Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More color from Plum Cottage Gardens

Hello everyone. Here it is almost the new year. Unbelievable.

We are still having warm temps, had a little rain
and I've been enjoying working in our gardens.

Here are the latest blooms taken over the past few days.

Have a wonderful 2009.



The first two pictures are of Louis Phillipe.
A very hardy rose for down here.
I am thoroughly enjoying my new camera
that I got last March.
Love the details I can get with it.

Click on the pictures in the blog to see larger pictures.

I am not sure what this is. I sure like it though.
The first picture was taken on the 27th, the next on the 29th.

The next two are of Crepuscule again. I just love this rose.

The next pictures are of the rose Cocktail.

The home gardener is part scientist,
part artist,
part philosopher,
part plowman.
He modifies the climate around his home.

John R. Whiting


Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

Just beautiful!

I love the quote about gardeners, too.


sweet bay said...

I love your roses. I got Crepuscule last year and can't wait to see it bloom.

FlowerLady said...

Hi Cameron ~ thank you.

Have a great 2009.


FlowerLady said...

Hi Sweet Bay ~ You will love Crepuscule. I just potted up several cuttings and hope they take root.

Have a great new year.