Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dog days of summer


Dog days

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The phrase dog days refers to the sultry days of summer. In the Northern Hemisphere, the dog days of summer are most commonly experienced in the months of July and August, which typically observe the hottest summer temperatures.

sul·try  ˈsəltrē/


adjective: sultry; comparative adjective: sultrier; superlative adjective: sultriest 

(of the air or weather) hot and humid

synonyms: humid, close, airless, stifling, oppressive, muggy, sticky, sweltering, tropical, heavy;


That is the weather down here in s.e. FL. September is usually more of the same.  We might get hints of fall coming then, but they are just that, ‘hints’. We’ve had partly cloudy skies for two days with no rain. I did mow last week, except for one little patch. I had a couple of piles of weeds and vines to be picked up in that area and was just too pooped to do that, so called it a day.  I am so thankful for air conditioning.

I went out this morning for a little walk around and spied a bright green critter on the wall of cottage. I came in for my camera and he was still in the same spot when I came back out. He’s a rather small one, we’ve had longer/fatter ones.  They are not native.



I went around the patio to the other side to get pictures from that angle. He’s on the bottom right below heart. (I found these two hearts right after my dear husband left this planet. They were a thrill to me, especially because they are hearts.)



Look at the ridge along his back. He’s quite bumpy all over on his little hide.


Now for some pretties from the gardens.








I made three more needlework pieces last week. I got more bead supplies and some silk thread too this past week, so am looking forward to creating more.



This heart has lace and freshwater pearls plus two kinds of seed beads.


I have orders for one of my pincushions, (I’ll stuff them fuller this time.) I gave this one away to a friend who embroiders and she loves it. She didn’t care that it wasn’t stuffed as full as it should be.


and someone else wants one of my little embroidered covered journals, that I’ve put uplifting scripture verses and photos from my garden in. I had to get more ink for my printer in order to print the scripture and photos for journals.

Below some of the journals made last year awaiting scripture and photos.


Now here are pictures from today.

The marble work surface is under there somewhere. Smile


Me desk/work surface. I blog from here for myself and for Friends Needing Friends widows blog.


Here are the supplies I got this past week from two different places.

The bead mat is nice, three came to a pkg.. I got another pkg of 4 very thin big eye beading needles too.  They are really neat.  They are two needles soldered together at both ends so that there is a long split for threading which you separate. Much easier than trying to thread a smaller eyed needle. The long silver tool is a scoop for picking up beads to put back in containers and there are six of those little triangle scoop trays. They work great too.


These beads are size 15, very tiny, and I’m more comfortable with the size 11, but I’ll use these. As you can see, I started on another heart. I can’t help it.


I found this free pattern online yesterday.  Aren’t these cute? I need to embellish them, just not sure how yet. One is cream and the other is an ecru.


I’ve had this pattern a few years now.  I just found the free vintage angel print online yesterday and used the face. I’ve still more embellishing to do with her too.


I’ve got ideas for projects for inside my little cottage, for the workshop, etc. all running around in my mind. I’m really looking forward to cooler weather.

I’m listening to Spanish guitar music which I love. It touches my soul. We lived in Spain while DH was in the US Navy, and he bought an acoustic guitar and that was the beginning of his guitar playing. He played an electric guitar for many years too, plus the harmonica. (When he was a teen he played the drums and the base guitar.)

I hope to catch the super moon tonight.  I saw it this morning when I first opened the blinds in the bedroom, I thought WOW, not knowing about the super moon then read about it later online. Moonrise is at 7:54 EST.

I hope you all have a great week, at work, at home, whatever you do.



Julie said...

What a post! First, I believe your lizard is a Knight Anole. He looks like the one we just saw in a cage at Jonathan Dickenson!!! Nice looking guy!!!

Love your bead stuff, and all the beautiful things you have made! You are so creative.

Darn the rain and heavy clouds. I'm going to keep checking the super moon as long as I can possibly stay awake!!!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I'm missing the Super's cloudy here and expecting rain for the next two days. we got to work outside a few days this week because the humidity was down and temps were 80 with a breeze.

I absolutely love your needlework, especially the lace and pearl heart. So glad you are stitching again.
xx, Carol

Nancy J said...

Your hearts and pin cushions, the nicest, and I see you have a pottery " Circle of Friends" our older daughter has one that looks the same. Is the green ?? a gecko? A type of lizard?? Gorgeous green. And as always, superbly stunning flower blooms, did I see " Hugs & Kisses" in there. Hugs, Jean.

Val said...

That garden statue just SENDS me. Beautiful! Mike and I both tried to get good pictures of the moon tonight, but neither of our cameras was quite up to it. It's awesome, though, glowing coral-peach. So much beauty.

