Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thank you Friends and Thank you Fish-It Fertilizer

Good morning Friends ~ I've had two concerned friends contact me because I've not posted anything new in over a week, which is really unusual for me. Thank you for your concern, time just got away from me, between working more hours at my job, homecaring and gardening. Blogging takes time, time to take and edit pictures, time to write your thoughts, time to put it all together. I've been wanting to start the next embroidery piece too, but have only gotten as far as getting it drawn out on the fabric.

I want to thank all of you for visiting my blog, your kind comments, and for info and inspiration you all provide with your own blogs as well.

Because of all this activity on my blog, I got an email a week or so ago from Arthur at Fish-It Fertilizer, asking if I would try a sample of his product and post about it on my blog. I checked out the website, and said Yes, that I'd be glad to. When I sent him my snail mail addy, we realized just how small of a world we live in as he lives in the next town, the town where I work. So, to save on postage we met on Friday where I work, and it was a real pleasure to meet this energetic, positive, young man. He believes in his product and is dedicated to getting the word out. I am happy to give it a try in my humble gardens and help spread the info about this wonderful, organic fertilizer.

Meet Arthur.

Today is the start of my fertilizing experiment with this fertilizer. I selected plants, two will be a comparison, the others will just be enjoying their new food.

This fertilizer smells so earthy and wonderful. It looks very rich.

Here are two rooted gardenia cuttings about the same size, that I got from Tom of Seventh Street Cottage last year. I chose the one without the spiderwort babies as the one to give the Fish-It too.

Here are more potted plants that I decided to give this fertilizer to, and keep record of. There are a few more also, but they are in the ground or in different pots around the property. I will keep tabs on them also. I need to get pictures of these as well.

In this picture I have a rooted Maman Cochet climber rose cutting, then there is an Impatiens with a baby cats whiskers plant in the same pot, and a sickly looking Mexican sunflower, that I rooted as a cutting in the pot on the right. The impatiens and the sunflower definitely need some help.

As you no doubt have guessed, Fish-It Fertilizer is made from just what it says. :-)
The idea started with Arthur and his Aunt Cathy, and the rest is history. This is a River Bottom Fertilizer. I asked Arthur about where his product comes from and this was his response: "The fish are Organically raised Rainbow Trout grow in a diverted natural creek. Water gets redirected from a creek into what are called raceways made from concrete. At the end of the farm the water flows back into the creek. The water from this creek flows into the Nantahala River which is quite popular for rafting and trout fishing." He also told me that the water in which these trout live is very clear and clean.

To read all about this organic fertilizer, go to Fish-It Fertilizer. There are also reviews and videos by others who have already tried this product. Who knows, maybe you'll want to order some for yourselves.

Thank you for following along with me as I try this new-to-me organic fertilizer. I will keep you posted.

Happy Gardening

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


Denimflyz said...

I look forward to your judgements on your fertilizer and your reviews.
Funny that the world is truly small enough to meet with wonderful people in the world trying to make it a better place in which to live.
Have a great week.

Becky said...

Glad to see you back in blog-land and what a wonderful experiment you have started. I'll be reading to see how things progress.

Antique ART Garden said...

You are a sweet-pea, and a trusting soul . take care, big hug., Gina

gld said...

This should be an interesting experiment. A test by someone we can really trust! a novel idea.

I have used a fish emulsion fertilizer before....the smell is abominable!

Masha said...

Sounds very good, looks good too. I need to check it out. Thanks for letting us know, and I hope your plants do well.

Jeri Landers said...

Well that is really neat! I wish him success with his fertilizer and you success in using it>
You are so right about blogging taking so much time, that is why I only do it once a week, I don't have a chance to be more prolific than that.

shadesofidaho said...

So glad to see your blog renewed. I do understand all the time it takes from long ago ebay auction days. Thanks for keeping all of us informed on your lovely projects. Anxious to see how the Fish-it works for you. Reminds me I do need to give the house plants a little boost.


Southern Lady said...

I am glad that you are back. Keep us posted on the fertilizer! I am curious to see how well you think it works. Carla

sherryocala said...

Sounds interesting, FlowerLady. I'll be watching your plants. Glad you're just busy and nothing worse.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Glad everything is okay with you. I'm looking forward to your fertilizer results.
The only reason I've been posting regularly lately is to keep track of our front yard progress. Even then it's so hard to find time to blog. What I need to be doing is folding laundry right now, but reading blogs is so much more fun :)

NanaK said...

This will be an interesting and fun experiment. The product sounds great. I will be looking for future reports of your success with this fert.

Susan said...

Hey Flowerlady...Glad to hear all is well. That fertilizer does look very healthy. I'll be interested to see what you think of it.

YayaOrchid said...

Sounds intriguing. Is it a liquid fertilizer? I can hardly wait to see your results especially of the sickly plants.

Is it hard to root rose cuttings? I've not had much luck with that. When they do root, after a while, they don't make it.

Skeeter said...

You had me thinking this was a great way to recycle discarded fish parts from a fish processing plant. Then I cringed when finding out the fish are raised to make fertilizer. I am thinking poor fish but then again, when the fish we eat are killed, same thing right? So I must get over my thoughts that a fish died for this as a cow does every time I eat a yummy hamburger. And the pain I probably inflict on a fish when I catch and release them at the lake. Oh gee, my animal loving side is coming out today. Sorry.... It will be interesting to see how your experiment goes with this product. And yes, it is a Small World…

Lola said...

I've always heard that fish parts etc. were good fertilizer. So I'm real anxious to see how it works. Let us know.