Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First of March

Good afternoon Folks ~ Hope you are all enjoying this first day of March. Currently it is 85. It wasn't bad out earlier this morning, but as the sun crept up into the sky, it got warmer and more humid. We 'may' get some rain later this afternoon. I sure hope so, as we really need it. I've been going around hand watering to keep on top of things.

I will keep you posted on the Fish-It experiment. Thanks for all of your comments.

It's now around 4:15, the sky is dark, and hopefully we will get some rain. I just cleaned up the kitchen, and pretty soon it will be time to make a mess again. :-) I was outside this morning, planting seeds, and potting up some cuttings of two different roses, Tibouchina, and George Tabor azaleas. With cuttings it's hit and miss when it comes to rooting. I don't have a sure fire method. I cut off stems, peel off most leaves, scrape the bottom section of stems about an inch with my thumb nail, then dip the ends in root-tone or some other root promoting powder and water them good, then watch them. I cleaned up my potting area a tad, and it looks better. It was really a wreck and things were getting out of hand. I also helped DH with a project he's working on. We had a full day and it feels good.

I'm planning on making Salmon Florentine (using broccoli instead of spinach) for supper, so I better finish this post up.

Here are some pictures taken in the past couple of days.

Click on pictures for a larger view.


Desert Cassia

Love in the next two pictures.

Red hibiscus

Maman Cochet climbing rose.

Spiderwort in the next two pictures. Some consider this a weed and hate it. I love it, and look forward to those blue blooms. The bees love this.

The next two pictures have the two Love rose blooms, first in the west side of the scullery window, and then in the east side.

It was a really wonderful first day of March. There was a nice breeze, it was cool in the shade, and once again we enjoyed worked together.


If we had no winter,
the spring would not be so pleasant.
Anne Bradstreet


Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


Masha said...

Lucky you to have so many blooms. Maggie is gorgeous, and so is Maman Cochet.

I love the new look of your blog.

sherryocala said...

Pretty roses, FlowerLady. I used to have Maggie, but I was ignorant then and didn't understand her ways, but I loved her flowers. I have Climbing Maman Cochet. Mine is huge. Is yours? We had a really good rain about 5:30am. Did you get yours? Is it a new look for your blog? It's always so pretty anyway.

Southern Lady said...

Your pictures are lovely. You have been really busy, haven't you? We have been a little cool today, however, my yard is coming alive from recent warm weather. I love it! Carla

Susan said...

As usual...your flowers are beautiful. We got some nice and much needed rain this morning. My poor azaleas were so dry they were hanging their little heads. Hope you got some rain, too and that we get a little cooler weather.

Ami said...

Love all your flowers! The combination of the love roses and the blue glasswares is so lovely! You really have artist eyes!

Nell Jean said...

Love the Roses, especially Love. The spiderwort is only a weed if you don't want it. I'm learning to embrace my weeds since there are too many to keep ahead of them.

sweetbay said...

It sounds like you had a good first day of March! The Love rose is gorgeous. It looks great with your blue glass.

The Spiderwort is a lovely blue. The ones I have don't spread much, just seed in a little. They are cultivars and so maybe hybrids too.

Darla said...

It wasn't quite that hot here yesterday. Your blooms are beautiful. I am getting ready to ship your firespike in the next few days...I need your address please.

NanaK said...

Your new header is very nice. I love all the blue glass. Your roses are gorgeous. I'm going to have to look into the desert cassia as the one I have only blooms in fall. It would be nice to have a spring bloom of all that yellow. Hope you got some rain! We had a little over an inch. Both my rain barrels are full now. yay!

shadesofidaho said...

Love your new header picture. Soooo pretty. I also love the Maggie rose.

We had a lovely first day of March with 57 degrees when we went down the mountain. Was so strange to be in warm country and no snow all day then drive home and everything is all white. Even commented to DH how it felt we were driving into another world. Glad for the warmer weather.

Enjoying your flowers pictures.


aims said...

It's -24C here and I just can't get warm!

I kept telling The Man when we were in New Orleans that we should head over to your neck of the woods. I knew we would get some warm temps there!

the Goodwife said...

Hi FlowerLady! Just wanted to say again how beautiful your flowers are, and that I love your new header!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Since I love blue my eyes snapped right to the new header with all of the beautiful blue glass. So pretty.I want 85 degrees too. LOL! Your Love rose is so pretty I like the hint of white on the under side of the petals. Have fun with your rooting.

nizie said...

really like ur flowers n garden

gld said...

What a gorgeous new header picture. That scullery window just has to have the best views, both inside and out.

I used to grow Love; it is a spectacular rose.
I am creeping slowly back into some hybrid teas.
I just bought Chrysler Imperial, Mr. Lincoln and a floridunda Gene Boerner. There went my plans to cut back.

It is such a satisfying feeling to be out in the dirt again.

Sandra said...

I just adore your new header, beautiful :)


Miss Gracie's House said...

I think it is so great that you keep learning new things and trying new (fish fertilizer) in your art! I hope it works wonderfully!
THANKS for the sweet words about my grandbabies!

Amrita said...

Hello Lady your flowers are exquisite

Autumn Belle said...

The red love roses are so perfectly captured and they are indeed gorgeous. I love your window setting with the blue glasswares and red roses.

Rebecca said...

About the only "downside" of blogging I can think of is hearing about 85 degree temperatures and seeing such beautiful blooms while we still have dark, cold & gloomy days here!

The UPside is enjoying the sights on your blog! Just beautiful. (I like the cobalt blue on your window sill!)

Vetsy said...

I like Maggie, it's so pretty. I like spider worsts as well. My first day of spring was a mushy cold mess, with a mix of rain and snow.

I love popping in to see what's going on in your lovely garden, as you know, I just love and am a fan of your pretty roses.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I keep forgetting to say I love your header photo.