Deb said...

I love all your handiwork. You are so very talented! So nice that you have a new "little green" friend who has come to visit. Try to stay cool this week. Hugs from Arizona!

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

Whenever I hear the dog days of summer I remember my Mom. She always said that. We are having a mild August so far here. Love your heart needle work they are very pretty.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

It's always lovely to see your craft work Lorraine and to go along for a walk through your amazing garden. I adore lizards - this is the brightest green one I've ever seen! I wonder what type he is if not a native?
I'll be waiting for the moon too.

Jean Campbell said...

Anoles are part of my greenhouse pest control crew along with green peeper frogs.

Your needlework becomes more impressive every time I see it. Exquisite patterns.

Sultry was one of my mother's favorite descriptive term for summer weather. When she said it, sultry had several syllables, emphasizing just how hot and humid a day could be.

Maryann said...

We were able to catch the super moon last night, it was beautiful! Took a picnic to the beach and watched it rise, camera on the ready of course. i love your needlework, especially the hearts. Our summer hasn't been as sultry as years past, and for that I am thankful, hope you have a wonderful week

NickiLee said...

Hi Lorraine,
I've so missed chatting with you. I see you've been keeping yourself rather busy with all your gardening and stitching. Always so much fun to see what you are up to. I'm back to blogging and hope to stay better in touch.
Nicki Lee

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Your lizard is larger than than the ones we have here. I do like your handiwork, you sure are fast! What kind of thread do you like to use when beading. I use to use lingerie thread, its sturdy but oh so thin.

Try to say cool.

Balisha said...

You made me so hot....describing the heat. Hot, sultry, sticky, muggy.......oh my, I need a fan.

I loved seeing your little visitor. He looks so pretty with the colors of your flowers.

Those two hearts were a wonderful find for you...loving hearts as you do.
Have a cozy evening...doing your handwork.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Never thought I would say this,but that lizard is cute.I am so done with the heat of summer and lack of energy that comes with it.At least that's what I'm blaming it on.Have a great week.

shirley said...

We saw the super moon here too. I took photos for my blog but not as good as the real thing.
Love all your creations Lorrains, they are beautiful..a very talented lady.
That lizard is extraordinary with his gorgeous green colour.
Hope the weather begins to cool for you soon.
Thanks for the tour round your work spaces.

Sunray Gardens said...

Not sure I would want to find lizards in the yard but he is cool looking.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Betsy Adams said...

Hey Talented Lady..... I always am so impressed when I read your blog posts. You have SO much talent--and I'm in AWE of that.... Wow!!!!

AND--your flowers are always gorgeous too..

We have not had a hot summer here YET--but they say that the last two weeks of August will be scorchers here... I dread it--but am thankful to have had as many Summer cooler days this year, more than usual.


Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

The critter is a pretty green. I'm thinking not native is probably not good. Up here, winter keeps not native animals that people let loose from sticking around. I keep hearing how Florida is having a problem with the boas and stuff that are eating the native animals. I've read there's a number to call for the snakes. Don't know about lizards. Your bead work is so pretty. Always nice to see what you're working on.

Marti said...

Wow, that is some lizard! I've never seen such a bright green one. I hate to say it, but when the heat and humidity gets to me, I think to myself that at least I don't live in Houston or Florida. ;) But like you, we won't get any relief until October. Maybe the end of September, but usually October. I'm counting the days. I've talked myself into believing it's just a month and I can hang on for a month.

Jeri Landers said...

The journals are just beautiful, I love your ribbon work. That little green guy reminds me of the pets I had as a child; yes, I had green chameleons and turtles. Problem was, they never lived very long... they should have been left in the wild.

KathyB. said...

What a stunning green lizard. He looks like a piece of art himself.

Your work is so lovely and there are so many precious details in each piece. I can almost picture you stitching in your cozy home.

M.K. said...

Hi, FL -- your embroidery pieces are so very pretty! They seem to get nicer and nicer. That Christmas tree made my heart happy -- I love Christmas :)

Your lizard is quite large, isn't he? He seems big and hard-looking to me! I'm used to small, soft ones. It's neat that you have so many creative ideas flitting in your mind at once. My creative juices often feel rather dried up. I think I'm too busy, or too tired.

Keep beading away!!

Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...

love the work of your hands and your work space is adorable. I don't know how people do without a little space of their own, although with Dave gone, this space is HUGE. love your Einstein quote as well...truth!

Debra Howard said...

Surprisingly after such hot summers the past 3 years this one has been downright heavenly. Yes warm but I will take the 90's over 127 any summer! You are free to share that extra "sultry" moisture this way if you like.