Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's been happening here

Good morning Folks ~ It's hard to believe it is Thursday already. This week has zipped by so far. I work at my job today through Sat. so won't be doing much around here then. My boss told me yesterday that I'll probably be working most of next week too.

My back is so much better, thank you. I'm feeling back to normal. If you can call being normal, me. :-)

Let's see, Monday was errand day. I have been reading online about small chest freezers for a year or more, looked them up online again, and both Home Depot and SAM's had them. Since we buy bulk items at SAM's the fridge freezer just isn't big enough,plus I want to do more freezing of recipes I make so that all I have to do when I get home from work on days I work, is to get something out of the freezer. So, we stopped at HD first, and their price was $168. We then checked it out at SAM's and it was $154.98. It's a GE 5 cu ft, a little sweetie, just the right size for our tiny cottage. We bought some groceries but didn't buy the freezer right then. We went back and forth as to where to put this until we came up with a plan, and now that it's in place, I'm very happy. DH said this is part of my birthday that just passed, since it's still so close to my bday. Thank you DH.

It is next to my wonderful handmade chopping block table that we bought at a yard sale many, many years ago. I love this table, it's solid and great for rolling out dough, etc. Now I have an island consisting of the table and the freezer.

Here is how it looked the first night. I had put a nice embroidered scarf (not made by me) on top to keep it from getting scuffed up.

I didn't want to mess up the top, and DH thought of covering a piece of plywood with formica and attaching it to the top. We had some curbside shopped 3/4" plywood and also curbside shopped, two different kinds of formica. We chose the lighter formica, like a blond oak and I love how this turned out. He made the piece yesterday morning, and also made the clips that go under the lip of lid, and are screwed to the bottom of the top to hold it in place. My new counter space is 20 1/4" x 30". Living in such a tiny space, we have to go with the flow. I know it wouldn't work for everyone but it does for us.

While DH was making the counter top, I moved the pots on the backside of the picket fence so that I could paint it. Then I set it back up and I'm happy with the results. Thank you all for your comments on the picket fence.

Front side.
Back side.
Still more work to be done behind where I'm standing to take this picture. I'll show before, during and after pictures, after the project is complete.

Here is an unknown orchid, given to me by one of our customers where I work. I love it and look forward to the blooms. This year it has lots of buds and I'll take more pictures as more open. I think it's doing so well this year because I moved it to a sunnier location and I spray it when I hand water.
Now that I have this new freezer, and since we buy so much in bulk I told DH I wanted to do a spreadsheet with grocery items so that I can see how long it takes to use things up and the costs. He had already set me up with Open Office in my computer, so now I'll be learning how to set up my info. I look forward to learning how to do this and being a better keeper of the home.

I am so thankful to DH who does so many different things and is a computer geek too.


Continuity gives us roots;

change gives us branches,

letting us stretch and grow

and reach new heights.

Pauline R. Kezer


Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


NanaK said...

How nice to get the freezer and new work area too. You and your hubby have really been working hard. The fence looks great from both sides now. Love the saying at the end of your post.

Skeeter said...

Living in apartments for so many years, I can relate to small spaces! One must be cleaver with adding things such as a freezer. I love the idea of using the top space as a countertop! And the fence looks wonderful…

Floridagirl said...

Congratulations on your freezer, FL! I've always thought one of those would be so handy. I would shop at Sam's more if I had one. And what beautiful colors on that orchid!

Darla said...

You guys are too smart! Creative idea on the freezer top. Your fence area is looking great! Glad you are back to "your" normal, lol.

organicgardendreams said...

Congratulations you your new freezer! I like how consciously and thoughtfully you have chosen this one for you and your husband. Hope it fits your needs and works well for you!
Love how the new picket fence area turned out. The picket fence looks so beautiful and fresh painted white! I also like the use of the pots at the back side of the fence.

Dirt Princess said...

Good idea to put a counter top on the freezer. That really made it more functional. The fence looks great.

Darcie said...

Your cottage looks so warm and inviting, and like you mentioned(it might not work for everybody), but I could see it working for me. Maybe...someday.

Southern Lady said...

I love the freezer. We have been thinking about getting one. You are smart to start a spreadsheet to keep track of things. Keep us posted on how that works. Carla

Rebecca said...

Good for you! I like the way you've incorporated it into the middle of your room & can use it for counter top. Where did you plug it in??? I'll try to go back up and see if I can tell from the pictures.

HolleyGarden said...

We have a small one like that, too. You will love it. Not too big - just right. I am hoping we fill ours up from the garden's harvest. (fingers crossed) Your orchid is beautiful - and such a nice gesture! Great idea about the spreadsheet!

Karen said...

Oh, congratulations on your new freezer, what a creative and utilitarian use of space. Our house is small so I know what it's like to have to make every inch count. I'm glad you're feeling better, too, that is great news!

shadesofidaho said...

I like it and the top makes a wonderful added work surface with out having too much fuss to get in and out, Yippie for DH. To be able to create like he does and geekdom to boot. Very cool.I think you two will get a lot of good use out of your new baby.

That wood chopping table is so amazing.

Really Really like the pickets painted white. Makes the pots stand out in a good way.

I had to work all day here too but the weather would have been impossible to work outside. Pretty sun but freezing cold blustery winds. So I hammered it out and got my city work done and maybe I can play tomorrow.

So glad your back is feeling better. Just try not to over do it too soon.


gld said...

You and your husband are a very good team!

I love the idea of a counter top on the freezer. You can never have too much of that in a kitchen.

A spreadsheet is a very good idea! I use Open Office and am totally sold on it. How fortunate you have an in-house computer geek. I could use one quite often.

When you figure out the spreadsheet, you will have to post to give us some ideas. I am embarrassed to say we have three huge freezers for just the two of us. I am thinking seriously of retiring one.

Ami said...

You and your husband are all so handy! That new work area created by the new freezer looks nice, and love that chopping table too! Your fence looks great! I can feel your love of life through your blog.

sweetbay said...

Congrats on the freezer! It looks like you have a great place to make bread. Your cottage always looks so cozy and inviting, and you've made such ingenious use of your space.

Meems said...

You two always make me smile the way you work together and make the most of 'everything'. DH is a handy one! I adore your cottage and gardens. That orchid is my favorite shade of green... just lovely.
Enjoy your weekend.

sherryocala said...

Way to make it fit, FlowerLady! Where there's a will there's a way - and a handy DH helps. Your picket fence is so beautiful and the pot arrangement, too. Love your cottage-y kitchen & your butcher block!

Anonymous said...

Love the white picket fence and the courtyard area. Just beautiful.

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Flower Lady, Congratulations on your new acquisition ... you will surely put the freezer to good use! We are considering buying one. Love the way your fence looks now. P x

Anonymous said...

Hubs and I bought our first freezer during the third year of our marriage and we've never been without in the 41 years since. I wouldn't know how to live without one. We started with a big 23cf one and it was full all the time because we would buy half a beef. I'd watch for chicken and certain cuts of pork to go on sale and buy ten or so packages of each, at least, at a time.

We haven't bought half a beef in many years now, since I wised up and realized we just didn't need some of those fancy cuts of beef. A delicious meal can be made with just round steak or flank steak, so T-Bone and sirloin steaks are just an extravagance for us. Now I buy the cuts of meat we use at the local butcher shop, get better quality than from the store where they sell meat that's been injected with water. My freezer is still full even without the side of beef, because I do still buy chicken, fish and pork products in quantity on sale and it contains garden stuff, casseroles prepared ahead, baked goods, broth made from chicken or beef bones, and so on. When our son found he wasn't using his smaller freezer, (about twice the size of the one you bought) we bought it from him and it's now full as well. Our refrigerator freezer is full, too.

I love your decorating style and that fence is the cutest -- ever! We picked up some wood pallets that are in really good shape that I might make picket fence out of for a little garden area I have planned.

Susan said...

Hi Flowerlady...I know you're gonna be cooking up a storm now. It will be great to pull a fully-prepared meal out of the freezer on days when you work and are too tired to cook. Love that adorable orchid...very pretty!

Jillayne said...

I think your freezer/counter is brilliant - what a great way to give yourself a little more space.
I understand exactly what you mean about wanting to have something easy to pull out for dinner on the days you work - I am eexactly the same. I come home after a long day and the last thing I want to do is start cooking from scratch.
And happy Belated Birthday!