Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Blues Dispeller part 3 and more


Good morning Folks ~ I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was great and that your Christmas holidays will be filled with love, peace and joy.  It’s hard to believe Christmas is right around the corner.

Tomorrow morning a friend of mine is coming over to help me with getting trees and decos down from the attic.  DH and I used to do this, with me in the attic handing things down to him that I wanted to use each year. Last year and the year before I did it myself and it’s just too much trying to negotiate the stairway/ladder pulled down from the attic and carrying boxes too. I am thankful for her help. I met this dear lady at our widow’s group and she and I have become good friends.  We live pretty close to each other too.  I am thankful to God for bringing us together at this time in our lives.

Ok, here is the final set of photos from my last visit to the Mounts Botanical Gardens. I went back a week later just to go to the nursery area, and the beautiful brugmansias had both lost most of their flowers, so my trip the week before had been prime time for seeing them.

These gardens must be visited several times a year in order to catch things when they bloom. This was the fall season. I’m looking forward to the next visit, whenever that will be.

Click on pictures for larger view.




Nice array of plants here.




Didn’t get the name of these trees, but the one in the middle was loaded with fruit.




Lizard found by one of the volunteers at the gardens.


The End.


Here’s the extent of my Christmas decorating so far. This is in the bedroom on top of my dresser that is 45 1/2 inches tall.  You can see this from down the hall. I bought the tiny tree at Michael’s 40% off and the LED star lights at a dollar store, 2 strands to do the tree, so $2. Smile I may keep it simple like this, or I may add some small ornies with special meaning. Replicas of Michelangelo's David, and then one of Venus by Botticelli flank the little tree. Have had these for many, many years.



"May you have the gladness of Christmas which is hope; 
The spirit of Christmas which is peace; 
The heart of Christmas which is love."
Ada V. Hendricks



Cheryl said...

Lorraine, what a blessing to have found a friend to walk along beside you and help. I am sure that you will be a help to one another.

Since you have visited me at Thinking About Home, I have nosed around your blog a bit and have read your story. May you continue to know His grace as you walk this path!

I'll be back to visit again...

Nancy J said...

The garden has some stunning plants, and did I see a turtle on the rocks? Your tree, what a great start to the season, not sure if we will put ours out, maybe a mini one. After all, Hugh has so many lovely pine branches out there to choose from. Hugs. Jean. p.s. friends are diamonds in our lives.

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi lorraine......your post touched my heart this morning....with your "special" situation and the holiday season in full swing. It is always so wonderful to see a lady as yourself "just keepin on keepin on" as they say.

blessings to you.


Ruth Hiebert said...

A friend like that is priceless. I really enjoyed the walk through the gardens.So much beauty everywhere. Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog.

Balisha said...

I love to visit botanic gardens etc. It's a way to let go of everything and just be peaceful.
Your little tree is special...So glad you have someone to help you.

Rebecca said...

You're ahead of me in the Christmas decorating department :) I'm glad you've found a friend to hand things down to! Ours are stored in the attic, too & require 2 people to do the honors. This year, I'm just not into doing the honors. We shall observe Christmas quite simply.

How wonderful to have a botanical garden nearby to visit throughout the year. I'm glad you take the photos to share, too.

Leslie Kimel said...

I love your pictures from the botanical garden--especially the one with the turtle and lily pads!

The little Christmas tree is so pretty. You have such a talent for decorating! You always inspire me to try to be more creative.

Deborah Montgomery said...

Good to have a friend to help, and probably safer, too! The gardens are lovely and must be so peaceful. Blessings to you.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Beautiful Christmas sentiments Lorraine. Love the garden images, so beautiful. How lovely to find the blessing of a new friend from the group.

Debbie Harris said...

The trip through the garden with you was just lovely, Lorraine.
Loved the turtle!
What a blessing the Lord has given you through your new friend. He takes care of His own, doesn't He?
May your Christmas be filled with the peace of God, deep within your heart.
Much love, Debbie

sweetbay said...

That's wonderful that you had someone help you get the decorations down, especially since it's a tricky task physically.

The botanical garden looks lovely and so tropical.

I enjoyed reading about how you and DH chose your house color. So imaginative!

Rebecca said...

Just had to come back and tell you "thanks" for introducing us to Love Your Garden! Gary and I have watched 3 episodes already - the last being the 90 year old woman. Wasn't she BEAUTIFUL?

Ilene Jones said...

Lorraine, you are ahead of me in decorating for Christmas. I usually don't do much, not having children in the house anymore.

But I have a box of some really special Christmas ornaments that I might hang from the fireplace mantle. Our neighbors have their lights up and it's pretty but we have foregone the hanging of lights outside because the climbing up on ladders to hang them and then take them down is kind of an unnecessary risk for us, considering how short the time is that they are left up.

Your botanical gardens pictures are very nice. Loved the one with the big turtle in it. Hugs..

M.K. said...

Happy Christmas! So glad you have a good friend to decorate with -- that makes ALL the difference. And thanks again for all the photos from your garden adventures. So pretty!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Rainey, so glad you had help; it's always in short supply now. I don't ask for help often so, when I do, people know I'm fairly desperate.
Merry Christmas!