Saturday, June 13, 2009

Caldwell Pink found shrub rose

Good morning Friends ~ Hope your weekend is a good one.

Today I want to show and tell about a sweet little rose I've had for many, many years called Caldwell Pink.

It is easy to grow, blooms regularly and has a sweet, delicate scent. For more information, please click on this link, Caldwell Pink.

(click on photos for larger image)


Marla said...

What a beautiful rose. I wish I could grow them. I have tried a few miniture roses but they get the balck spot stuff. I have to many trees and not enough full sun for roses, I do love them though.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

It really is a pretty one. I love learning about all of your roses and getting ideas :) Hope you have a nice weekend!

sweet bay said...

I have Caldwell Pink too and I love it! I'll have to check for fragrance -- I haven't because I've been told it doesn't have any, but of course different people have such different sensitivities when it comes to fragrance. Lovely shots -- I think the buds are exquisite and I love how the flowers take on a lavender cast in evening.

Jenny wren's nest said...

When I was a girl, we had a creek running behind our house, we had a lot of fun playing in it. anyway there were pink roses all alone the bank Like the ones you posted, and I dug some up to plant near my window. I wonder if they are still there?.

FlowerLady said...

Good morning everyone. Hope you had a great weekend. Thank you for your comments.

Marla ~ Do a Google search on roses that can grow in partial shade. There are some out there.

Catherine ~ Reading blogs certainly does give one ideas. Sometimes it is almost an overload. :-) We started on another arbor for roses and some shade over another seating area. Got too hot and miserable out to finish it, so that will be probably tomorrow morning, as we do our errands this morning.

SweetBay ~ To me, most roses smell their best in the morning as that's when their scent glands release the scents. It is nice how these little roses do take on that lavender cast in the evenings. A hardly, easy to grow little rose.

Jenny ~ What a sweet memory. That just sent me back to another era. Thank you.

Have a great week and Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

lilsista said...

How very pretty! Maybe in the future I will be brave enough to try growing a rose! Smiles:)

Sue said...

What a photogenic rose! Your photos are beautiful!

FlowerLady said...

Lilsista ~ Thanks. Someone told me roses wouldn't grow here in FL. Ha. You just have to learn what will grow in your zone. It seems like there ought to be some you could grow. Try GardenWeb's antique rose forum and ask them.

Sue ~ Thank you, glad you liked. I'm sure you are out enjoying your lovely color filled gardens.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

Ana-Maria said...

Nice flowers!

FlowerLady said...

Thank you Ana-Maria.

Flowers fill my heart with joy. They are healing, and having them around creates a peaceful atmosphere.


Gayle said...

What a great rose. I think I'll do some checking in to it. I need to fill up some of my beds with something a bit bigger so I don't have to plant so much each year. I love the full look of this flower.

FlowerLady said...

Good morning Gayle ~ Do check out old garden roses for your area.

Here are a couple of websites I just googled for you.

You and I live far apart, you in the frozen tundra and I in steamy tropical surroundings.

I love your pool, your greenhouse, and your gardens bordered by rocks. Your kids look like they have a great time.

Have a great summer. You live in a beautiful area.