Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday once again.

Each week seems to be zipping by faster and faster. It's been awfully hot and humid here. Yesterday morning I went out and mowed, trimmed, raked and bagged and had to take breaks. In the shade it wasn't too bad, but still pretty awful. Later I went out in the middle of the day to put the lawnmower away, and the sun was directly overhead and it was stifling, almost suffocating, so I hurried up and got back inside the air-conditioning. It is cloudy, breezy and we've had a shower so far this morning. It looks like we could get more rain, sure hope so.

Coconut milk bread is making in the bread machine. I've got dishes to wash, clean laundry to fold and put away and I need to vacuum and dust. Fun things. Then I hope to work on and finish up the next beaded embroidery piece I've been working on.

Here are some pictures taken the last couple of days.

This is a Black Eastern Swallowtail,
picture taken out the 'scullery' window as it was raining.

Vanda and trumpet flowers against the dark cloudy skies yesterday afternoon.
No rain fell, it went all around us. :-(

Here is Mr. Toad.
I was starting to hand water the things on the front patio when I spied him.

This is cheery little Golden Sun.

It is a glorious privilege to live,
to know, to act, to listen,

to behold, to love.
To look up at the blue summer sky;

to see the sun sink slowly beyond the line of the horizon;
to watch the worlds come twinkling into view,
first one
by one,
and the myriads that no man can count,
and lo!

the universe is white with them;
and you and I are here.

Marco Morrow

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


Sandy said...

I so enjoyed your post today.
The pictures of your flowers are
just beautiful.
The coconut milk bread sounds
deliciously good! Perhaps one day you'll share the recipe?

Floridagirl said...

Lovely thoughts on a Wednesday! What a beautiful Giant Swallowtail. Is that a firebush it is resting on? Those orchids against the blue sky are just perfection! And what a fat toad!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I love those orchids! Well, I love the critters and other blooms, too. I wish I had a spot for a trumpet vine.