Thursday, October 11, 2018

Not in Michael’s path

Hello Friends ~ Miss Tork and I are fine here at Plum Cottage. I live on the s.e. coast of FL. Thank you for your concern. Had some rain yesterday and again this morning, it’s pretty breezy also. Right now the sun is shining and it is hot and humid. Does not feel like autumn at all. I do have a sister who lives about 180 miles east of Panama City, FL where landfall was predicted to happen. They have battened down the hatches and I pray they will be safe. The live in a mobile home on some acreage. (started this post yesterday, it is now Thursday morning and my sis and family are safe. Their little town has suffered high water damages though. They themselves live 1/2 mile from the Gulf and the river.  I’m glad they were spared. My heart and prayers go out for those who were in the path and havng to deal with the aftermath.)

I’ve been thinking about writing up a post and your inquiries as to our well-being because of Hurricane Michael, prompted me to get one written now so you won’t worry.

Let’s see, over the past month, I had a nerve wracking bee problem that was only growing larger so called some bee professionals in. The bees had moved into the tail of that large faux marlin fish that hung on the back fence. Lots of them were starting to visit my birdbath near my path to my wash house. I was afraid to use the lawnmower or the weedwacker by the fish for fear of making them angry and be in attack mode. The fish and bee problem are gone, although there were still LOTS of bees in the area for a day or two until they made a new home, hopefully not somewhere else here on the property.

I got new eye glasses. I encapsulated Moringa powder and will write up a post about that later.

This past Saturday I finally got off my behind and finished painting the living room. Yay!

This is the living room east wall. Had to paint most of the little wall connected to it also. Baseboards got a coat of fresh white paint also.  The wall paint color is ‘Bleached Linen’ by Behr.



10-08-st-gl-cop-tbl2  10-08-st-gl-cop-tbl


West wall before – this is from 2011.


2017 – before getting new tv, old tv under mantle shelf and behind drape


Below is after getting rid of old TV, friends bought me the new one. I gave away the blond found book case on the right, moved the book case desk unit on the left to the bedroom. Mirror is now stacked in the bedroom. Since the book case was gone on the right, I hung a tablecloth in the space until dear Todd, bro-in-law, could fill it in.


This was an old doorway into bedroom from years and years ago. Old wallbaord cut out evenly from floor to ceiling. Vent hole in center of room also ceiled up.


Here’s Todd mudding over the archway into my little space where I hang out on my computer, or do my crafting. Several projects he has helped me with that my dear husband and I didn’t get to finish together. Plus, Todd has come to help with plumbing emergencies.  Thank you dear Todd from the bottom of my heart for all of your hard work and you taking time from your own life to give me a hand.


Two matching book cases will go on either side of the tv unit. There will be a mantle shelf between bookcases and over the tv. At least that’s my plan. That painting is there temporarily to fill the space.


Some of our rock collection. Winking smile


Some blooms

Dwarf Poinciana tree.


Wild perinkles


Plumbago with hamelia paten




Bermuda’s Kathleen








Last but not least here at Plum Cottage is my sweet indoor kitty, Miss Tork, doing what she does best. I had started folding clean laundry and she jumped up on the bed, and while I had breakfast, she made herself a sleeping spot. (I love the head & footboards to our double sized bed. DH and I found them dumped by the road while we were living in Spain. They are made of beech wood, so are really blond, but we like dark wood so I stained them out on our apt. balcony.)


I will be starting a 12 week session with Grief Share. Friends told me about this and said it really helped them when they lost their son. I wasn’t ready to handle this when I was a fresh widow, but am looking forward to this now. I’m rather shy so meeting new and hurting people will be a bit intimidating. But, we will all grow together, and I hope I can be a comfort to some new to grieving, since I’ve been on this road almost 6 years and have come quite a way since the beginning. Jesus has been my strength and seen me through every step of the way.

That’s it for now. I’ve things I’d like to stop proastinating about and just ‘do’ them, so I need to get up out of this chair and get moving.

Be thankful, love, pray for and help others, and God’s blessings on you.



Nancy J said...

I am so thankful you and your family are safe. The vast areas of USA, so many states alone are larger than New Zealand!!! Your flowers are so beautiful, and the new paint, lovely and fresh. Family and friends who help, they are such a blessing. Down here we continue packing, cleaning, and looking. Our home's new family are delightful, and have great faith. They too continue to share our search in their prayers. We have a temporary place to stay, and storage has been so graciously given. I am so thankful.

Mary said...

As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. And, your flower photos are always fantastic. I just wanted to say that I attended the Grief Share course three years ago and I found it to be very helpful. It was like no other experience I have ever had. A real feeling of connectedness developed as the weeks went by. The facilitator was great and the group became very supportive. I wish you God's blessings as you enter this journey.

lil red hen said...

