Thursday, June 11, 2015

Blue jay, blooms, bartering


Good evening Folks ~ I hope you are all doing well. We got a short, heavy rain yesterday and that was good.  We could use some more and it is predicted, time will tell.  Predictions do NOT always come true.

This morning as I was washing dishes I looked up to see a blue jay just sitting on the rim of the huge bird bath.  It just kept sitting there, so I raced into the other room for my camera, praying it would still be sitting there when I got back. It was. While taking pictures, I realized that this was a fledgling. The parent was in the palms nearby.

The first two photos were taken from inside.












Fernleaf Lavender, Lavandula pinnata




Tahitian Gardenia


Unknown miniature rose


Bartering Smile

I have been following the blog Hartwood Roses for quite some time now.  Connie grows around 600 roses at this time. Her gardens have a “special emphasis on rare and historic varieties, and popular classics that are well-suited for modern gardens.”

You can visit her website to read more. Hartwood Roses. She did close the public nursery in 2012, but still grows roses. She loves roses.

You can also visit her blog Hartwood Roses. You won’t be disappointed.

Besides her love of roses, she also loves restoring her lovely old home and she loves Greyhounds, and has other sweet critters that she loves dearly as well.  I think her latest addition to her family was adorable Winnie.

Anyway,  this past Sunday she had an open garden and in a blog post told about roses she was going to have for sale. I thought, oh my gosh, I want at least one, so I emailed her and said I would like to buy two but under my present circumstances, couldn’t really afford that.  Then I got the idea to ask her if she might do a trade. She emailed back and says she loves to barter, so that’s what we did. She told me to pick out a heart to send her and she would send me two roses. I was thrilled!

I had picked out a ‘Cemetery Musk Seedling’, and she suggested ‘Ruth’s Wavy Leaf Noisette’. Both are ‘fragrant’ which is something I love in a rose. A rose just doesn’t seem right if it doesn’t have a wonderful scent.

In trade, I sent her this heart, which is covered in ‘roses’.


Bartering with Connie, inspired me to create another heart. I crocheted a rose using a new pattern I found online. The rest fell into place as I stitched. This will be going into my Etsy shop in a day or two.



Wednesday was 30 months since my dear husband left this planet for his heavenly home. It seems like yesterday sometimes, other times it seems like  how can it be that many months ago. I miss him every single day. Being a widow is lonely, especially in the evenings. But, I am getting into my own little groove and am enjoying all that I am blessed with.

As I was getting breakfast ready, I took a big fat juicy strawberry to cut up on my oat cereal, and what a treat it was. The shape was no coincidence on that morning, it was a God-gift to me.


With that, I will close. Be thankful for birds, blooms, and bartering when possible. If you don’t ask, you won’t know.


P.S. I also sold two more hearts. I have to keep creating to fill my little shop. Working from home, you have to ‘keep at it’ and not procrastinate. It’s not as easy as just going to my job and collecting a paycheck. I’m trying to get into some kind of rhythm.  I really enjoy working from home. Thank you all for your encouragement and kind words.

P.P.S. Last night I stumbled across a BBC series called Rosemary & Thyme, on you-tube. I’m in love with it just from the first show. It is about two gardeners turned sleuths.  Anybody who loves to garden will enjoy this. Click on the link below.

Rosemary & Thyme


Bernie H said...

I just loved your Bluejay photos. How wonderful that it stayed around so long and posed so beautifully for you. Your Tahitian Gardenia caught my eye as well. It's a beauty!

It looks like you're going to get two rather lovely Roses from Connie. I think it's marvellous that you are able to do a swap and you both get beautiful things in return.

The strawberry heart was indeed a God-gift. Such a treasure to discover.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

I am sorry for your loss, and can see why it would still be difficult to learn to live with.

How wonderful! Bartering for something. The old fashioned way of commerce. And I love "the Old Ways." :-)

I got tapes of "Rosemary and Thyme" from the library. But was unable to fully understand their dialogue. -sigh-

But I loved their spunk! And the layout of the little flat they had, on the university grounds, wasn't it? Oh how I love, love, love to see what seems to be authentic sets. Especially in British tv programs. :-))))


Leslie Kimel said...

