Friday, July 29, 2016

Thank you

Thank you Lady Hawthorne and everyone else who has given some tips and encouraged me with this issue.

It sounds so easy for all of you living in states other than FL. I went to the website for getting a sales tax id and below is a pic of the requirements for a sole proprietor to have before registering to collect sales tax here in FL. For ‘Pete’s sake’.


This is depressing to say the least! Etsy doesn’t give out a 1099K for the IRS unless you have $20,000 in sales or 200 sales in a year. I would need to keep records, which wouldn’t be hard to do.

What I really need to figure out is what is the ‘easy-peasy’ way to get a sales tax id# here in FL.

Hopefully this will be figured out sometime soon. Smile If not, I give up. It won’t be the end of the world, just the end of my shop, unless I just don’t sell to people who live in Florida. I don’t even know if that is possible, but it is a thought.

Later ~ Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady


ladyhawthorne said...

You should probably be able to use your own name as the Legal Name and you should not need the FEIN, they should let you use your ssn instead. If they ask what kind of business you have just say you do sewing for others from home, they don't need your whole story. I can only speak for TX but it seems that FL should not be too much different.
The requirements for Etsy are $20,000 AND 200 sales, you have to have the minimum in BOTH areas, so if you have 200 sales but have only made $2000 they don't count it. You could easily list and sell without all the hoopla until you reach those magic numbers. I never have since I opened a shop in 2008. You can always just claim the income as other on your IRS form. If you end up having FL sales, THEN get a sales tax license. For those you file quarterly or annually and they don't ask what day you sold something, just the total $ amount of sales.
I just created a simple excel spreadsheet that I total by the month to keep track of my sales. I can never get it to total for me so I manually add the columns, I could just as easily write it down in an accounts book the old fashioned way.
Best wishes to you, those of us on limited income need all the help we can get.

ladyhawthorne said...

Do you have a courthouse near you? Someone there could assist you with getting a sales tax license.

Nancy J said...

Looks complicated, do you have to keep a profit and loss account? i.e. anything you buy that will be used to make goodies? travel expenses?, rates, insurance and power, and then the bank statements, that show incoming and outgoing. I like Lady hawthorns idea to go to a local courthouse and see if they can help. Meantime " Keep your cool" as they say. Hugs from a colder NZ.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Hi Lorraine, you can get a Florida Sales Tax License and Business License on-line. Just Google 'How can I get a .......' and it will pop right up with the application. I tried it....After you get them, they will send you quarterly (or yearly) tax forms in the mail (or on-line if you like). It's super easy. They will also give you tax tables for collecting the exact amount per transaction. Don't give up. Hugs xo Karen

Betsy Adams said...

Too bad that you are having so much trouble trying to sell your 'pretties' on Etsy.... Seems like there are so many rules and regulations for EVERYTHING these days... The Govt just wants to keep on eating into our monies any way they can.... Ridiculous...

Hope you can work it out.


Deborah Montgomery said...

Well, I'm clueless . . . My husband is a CPA, and he takes care of all that kind of stuff, so I'd be in the same boat. I'm glad there are others here that can help you sort it out. Hope you can work it out. Have a nice weekend. xo Deborah

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

perhaps you should troll around Etsy looking for a seller in florida that is in your area that will offer guidance. Perhaps someone that sells different items than you do. I live near south Bend Indiana and there are lots of sellers in this area. You may even find someone in your town or near by that you could talk to over lunch. You know how friendly and helpful crafters can be. I know you will get this figured out.
xx, Carol

Jeri Landers said...

I have a Tn sales tax license because I do art shows in my state. It is easy to get a sales tax license, just be aware that every year you will have to pay the sales tax in your state if you collected any in Fla. Once you are on their books, they will be sure you pay up. I do very little in sales on Etsy, so I haven't a clue as to what it is they are requiring of their sellers???!

Dewena said...

I'm glad Beatrice, above, was able to help you with this and hope it works out. We've found out since moving to FL this year that everything is more complicated.

That sweet little orchid is lovely! And I love the view of your driveway as I think of it as a pathway into your Secret Garden!