Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Cottage Christmas

It is hard to believe Christmas is here once again.
This year I just set up our small tree and our nativity.

I usually do more and we have a large tree as well,
but we are in the middle of doing some remodeling
and this is what I felt like doing this year.

The tree is decorated with mostly hand made ornaments
from a swap I was involved in for several years
and some I've made along with ones made by DH's mother,
plus a few antiques.
Lots of loving memories go through my mind as I decorate the tree.

The Nativity scene started with the little 'mud' figurines that DH and I got
when we were living in Spain our second married Christmas.
We got the Holy Family, the three wisemen and a donkey and a cow.
The angels and all the others have been added over the years.
DH made the creche some years ago.
I lay fresh rosemary sprigs in it before I set it up.
In the two silver salt and pepper shakers
is frankincense in one and myrrh in the other.

May you all have a lovely Christmas and a wonderful 2009.


Here is another Christmas posting on my website 'O Holy Night'


Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

Lovely home and decorations.

Merry Christmas to you and your family,


Jean said...

I would not have thought to put rosemary in the creche, nor to have frankincense and myrrh in silver shakers. That made a great display even more special. I enjoyed all your decors.

Merry Christmas.