So happy to know you are o.k.
I love Miss Tork! She must be such a comfort to you.
You're right ~ perhaps you can let others know the strength Jesus has been to you.

Henny Penny said...

I did think about you yesterday and hoped that you were not in the path of the storm. Hope this is the last hurricane for the season!! I love the painting and changes you've made in your home. I really love the pictures and mirrors you have hanging. You have such a sweet cozy place...with lots of beautiful flowers!!

Ann Thompson said...

So glad to hear that you are safe and your sister is as well. Your living roomis looking good. I need to do some painting around here but procrastination is my middle name...LOL

Junkchiccottage said...

Your living room is coming along nicely. Glad you were not in the path of the hurricane. I am praying for those that were. Such devastation.

ellen b. said...

Glad you are not in Michael's path. Things are coming together nicely in your home. Glad you got the inspiration to finish painting. Lovely flowers still blooming in your garden. That sounds like a worthwhile group to join. Blessings!

Ruth Hiebert said...

Good to hear you are safe and also that you got rid of the bees. As always,your flowers are gorgeous.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Thank you for letting us know that you are safe. You were in my thoughts as the Hurricane was in Florida.

Your home is looking so cozy and pretty. The mantle will be so fun to decorate for each season. How wonderful to have such a sweet brother in law.

Your flowers are beautiful.

The Wykeham Observer said...

A lot of progress. Every little bit is going forward. Keep it up. I kinda like your bare white walls where you've painted. It looks very cool. It sure lightens the spirit when something is accomplished. Have a good Fall, hope the weather clears and cools off soon. Phil/Minnesota

BeachGypsy said...

I stopped in to make sure you were not in the bad part of Hurricane Michael and I'm so relieved you are doing just fine and had no damage! Thank the Good Lord! It was a treat to see all your pretty flowers in bloom, I do so love seeing what all you have growing. Those flowers sure do love you Lorraine! Love your pretty home, it truly reflects love and contentment. The painting and inside is coming along very nicely and it's looking great!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

thank you for letting us all know that you and your family are safe. These storms are getting more severe every year and more frequent. But, just about nowhere in this country is safe from the weather or around the world for that matter.
Be safe, Be well.
xx, Carol

pilar said...

Thank God you and your sister are safe, there is so much devastation everywhere, it's good to hear about folks who are spared. I see Henny Penny has left you a comment and I will assume she, too, is safe. I have to get in touch with a cousin in Atlanta to see how she is and if she was affected.

You have such a beautiful home, I really enjoy your decor style and the stories each piece has. And your BIL is a great blessing, indeed !!

Grief Share sounds like a life-changing experience, I think you will be able to help many other people, as well as yourself, which is more rewarding. You wrote that God has helped you come a long way since the passing of your husband and it reminded me of the many ways God has helped me get through my hardships over time. When I feel overwhelmed by my emotions, I get impatient that I'll never rise above myself. Yet, when I look back and see the progress I've made, thanks to God, it's both humbling and a reminder that I have to trust more.

Glad to visit you this morning and see your pretty flowers and be reminded of all I have to be thankful for, too.

Anne Payne said...

So glad you are okay and getting some more work accomplished with your BILs help. And thrilled the bees have made a new home elsewhere! That can be so scary when there are so many of them in one place. Been there done that. I absolutely LOVE your stained glass window and Tiffany style light!!! Gorgeous pieces!

We were in the end path of the storm last night and ir raged through here for hours with sustained winds of 35 miles per hour and gusts as high as 51 mph. Praise God NO damage to our home or neighbors, only electricity was out for 11 hours but has now been restored.

Have a fabulous weekend, my friend! love and hugs...xo

Out on the prairie said...

Nice to hear all safe and sound, the devastation has been terrible. I hope the counseling helps, I work with Hospice through the years and see how a 3rd person can really help. Your flowers are so nice to see, we had a slight frost last night.I planted some tulips yesterday and wish I had more to place out. I am 20 miles from any shopping so don't have a lot of selection some times.

Cheryl said...

You are so thoughtful to reassure your readers (friends!) that you are safe and well out of Michael's path. We had a deluge of rain overnight, but are no worse for the wear. I am grateful!

It is fun to see the changes in your living space over the years! We lovers-of-home are always tweaking and making improvements, aren't we? I know that your brother-in-law is such a blessing to you with his ready and helpful spirit!

Terra said...

I am happy to hear you and Plum Cottage are in SE Florida and not in harm's way. Your home is looking prettier each time you share photos. I am glad you will try Griefshare, it was helpful to me and I hope it will be for you too.

Kit said...

Glad your sister is fine. What a mess that hurricane made. Your place is looking nice. You take care! Love, KK

Melanie said...

So glad you are safe. I always worry about my friends and family all along the east coast when there are hurricanes.

We went to a grief support meeting when we first lost our son. We don't go to one anymore. Let us know how the Grief Share meetings are going for you.

September Violets said...

It's good to hear that you are safe from the storm. So much damage to those vulnerable towns. Your living room looks quite cozy, and a fresh coat of paint is the BEST!! I always love the fresh feeling of a newly painted room. I like how you have arranged things. One update leads to another. Your flowers are beautiful. Take care,
Wendy xox

outlawgardener said...

I'm so relieved to hear that you and plum cottage are fine! Your new paint color is wonderful as are the changes you're making inside. Glad you were able to banish the bees!

Pom Pom said...

Oh, you have a nice squishy heart, true and open. I hope Grief Share is restorative and encouraging.
I'm so glad you're okay! AND I am proud of you for painting. I think about painting, but it's daunting. LOL.
Have a nice week!

Katie said...

I just wanted to say that I'm glad to hear you'll be starting griefshare, I highly recommend it. I'm in griefshare right now as I'm in my 40s and lost both my mom and brother unexpectedly this year. It is a great program and I pray it is helpful to you!

Dewena said...

I'm so glad your sister is okay. And heartbroken about the damage Michael did, much of it in area where we loved to vacation near Mexico Beach. So glad it didn't come your way, Lorraine! Your bee problem sounds really scary but oh my how beautifully your painting turned out! Beautiful job and the room looks so cozy and lovely to be in now. I do love your arches, they always add character. I hope the Grief Share is a healing place, I'd not heard of this but know it is a needed thing for so many. Blog friend Kim recently wrote a moving post about the mourning she is still in over her mother. We do tend to forget that grief goes on and on. We all need to be more sensitive to that and to know what we should say and do to be there for those who are right there in it.

Love to you,

Pam's English Garden said...

Thank you for reassuring us that you are safe, Lorraine, in your cosy home. Michael's devastation is so horrible. You have some very pretty blooms in your October garden. P. x

Janneke said...

First of all I have to say that your Poinsiana flower is just stunning, for me a real exotic beauty and I am so glad to hear that you are safe and well, those hurricanes are frightening. Glad you got rid of the bees and I just love your cosy home, as I see your pussycat enjoys it too. Wish you lots of fun with the changes in your house. I can imagine grief share can help us in a way. I have some widow friends and we come often together for dinner and talking but despite I'm grateful for every new day In my flowerful life I miss my husband desparately and that will always be I think. Anyway, we have to go on and make the best of it.
Hugs, Janneke

Rue said...

I'm glad to hear you and your sister are safe. I hadn't been paying attention to the news, so I had no idea what an ordeal that hurricane was until my mom told me about it. It even affected the town in Virginia I used to live in. Hopefully you won't have anymore close calls.

I love the arches and the new paint color and happy you're getting your sweet home the way you want.

love to you,

Melanie said...

Hello Lorraine!!
finally catching up on your blog! You are so kind to take the time to read mine and leave lovely comments.
I'm glad you are safe and sound after the hurricane(s). My brother lives in Pensacola FL. He will be moving to Wyoming so will be a bit closer to us in the PNW. yay!
I love seeing your befores and afters in your living room! I like your country cottage style :)
Your flowers are gorgeous; glad you got rid of that bee problem!
Take care and may God be with you and continue to bless you...

Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...

Rainey, such wonderful news you weathered the storm with no damage! Your bed is beautiful and love the story behind it. I wish you well with Grief Share; I tried grief counseling but after two visits, never went back. The young woman leading the group (haha, it was me and her friend there to support her) said, "I lost my cousin." I'm sorry Rainey but I simply stared at her. She's made it to 30 and only lost a cousin? Heck, my Granddaddy died when I was six and I remember it like it was yesterday. Never mind Dave's death; I'll never get over that one. Your updates look marvelous; love how you're building and cozying your nest. xoxo<>< Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

Stacey said...

Lorraine, you've been busy and it's looking so nice!! Your flowers are always beautiful and I do enjoy hearing what you've been up to. I'm proud of you for attending the Grief Share group. :)

M.K. said...

Hello, FL -- sorry it's taken me a while to come find you again! I'm so glad you are fine after that hurricane, and your family as well. What a September we all had! Our county is still recovering from Florence and will be for a while.

I recognized your "Kathleen" rose -- I think you like that one especially because I've seen it here before :)

It is SO SO fun to watch the work and transformation of Plum Cottage. Thanks for sharing that! It's so much nicer to watch someone else do that kind of work rather doing it oneself, haha. It is looking very tidy and clean and homey. Good job.