Monday, February 7, 2011

Embroidered and beaded crazy heart

Good morning everyone. I hope you all had a really nice weekend. Here it is Monday, and we will be doing errands a little later. Next Monday is Valentine's Day and I'm looking forward to fixing our Valentine's day dinner. I learned as a newly wed that I could follow recipe directions for wonderful meals saving us LOTS of money, and the aggravation of going out to eat. We enjoy being home together.

The only recipe I've got planned so far is a tweaked one, Raspberry Tiramisu. So, I'm buying ingredients today. Maybe I'll fix stuffed steak rolls in the crockpot as the main dish. We haven't had those in quite sometime. Then I'll only have to fix the sides at dinner time. :-)

Now, on to my latest embroidery project. I haven't decided yet as to how to get it ready for sale. It took me a little over 8 hours all together, I worked the longest time on it yesterday and my back was killing me, but I couldn't quit. I finally finished it this morning.

I wanted to do a 'crazy heart', and here it is. I used DMC Perle cotton, DMC embroidery floss, metallic thread, beads and a button. The heart size is 4 1/4 inches wide by 4 inches high.

Click on pictures for a larger view.

Here's the piece sitting on my work surface, which I've got to clean up before I start my next project. I'm looking forward to embroidering flowers and framing them up. I received my two wonderfully delightful embroidery books by Diane Lampe in the mail over the past week and am excited.

Enjoy your week whatever you do. I'll be working at my job Wed-Sat this week. Last week was a 4 day work week also and I am thankful!


A creative mess
is better than tidy idleness.
Author Unknown

Zone 10 ~ s.e. FL


Amrita said...

I admire your lovely handwork

Balisha said...

That's exquisite. You are so talented with a needle. You said that your back hurt and you didn't stop...isn't that the way with we crafters?...Sometimes we get so involved in what we are doing..we hate to stop even if we hurt somewhere.
Please tell about the steak rolls.. Balisha

Balisha said...

Me again, I don't know if you are familiar with Eileen at

She wrote a post about a fabric warehouse that you would might be interested in.

Karen said...

Oh, what a beautiful piece! I love all the different stitches and how they harmonize. The beadwork is awesome. Your art is so inspirational. And don't worry about showing us your workspace, you should see mine (no, on second thought, you shouldn't, ha). I hope your back feels better today, I know how it is when you're so wrapped up in a creation that you cannot quit until it's finished. I hope you have a good week!

NanaK said...

Beautiful work, FlowerLady. I love your quote, but you seem to have tidy creativity!

L. D. Burgus said...

It is a wonderful piece. I like all the beads and the design. I like seeing your workspace the way that it is as it shows an artist at work.

gld said...

Another masterpiece!

Dinner is sounding very good.

I just had a thought looking at your Crazy Heart piece. You know the old samplers.....where girls showed off their skills... you should do one and just keep it for yourself....or not.
I don't know why that came to me, but it did.

Ami said...

Beautiful art work, just on time for Valentines! You are very creative!

Sandy said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love it!

Susan said...

Hearts are my favorite, and you've done a beautiful job on this piece of art.

the Goodwife said...

That is beautiful! Your talent and patience amaze me!

sweetbay said...

Your crazy heart piece is lovely!

FabricandFlowers said...

Wow! Beautiful work.