Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday's Stormy Weather

The storm passed us on Saturday, but not yesterday. Holy cow! It was awful, strong winds blowing the heavy rains sideways, and hail. Not our usual afternoon thunderstorm weather, it was worse. We had a section of privacy fencing blown down, neighbors had trees down, holes from hail in plant leaves are seen all over. I'm thankful we did not have worse, like the folks in the mid section of the country with golf ball and baseball size hail and tornadoes. That would totally freak me out.


This is from my chair looking out before the bad stuff came.

Looking out the scullery window, wish I would have gotten pictures when it was blowing sideways when it was at it's worst.

Here I am outside after the storm blew over, to see what the damages were. Front patio off the library. A potted tree blown over.

This is looking north down our driveway. We curbside shopped that huge fish hanging on the fence. I think it is 11' long. It was the only place we had to hang it. I'm a pisces so we couldn't leave this on the side of the road. Although, some of you will disagree. What is she crazy? Hmmm, I might agree with that.

In this picture you can see the driveway is two river channels heading toward the street.

This is looking west along the front of our property. I see that I need to get out there and edge the sidewalk as the one foot swale stuff is overgrown. Last weekend when we had the heavy downpour in a short period of time, the street was flooded so that we had water up over the sidewalk.

This is from our driveway looking southeast, still some storm clouds around, moving northward.

Front path underwater. Rose canes from main garden arbor blown off into path also.

The jacuzzi that I had just cleaned and refilled earlier in the day.

It was so inviting before the storm, dang, look at all that debris in there now.

(It is now cleaned out, thanks to DH and we put the screen cover back on.)

Tork does not know what to make of all the water,

she walked gingerly around the edges, not into wading.

This is inside the secret garden.

I saw my reflection in a window, so here I am in real life.


Sue said...

Wow, look at all that water! I bet your plants have gone on a growth spurt. I hope things are getting cleaned up OK.

I love your sky photos in the last 2 posts!

FlowerLady said...

Good morning Sue ~ A lot of water for sure, more than we've had in years. This is supposed to be over and the heat for the next week or so will 'feel' like it's in the low 100's. YIKES! Not looking forward to that. Have to do any gardening early in the mornings.

Enjoy your gardens they are lovely.

Glad you like the sky pictures. I'll have to try to take more of them when there is great cloud formations and color.


sweet bay said...

I live in a low-lying place so I'm used to seeing a lot of water, but that is a lot of water! Glad to hear you didn't get the worst of the storms.

Ocassionally we will get some days with heat indices in the low 100's, and quite frankly they kind of scare me.

L. D. Burgus said...

I am envious that you have a secret garden area. It looks great. The storm looked like it could have done more damage, You were lucky it didn't. I just love taking photos and seeing all the work that needs to be done, weeds here, stray plant there, a flower pot that should be moved out of the photo or at least be turned to it's best side. I think I would get out there and enjoy that cleaned out tank and relax for a while.

FlowerLady said...

Good morning Sweet Bay ~ We were a bit worried the day the water was up over the sidewalk, but once the rains let up, the water drained.

Hot weather is scary when it gets into the 100's for sure. You just have to hibernate.

I mowed and did some work in the secret garden yesterday and it wasn't bad like they predicted at all, so we'll see what the next three days are like.

L.D. ~ Pictures do let us know some of what we need to do in our gardens. I'm a selective picture taker though, so you don't see what really needs doing. :-)

The 'tank' was nice yesterday.

Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady