe? It sounds absolutely delicious!

Southern Lady said...

It sounds like you have been very busy. I always enjoy the pictures of your blooms. I finally have a few things blooming in my yard. They are actually early due to the warmer that average winter. We are due for some arctic air over the next few days. I hope it doesn't harm all of the blooms. Glad your job is going well, but don't work too hard. Carla

Kit said...

Oh your roses make me think of my pink rose and has me yearning. I am going to California in two weeks and I will seek out some greenery and flowers. Glad to hear your are working again like before. Kit

Becca's Dirt said...

I've never seen or heard of 'mom of millions'. How unique it is. Now I've seen air plants before but never one like that. Your roses are looking so nice and I especially like the Cocktail. The red and yellow is stunning. Hope you and DH have a nice evening.

HolleyGarden said...

What beautiful roses you have blooming in February!!! How fabulous! Love that mom-of-millions, too. But the air plant looks spooky!

Sunray Gardens said...

Lovely blooms and so nice to see right now. We are suppose to finally get snow in the morning. I could have lived without it this year. That bread looks fantastic.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Miss Gracie's House said...

YAY for getting back (almost) to your old sure sounds like you have been you can't wait to get back outside and in the dirt!

sweetbay said...

Love your rose pictures! I added La Marne to my garden after seeing it on your blog.

The rose you asked about is Rosa palustris scandens.

Congratulations on the pay raise! The strawberry and cream cheese bread looks delicious.

Karen said...

Hello Rainey, the moms of millions is just amazing; your garden is such a tropical paradise. The Cocktail rose has so much depth to it and the changing colors--oh-so-pretty!

I'm glad to hear your caravan is coming along; I love to think of you enjoying it some day soon!