Saturday, July 24, 2010

My little space

Welcome to my little, humble creative space. Below is a picture of when it was our screened porch. Once the road was widened from a country two lane road into 4 lanes with a turning lane in the middle, with traffic doing 45 mph and faster, it was not pleasant to sit out there anymore. The road is about 30' from the front wall of my space, maybe a little more. (When they widened the road, they took a depth of 25' across the front of our property. We had had full grown trees out there and a hedgerow. All long gone now.)
We enclosed the screened space about 4 years or so ago and it is a delight for me to be in anytime of the day or night. I still hear the traffic, but now it's muffled and a private indoor space, with the patio garden to look out on. In our remodeling we also put in new double-glazed windows and put on new siding and of course painted it, which with color choice our little place became 'Plum Cottage'.

My space on the left with the artistic iron work on the outside wall.

Here is our kitchen entry with screened porch.

This next picture is where my computer desk
and two of the bookcases in the living room were before the remodel. The french door led out to the screened porch.

Same space, at Christmas time, after remodel.

As I said, this space is only about 6'x 8'. The window that you see is actually a 36" wide metal clad door, in case we ever move and sell this place. We always use our kitchen door and so does any company, this space is much better used this way.

I took the pictures below this morning, after I tidied up a bit. :-) My counter space is ready for the next project, which won't be for a couple of days yet. I have to take a break after the last piece.

Click on pictures for larger views.

I like the lighting with out the flash so that's how most of these pictures were taken.

You can see my storage under my granite top. The purple one was found, it even has glitter in the handles. I cut up old wall paper and used it to line the fronts of drawers. Got the idea from someone's blog pictures. The drawers are filled with yarn, fabric, embroidery and crochet threads, paper and envelopes, buttons, knitting needles and crochet hooks, etc.

We got these two old stuffed birds probably about 30 years ago from a local flea market. The are wonderful and look so right in this space.

Also, the above the door piece we got from the trash across the street. It was painted shiny black. DH stripped it and oiled it.

Left side.

Right side.

Two shelves that I emptied books from to have space for lace, beads, and ribbon.

My desk.

That's it for now. I've got to get a move on, as I'm heading off to work today.
It's a bit windy, but not raining and hopefully it will be a nice day at work.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


FabricandFlowers said...

We have a highway interchange a mile away. If I have the right attitude the swish of traffic is just white noise- kinda like wind in the trees or a far away creek. Gotta find a way to incorporate progress in your serenity.

We are hoping for no rain from the storm here in Houston. Doubtful. We are water logged. I'm worried about everyone's roots. Soggy roots aren't good for anyone.

Nice little nook you've made for yourself. Very organized!

Floridagirl said...

While I must admit I love porches and would have a really tough time converting any outdoor space to indoor, I do love your special new room! It is so cozy and beautiful! To be surrounded by books and collectibles would be so comforting. I have to say, though, the thing I like most is that broken pediment above the window!!! It is very rich looking. I can't believe it was painted black and you got it out of the trash! Your husband did an excellent job restoring it, and the placement is just perfect!

Morning's Minion said...

I enjoyed seeing how your special space evolved. Since the move in March I have felt deprived of my fabric, books, old photos and such. Husband is finishing a "family room" in the basement and I'm mulling how best to create a corner for my projects and supplies.

Balisha said...

Looks so comfy..

Ami said...

Your little space looks so cozy and yet functional. You have all the things you need organized so well, and also all the art work. I too love that wood piece above the window! Your husband did an excellent job to restore its original beauty! And yet it is free!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Love yout creative space!

Noelle said...

I love how you did not let the close proximity of the road interfere with creating a special space :-)

NanaK said...

Giving up privacy and quiet to make way for a wider, busier street must have been hard. But, you have made a beautiful area for yourself because of the change. That wood piece above the window is gorgeous. I love the way you made your desk with the granite piece atop the storage drawers. You are not only creative with your embroidery pieces but with living space, gardens, and so much more. Lovely.

Priscilla said...

Cozy and cute space! I love cozy. Nice entry to the kitchen!

Catsngrams said...

I love your space I wish I could be as organized. I have a nice room but it is a jumble. I really need to get it organized. Thanks for sharing you space with us it gives me inspiration.

Plant Lady said...

Love it, very cozy!

Plant Lady

Lyn said...

How lovely to see your special space. I just love your home color (huge fan of purple too) and see that you are an admirer of bears as well. :)

gld said...

You and your husband are very creative people; I love how you have made your space and decorated it.

You now have the perfect,cozy environment to do your artistic crafts.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Vetsy said...

I understand how you felt about the road and the noise! I can relate..

It's so nice that you were able to find peace and take back your little space again.. Everything looks so warm and cozy"

Good for you...

Dawn said...

Oh, your workspace is beautiful!

L. D. Burgus said...

I feel challenge to show my space, but I still need to hang a painting above the computer on the wall and I might need to straighten things a lot. Your space is so beautiful inside and out.

Radka said...

I have just come from the Stitching fingers, to say hallo :)

Hopscotch said...

Such a wonderful amount of creation in a small beautifully homely space - Really lovely :)