Wednesday, December 31, 2008

You Just Never Know . . .

You just never know what you will find 'curb-side' shopping. DH has been doing this since he was a kid, but back then I don't know if it was called that. We did it in Spain and that's where we got out turned beechwood headboard and footboard. We've been doing it ever since and will probably keep on shopping this way until we no longer are able to.

This year we did not 'do' Christmas, except for my setting up our small tree and our nativity scene. I set out the stockings for decoration and told DH that's what they were for. The Monday before Christmas when we were coming home from doing errands, DH spied a 'pile' on the street southwest of us. So, while I unloaded groceries, he walked over there and when he came back, he was hiding something behind his back. He said, I'll just stick these in your stocking, and we both laughed.

Below is what he got. The white candle is honeysuckle, the red one is some berry scent, and I just love the two mosaic votive candle holders. The candles had never been lit.

It is truly amazing what people will throw away, for one reason or another. There are treasures out there, there are lots of recyclable materials as well. We 'hate' to see stuff go to the landfill.

One of these days, I need to go around taking pictures of all that I can remember that we've found.

Have a wonderful new year, and don't be afraid to stop and check out a curb-side pile when you see one.



Sharon said...

Those are nice finds ;) I've gotten a few antique chairs that way myself. I figure if it's being thrown out and I can use it, why not?

Have a great evening!

Jean said...

Are you going to burn the festive candles, Rainey? Isn't it strange what people throw out?

Loved your flowers, too. Those little red thingies look like tiny fireworks for the New Year.

Happy New Year!


FlowerLady said...

Hi Sharon ~ Finding antiques is really nice. Do you have pictures of your chairs?

You have a great evening also and a wonderful new year.


FlowerLady said...

Hi Nell ~ I burned both on Christmas and they do smell nice.

You're right those little flowers do look like fireworks. Speaking of which they are already starting here.

We usually end up asleep before midnight and all the major fireworks plus the firehouse sirens wake us up.

Have a great 2009.