Oh, gosh, I love your bluejay pictures! The bluejay looks so cute and I'm so jealous of your amazing birdbath.

Your new heart is wonderful!

Ruth Hiebert said...

Great shots of that Blue Jay. Your hand work is so beautiful. I do agree with you that sometimes it seems that my dear one just left and other times it seems like he has been gone forever.

Terra said...

That was an ideal trade between you and Connie. I love her blog too. Your bluejay photos turned out very pretty.

GretchenJoanna said...

I agree about roses, how they should be aromatic :-)
It's helpful to me that you mention missing your husband still. I just finished reading *When Husbands Die* and it was interesting to read the experiences and feelings of the widows in the book, some of whom had been widowed less than a year before, all the way up to those whose husbands had been gone 6-10 years. I don't expect to get over missing my husband, but I can see that the pain is already evolving and not as debilitating as even a few weeks ago.

KathyB. said...

I love the BBC 'Rosemary & Thyme 'series ! I also love your needlework and think you and Connie are going to be happy with the bartering. I will be checking out her blog because of you.

Blue jays are so flashy and fun to watch.

I know what you mean about getting into a "rhythm " when it comes to working at home. So many distractions, especially the distraction of the work needed in our gardens. Weeding, watering, working, repeat !

Julene said...

Your post was fun to read and I know what it is to pray a bird won't fly away before I can get to the camera! Having a birdbath within view is a lot of fun and provides a little entertainment and a feeling of well being! Your bartering is a great way to get what you want. Keep on and thanks for sharing!

Debbie Harris said...

Good Morning dear Lorraine!
Sigh... I needed this wonderful heart warning post today.
Your blue Jay moment was precious and those photos near the fountain, WOW! I find those moments gifts from God.
When I would visit worth my parents in Arizona, my dad and I would sit by the pool that was at their apartment and watch the doves come and drink from the steps in the shallow end. It was something He and I did alone. Well, God has placed a huge flock of doves in our yard. We have never had doves before now. This morning when I looked out our bedroom window there were three huge doves sitting elegantly on rocks in our rock garden, posing as if just for me. A gift from God,I just know it.

When I saw your strawberry, a "God gift" for sure, it made me cry.
Isn't our great God beyond amazing?!

I am sending much love and hugs to you, my sweet friend.
The Lord bless you~ Debbie

Sallysmom said...

Your bluejay photos are amazing! I have my birdbath so I can see it out the dining room door. I love watching them bathe.

M.K. said...

This is all such happy news! I love the two roses you chose, and I so agree that the aroma is the icing on that cake! I don't much care about how elegant a rose looks, if it smells like dirt :) That rosey smell!
Bartering is wonderful. And your hearts are selling! Yay! May it continue! They are so lovely.You will fall into a rhythm of working a particular time of day, or even working more in certain seasons. I do that with my yarn work, much more in the cooler months.
We love Rosemary and Thyme in our house, my girls and I esp. Fun show :)

L. D. said...

The bluejay looks like he was a youngster. He would have been more frighten of you if it was an adult. Your work is very good. I will be checking out the rose site. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Hartwood Roses said...

You make me blush. I adore my embroidered heart ... the stitches are each absolutely perfect. I am very glad that you like your roses.

I told you last week, bartering is my favorite form of currency. We trade things that we make, sharing our passions, and there is no better $$ than that.

Diana Studer said...

How gracious of the little blue jay to trust you and sit quietly.
I'm sure your embroidered heart has already sold - such a delight!

I remember Rosemary, and Mrs Thyme huffing - no one remembers MY name!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

That fountain is beautiful. Nice shots of the blue jay.

Susan said...

You got some great shots of the adorable blue jay. How lucky to enjoy this little birds venture in your garden. Your new roses are lovely and how nice that she traded with you. Glad to hear your Etsy shop is doing well.

Jane said...

What a nice barter. The tale of the strawberry is very sweet. The bluejays around here love to eat the food we put out for the stray cats. One time I looked out on the porch and a bluejay was eating the cat food and the cat was just lying nearby, relaxing. Talk about a peaceful kingdom!


