Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sunrise, flowers, projects

Good morning everyone ~ Have already had T-storms and some rain this morning. More expected through the next few days. I decided to take my camera to the ‘jobsite’ this morning and I’m glad I did.  The colors were beautiful!





These next two shots were about 30 minutes later, colors gone.


This picture was taken in my driveway area after I got home. Street not very busy at this time of morning on a Saturday. The clouds are to the east, out over the ocean, which is about 3 miles away.


Loved the look of this statue this morning, the lighting was really nice.


The next photos are of the rose ‘Granada’.





This is one of the roses I got in trade with Connie of Hartwood Roses.  It is a seedling rose from the San Francisco cemetary.


This is an unknown miniature rose.


I found out about a new thrift store close to me that is huge and decided to go check it out. I only wanted to spend $20.  My bill was $20.13. Smile I bought three pair of slacks, and a pair of Easy Spirit shoes, almost like new, $9.99.


Also bought this piece although it wasn’t necessary but it spoke to me and it was $2.99.  It looks like carved wood, but it is some sort of composite material.


I put it in the little screened porch off the kitchen, which is the entry way into my little cottage. I rearranged some pieces, but am going to tweak this whole area some more as I’m not really thrilled with it. I look forward to having the cottage outside walls painted too. (Still need to trim the a.c. unit.) The lion’s head fountain was given to me.  I need to paint it as the gray color just doesn’t work. Hmmm.

The galvanized bucket catches the water from the a.c. and I then use it to water plants.

The more I look at this arrangement, the more I’m not crazy about it at all.  At least looking at it here in the a.c. I can think of ways to rework it.


My latest project, was painting two wrought iron chairs (2 more to paint yet), and the trim on the shed’s door.


I wanted some sort of decoration to put on the door as it is a waiting canvas.

I got this out of my ‘stash’ of stuff that DH picked up through the years. Smile It has a couple of hearts so is perfect.  I just need to do some repair and paint it, then screw it to the door.


That’s it for now.

Have a great weekend.



"The very essence of the creative is its novelty,
and hence we have no standard by which to judge it."

Carl R. Rogers, On Becoming a Person


Julie said...

Hello! I'm not blogging much these days, but wanted to say hi! Staying busy with life and grandkids. School starts next week, and I hope to get to blog more. It is much more satisfying than Facebook. Have missed talking, but have been sneaking in and reading some of your posts from time to time! Those are gorgeous sky photos! Looks like you are continuing to do great stitching and decorating and fixing up around the cottage! God bless!
XOXO- Julie

janiceflorida said...

Sounds like you have been busy with projects. I love those two large pots that are embedded with stones, in front of your shed. Did you do that , or just find them that way? Looking forward to seeing your door jazzed up, you always have good ideas.

Rue said...

You took some beautiful photographs, Rainey :)

Take it easy during this heat!


Ilene Jones said...

Love your finds, and your pictures. You have such an artistic "eye", you should be a professional photographer.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Gorgeous sky shots,both the fiery and the cloudy ones,I also love the roses.

Jane said...

I'm glad you got to see that beautiful sunrise, Rainey. Thank you for sharing it with us. It's been in the 90s here, the last couple of days. I don't know how you can manage to get so much done in such heat. My hat's off to you! Are those two big pots the ones you and your DH rescued from the curb a few years back? Well, happy painting! Don't overdo!


Dewena said...

Breathtaking shots of the morning sun turning the clouds gold!

To have missed that sight, and the pictures, would have been a shame.

Melanie said...

The stormy sky pictures are so pretty! We had quite a boomer here last night in northern IL and now it looks like we're going to get another storm here any minute now. It's been very hot and humid, so I'm not surprised. Great job on the thrifting - that's my kind of shopping and bargains! I like the arrangement around the AC unit. I think it looks really nice. Have a great weekend!

Nancy J said...

Your new find, to find a place for it that makes it stand out? can you make the AC unit a feature, rather than a functional unit? I know it has to be there, but a frame of things around it, a shelf under, or those new hearts? The rose is the most beautiful one.

MartiDIY said...

Beautiful colors in your cloud pictures. And lucky you for getting rain. It sprinkled here for almost 5 minutes last night. I was so excited when I heard it start and then remembered I had stuff outside that shouldn't get wet. Ran outside and pulled it all in the garage, and by then the rain was done. Bummer.

Great finds at the thrift store. Love the shoes. I bet you will be visiting that store more often now.

Jean Campbell said...

Thanks for showing us your street. I didn't imagine it that wide, nor busy -- not this morning, of course.

Something BIG underneath the air conditioner and then other pretties drawing attention away?

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

So glad I stopped in today. What a nice morning with those colors.
I like how you're catching the water from the AC. That bucket fits right in with the display.

Mrs. E said...

Your clouds are beautiful! You flowers are always lovely, but the light and those clouds...! Also, I've hearing about She Sheds--the female equivalent of a Man Cave--and I thought about your cottage immediately. LOVE!

Consider It All Joy said...

Beautiful color in the sunrise! Great roses, I always love your flower photos!! I'm glad you got some rain, we need some too but California needs it the most, way too many fires there! Blessings, Cindy

Rebecca said...

What a great idea - to paint the heart patterned fret work for that door! Can't wait to see it.

The silhouetted photos of sunset are absolutely gorgeous.

Great buys at the thrift store! Isn't it gratifying? And I'm sure you'll find just the right arrangement for your back porch. Seeing the photo will help you get it "perfect". Each and every piece that is already there are interesting and (I'm sure) have a story :)

We save our water from the dehumidifier (sort of like you use your air-conditioner's water)...

And I have statue envy! There, I think I've covered everything except how beautiful the roses are.

Jessica Jarrell said...

Those pictures of the sky are just amazing. Captured at the perfect time! I also love that piece of art you picked up, so unique. I don't know what it is about aging, but I enjoy unique so much more now than I did when I was younger. Hope you are having a great weekend! :)

Terry said...

Hi Lorraine!

Beautiful photos! I love the planters on either side of the shed. Are they homemade? I have something similar, but quite a bit smaller, that a dear family friend made.

I so enjoy your blog. Thank you for taking the time to post. You are inspiring me to get blogging again.

With gratitude,

Debbie Harris said...

Even in the storms there is beauty.
Your photos are lovely, Lorraine.

Have a wonderful week.

Kit said...

Lovely photos! And I love your great deals. You are a great shopper. Love the shoes. I am busy getting ready for school to start on Wed. I am so excited! Have a great week! Kit

M.K. said...

This felt like such a peaceful post, FL.. In spite of the thunderstorms! Your clouds and morning colors are truly stunning. Living near the ocean gives one such amazing skies. Your place continues to look just lovely!