Sunday, June 28, 2009

Heat, humidity, seeds planted

Good morning. I hope all of you are enjoying another gift of a day in this life we are living in.

It is overcast, hot and humid here. We had a few thunderstorms this past week, and some expected later today. All of this rain has caused everything to grow like crazy. I was out earlier this morning to do some weeding, trimming and planting seeds and seedlings. Well, I was only out there about 30 minutes and couldn't take it anymore. My clothes were sopping, as the sweat was flowing.

I did get some seeds of Brunfelsia americana ~ Lady of the Night planted. Another FL gardener recently sent these seeds to me and I look forward to watching them grow and bloom. I can hardly wait to smell their scent which is supposed to be wonderful.

The picture below is not mine, it is from Flowers of India

This is a rare plant, hard to find, and I'm happy to have been given some seeds.

Sweetly Intriguing is the Brunfelsia Americana

In lieu of a chemical or artificial air freshener, the Brunfelsia Americana is a perfect way to create a pleasant fragrance indoors, as well as on your deck or in your yard. Simply trim a stem of flowers and set it in water in whatever room you choose. Guests will love to discuss its captivating scent every time they enter your home! A single flower emits such a robust perfume that your entire house will be bathed in its naturally sweet aroma without using environmentally harmful chemicals.

I was happy to see that a nice fat seedling of the dwarf white orchid tree has come up. This has a delicate, sweet perfume. These seeds were sent to me by another FL gardener. The picture below is from the website link above.

I am looking forward to watching this grow and bloom also. There are several newbies in my gardens I've been watching, grown mostly from seed, one received as a baby plant that was about 6" tall, now it's a couple of feet. They are popcorn cassia, desert cassia, St. Vincent Lilac vine, and Queen's Wreath. I will post pictures when then bloom.

Happy gardening and have a great week.

The seed is hope;
the flower is joy.

Author Unknown

Musings from FL zone 10


Bren said...

THese are wonderful - I just had a few open that I need to share soon on my blogger.

Happy JUNE -I love your blogging entries!

sweet bay said...

The Brunfelsia americana sounds wonderful -- I hadn't heard of that before. So does the white orchid tree.

FlowerLady said...

Hi Bren ~ Thank you. I look forward to seeing my seeds sprout, grow and bloom. Do post your bloomers on your blog. We all enjoy pictures.

SweetBay ~ Brunfelsia americana does sound wonderful. When I saw this in a forum and someone else said they had seeds, I spoke up for some. I sure hope they come up and do their thing.

The white orchid tree is going to be a winner also.

The thing with growing from seeds is that it takes time and that requires patience on our part. :-)

Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

Sue said...

I can identify with dripping with sweat while gardening and needing to take breaks.

I hope your seeds grow well. I am glad I can handle the scents of plants and flowers, but it hurts to breathe when the various types of room fresheners are used. I also can't handle incense, candles, cigarette smoke, etc.