Saturday, August 16, 2014

Whopper T-storms, blooms, another heart ;-)

Good morning Folks ~ Boy oh boy, did we ever have whopping thunder storms from around 1:30 - 5:30 p.m. Friday. I left work around 3:45 as the rain had let up a bit and I prayed all the way home, about a 30 minute drive, that no lightening would be happening when I got home. I have two gates that I have to open before I can pull into the driveway.  When DH was here, he used to have the driveway gate open when I came home. We'll, it was not raining, I opened the two gates and I got the van pulled up close to the house, shut the driveway gate, and was inside about 5-10 minutes at the most, when the thunder was booming right overhead. One was almost on top of my little cottage which shook and rattled, and so did I. I said 'thank you' to God right then that that didn't happen while I was shutting gates. 

Another thunderstorm happened on the way home yesterday afternoon, and I only opened the one gate to get into property and ran inside, then the rain and T & L started in earnest once again. This morning frog are croaking.

I went out and took photos this morning and the flowers are all dripping rain drops.
This is an unknown hibiscus from my friend Nanci.
This is Spicy Jatropha
The next several photos are of 'Kathleen'.
Next is 'Prosperity' growing with little care from me at the moment. Blooms are above my head.
I think this is 'Prosperity'.  I grew this from a cutting.
I don't know what the name of this rose is, but I bought two of these this past spring for $5 each. The curved pieces behind the rose are part of the brass headboard that is in my main garden. You can see the gazing ball from DH  for my birthday one year just behind. It's a metal ball and very pretty.
My friend Cathy, here at work, gave me a ball of neat ribbon-like yarn yesterday so I thought I'd try making a ribbon worked embroidered rose on a felt heart for her. I also added some French knot flowers in various colors. I stuffed it with some lavender too. It was fun, but I won't be using this ribbon for roses or leaves again, just not conducive to roses. It is colorful though and this turned out to be a happy piece.
I hope you all have a nice day today and a good upcoming week.
That's it for now.


Life holds so many simple blessings,

each day bringing its own individual wonder.

John McLeod


Sunray Gardens said...

The blooms are all lovely. The white Rose is sure a pretty one.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Your piece IS happy! And your flowers are beautiful. Of course, the hibiscus is my favorite. I have loved them since I was a little girl.

Have a great week full of sun, no humidity and no storms.
xx, Carol

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...


Mrs. E said...

I think DH is still taking care of you! He might not be opening gates, but he is making sure you are safe while you do it!

Sheri - Creative Spaces of S. Fla. said...

I just love the hearts you make Rainey! They are so precious! I am sure they bring so much joy to their recipients. :)

Those storms were just awful and scary here too, so glad you got through them safely! We had some of the worst lightening and thunder in our neighborhood that I have ever seen. It seemed like it was right on top of us. I was definitely saying my prayers as well. :)

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Best wishes,

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

I am like you........I love the rain , but not the lightening. Beautiful flowers! I love your stitched heart! So cute!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

What a lovely stitched piece! Your flowers are so beautiful.......and with raindrops! Lightening to me is most scary. My grandmother was struck twice in her life by lightening and hearing her tell me about it has always made me afraid.

Southern Lady said...

So glad you made it in without the lightning. Your flowers are lovely, as always! -Carla

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Looks like the Hibiscus is tearing up.

GOOD that some rain is coming your way and to know you are okay and did not blow away.

lil red hen said...

The piece you made for Cathy is beautiful! Such lovely colors in the threads!
I wish I had only a touch of your green thumb! Your flowers always look sooo pretty.

L. D. said...

The quiet after a storm seems so quiet and the flowers and trees drip water softly. Your flowers look great and the water drops are great to see.

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

That is a beautiful heart and I know she will adore it. I love seeing pretty flowers, but there is something about them with rain drops that make them more pretty.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Your photographs are beautiful. I agree with Tammy; the hibiscus does look like it has a tear coming down. I especially loved the white Prosperity rose. It's a beauty. It looks so fresh and pretty with the raindrops sparkling on its petals and leaves.

Your new stitchery piece is very pretty.

I am always nervous about being out in thunder and lightening. Glad you got in before the storm got there.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The flowers are so pretty and that little heart really does look happy.

Darcie said...

Why can it be that L&T can be so frightening? I like a good old rain storm, but for the most part I can do without the L&T. Glad you are safe an sound. :-)

Barbara Barth said...

My mother in St.Augustine has been having big storms too. They are scary. As always your flowers are lovely. The roses my favorite. And I love the little heart for Carol. Thinking of you! Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorraine, I love your array of beautiful flowers and your creative heart!

Hope you are well n happy :)

lemonverbenalady said...

Love all of your beautiful flowers and embroidery! A big hug from me to you! oo LVL and The Herbal Husband

Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, Sorry about all of your storms (we are in need of some rain desperately here)--but glad that you were able to get into the yard/house and stay DRY...

Love your flowers... That one in the header is AWESOME... Love it so much!!!!

The heart is beautiful. You just have so much talent.

D. Baksai said...

We don't get much rain out west so it's beautiful to see rain on the flowers like that. Just love your pictures!
Blessings to you, enjoy the rain!

Julie said...

Hope she liked her heart you made! It's so pretty and very colorful, which is my middle name!!! LOL.

Love your flower shots!

xoxo- Julie

Val said...

Ooh! I love that heart, Lorraine! If you ever (want to do and have time to do) do custom orders in your etsy shop, I'll happily request a Val one. I love how colorful this is. You're so talented.

gld said...

That is a happy piece!

Your rains sound lovely, even with the thunder and lightening. We would welcome it here.

The roses and other flowers are gorgeous.

M.K. said...

Beautiful roses (esp. the prosperity) , and I really do like that ribbon yarn around the edge of the heart. It looks good. We also had huge thunderstorms/rain (deluge) yesterday afternoon into evening. Quite a storm! But today is sunny and warm. We folks who live near the ocean must get used to such things, I guess!

Debra Howard said...

Glad you are ok after the thunderstorms...I know they must be scary at times. Your flowers are so beautiful!

Priscilla @ Homegrown Delight said...

Beautiful garden blooms. I'm afraid of thunder and lightning! That was scary. It's nice finding flowers that are dripping raindrops, how lovely and peaceful. I love your hibiscus. I think we have hibiscus in the front of our house, we have like 5 plants and I didn't know what they were when we moved here. They're red. I'll probably write a post since I took a pic and perhaps you can help me identify them, ha ha! Have a nice week! :)