Rebecca said...

Oh, my! I could look at the bluebird and statuary for hours! What beautiful photography. And I can't put into words how happy I am that you discovered "bartering". I think this is going to work for you in ways you can't imagine.

Speaking of you tube, Gary and I watched an episode of Around the World in 80 Gardens last night - India. It was worth watching the whole hour just to see the LAST part - Nek Chand's rock garden. Just amazing!

Jeri Landers said...

Congrats on your shops success, you deserve it because you do lovely work. I purchased one of your early pieces, a tiny you remember? That bluejay was a real ham! GREAT pics of him!

Beedeebabee said...

What a lovely post this is. I enjoyed every last bit of it! Not only the young bluebird, but that birdbath itself is beautiful. The roses you will be receiving are quite lovely, and your stitched hearts are both exquisite...such talent you have! :) I've been a fan of Rosemary & Thyme for quite some time. It's such a good series. Loved your heart shaped strawberry, and the day it appeared. That was so very touching. xoxo

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

What an interesting post. You had me at the blue jay who just kept posing and posing for you! Pretty roses, heart shaped strawberries and your hearts..oh my.

Off to vist that blog now :) Have a great weekend and if you have some roasted peanuts in shell to throw out that blue jay will start to call YOU Mommy! :)

Deb said...

That barter deal was great for both of you - such a good idea. I've never watched that series so will have to check it out! Sounds good. I love the bird and flower pictures. Glad you got some rain. The heat has settled in here so I would love a cooling shower.

Consider It All Joy said...

Yes, the widow thing, I totally get the loneliness! I'm so glad that you have your little etsy shop and your flowers to keep you busy! That is a good thing! I love the blue jay, we don't get many pretty bird here, maybe to hot for their feathers, not sure, that's something I miss about living in the high country! Many blessings to you, Cindy

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Lorraine,
I always enjoy your eclectic posts. I also do what you did with the bluejay when I take photos of critters. I don't always start from inside, but do start from a distance, and then get closer. That way, if they are scared off, at least some photos will have been taken.

It's awesome that you got to barter for a couple rose plants.

Thanks for the link to Rosemary & Thyme. Larry and I watched a few episodes of it, and I'm not sure why we didn't watch more.

~ Dixie said...

Wonderful pics of the fledging bluejay. He/ she posed so nicely!
Great trade. I recently made one too, and I am more than pleased with the outcome!
I love your hearts ~ so beautifully made.

Kit said...

That last pic of the bird is wonderful! Such a lovely specimen. Glad your store is doing well. :) I still smile at all the lovely pieces I own from you. Hugs, Kit

Lynn McIntosh said...

Hi Lorraine, I love your beautiful bluejay photos! And such a beautiful birdbath! I'm so glad you found the Rosemary and Thyme series - They're so spunky riding around in her "wagon" and the scenery is just gorgeous! I wish they would've made more episodes. Your hearts are so special - truly lovely!

Janneke said...

The pictures of the Bluejay on the bird bath are stunning. You are so lucky to be able to see that and make photos, love it. I am for the first time here via Hartwood Roses. Your embroidered hearts are wonderful.
Regards from the Netherlands,

tina said...

What fantastic pictures of the blue jay! I think they are the most interesting birds out there and so pretty. What a lovely sight for you!

Traditional Simplicity said...

Hi!! I was popping in to say hi and had the blessing of seeing these amazing flowers. Because we don't have many flowers here in S. Co. when I need something pretty, I can come here and oogle over yours. I just wish I could smell them.

Thanks for sharing. I would love to get one of those beautiful hearts to hang on the door of my craft room. You are so talented.

Hugs to you,

Deb said...

Hi Lorraine - I popped over from Kathy's. How lucky you are to have that beautiful blue-jay pay a visit. How cute is that! I would love to see a wee one as I know there are some around our property. I have been seeing blue-jays around our feeders all of Spring. I was sure there was a nest in one of our mature maples but no luck yet. Love your photos. Deb