Friday, July 23, 2010

Not what I planned

Well, here it is the end of yet another Friday. I 'was' going to go to work this morning, but my boss emailed me saying don't bother, because wind and rain was expected all day from Tropical Storm Bonnie. So, instead of heading out the door and hitting the road for work, I had to gear down, and plopped myself in my chair and worked on my latest needlework piece. I had my soothing music playing, and have had a nice peaceful day.

It rained for awhile, between 11-12, and we got maybe a few sprinkles later but nothing major. All of the rain stayed south of us. It's very hot and humid out, and the air conditioning is nice. Tomorrow morning I'll head off to work, well, I will if that's what's meant to be.

We had had some rain during the night, around 4 in the morning, so things were wet out when we got up, and it was windy with swiftly moving clouds and it felt like hurricane weather. Thankfully Bonnie was just a tropical storm. I got my camera and headed outdoors for some pics. Here are the results. Click on pictures for larger images.

Louis Philippe against the bark of our Norfolk Pine tree.

DH was going to take a picture of me working in my little space last night but the batteries needed to be recharged, of course. So, he took one this morning. I love this space and am so thankful I have it. My computer and desk are to the left. This space is about 6'x'8.

This is how it looked this morning. These things take on a life of their own when I get going. I don't have a plan really, a drawing, and some idea of colors then it comes together as I go along. This turned out whimsical and tropical looking (reminds me of caladiums or elephant ears) with a face, maybe 'Tropical Storm Bonnie' had something to do with it? I didn't notice how it looked until I was finished, then I couldn't quit smiling, it cracks me up. Not what I planned, but it is what it is. Maybe I've been embroidering too much the last two days. :-)

I will end with the following quote in appreciation for the rain we did get.


How beautiful is the rain!

After the dust and the heat,

In the broad and fiery street,

In the narrow lane,

How beautiful is the rain!

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Rain in Summer

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


lemonverbenalady said...

We have beautiful lives, don't we FlowerLady!

Sandy said...

What a refreshing post--the
pictures, your special spot,
your needle work--all so
nice. I have a little space,
too, where I have my computer,
needle work, beading, arts
and crafts. I also come in
here to be alone and pray.

tina said...

That's a wonderful workspace with that beautiful view. Great handiwork! Have a good weekend!

Ami said...

Love your little space, it looks so peaceful with you sitting there and the lights outside of the window. Beautiful needle work! I envy anybody who can do this kind of work, since I am not good at :)

Ewa said...

I love the way your working sapce looks! its very spirit up-lifting! I thin I need to redo mine for better energy.