Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Plum Cottage happenings, needlework, music

Good morning Folks ~ Thank you all very much for your kind words in your comments and emails for our 44th anniversary, and for your prayers too. I made it through the day and I am thankful for that.
Life goes on and Saturday as I started up the van to head for work, I heard a terrible clunking/knocking noise under the body. I had heard this a couple of times before, but not like that morning.  The mechanic I use is just a couple of blocks south of where I work, so I prayed all the way to work.  The noise was intermittent, but sounded like something was going to fall off.  I made it to the mechanic, told him what was going on, and he drove the van with me as passenger so that he could hear it and did, thankfully. Ya’ know the stories of how people take their vehicles in because of a noise and it doesn’t happen with the mechanic. Well anyway, he thought he knew what it was, dropped me off at work and called me later saying it was the motor mount, gave me a price and said it would be ready in an hour.  I am so glad it was nothing major.  He told me more than once that my van was really good and he liked it. It’s a Ford van from 2000, but in great shape, especially since the transmission was replaced, new tires, new wipers.  I think it’s a good van too, with low mileage and I am thankful for it.
The other day I decided to not do errands like I usually do, and was out working in the front gardens when I saw and heard the lawn guy pull up across the street.  I noticed on the side of his trailer that he had advertised that he does tree trimming and tree removal.  I need tree trimming. I hollered across 5 lanes of traffic, got his attention and he came over.  I told him my situation, showed him what I needed doing and asked for a price, he gave it to me and I accepted.  He’ll be here to do it in a couple of weeks as he had to go out of town. We had a nice conversation, which boosted my spirits, and I did shed tears while he was here, especially when he told me his name was ‘Mark’. When I told him that is my husband’s name, he said ‘Oh Lordy’. He lost his dad to cancer and his folks had been married for 52 years.  He said ~  I’ve seen how it is with my Mom and I can tell you that the grief does get easier. They gave his Dad 4-6 months to live without chemo, he told them he’d take his 4-6 months, he was ready to go to God.  He died in about 6 months. He did not want to go the chemo route, just as my Mark did not want to. I’ve known several people now, male and female, that went through chemo and all of the horror that goes with it, and they died anyway.  Their life was very painful going through all of that, physically and mentally, and for their loved ones as well.  I was blessed by our conversation because he told me to think of my husband being with God and that all is wonderful, no more pain, no more sorrow, no more having to deal with or think about all the wickedness of the world, etc. He said God was taking care of me too. After he left, I thanked God for working the whole tree trimming deal out, and for the uplifting conversation.  It made me feel very loved and comforted by God.
Working outside these days is still very hot and humid, but the sun is lower in the sky, not straight overhead and that makes a huge difference. I try to get out early so that I can work 3-4 hours.  It feels good and I am thankful.  I enjoy my gardens, and am working on condensing things to areas instead of being spread out, taking care of weeds and overgrowth and being thankful. There are butterflies, birds, colors, scents, textures all surrounding me, nurturing me.
The other morning I caught movement out of the corner of my eye outside the scullery window. I thought of how Miss Tork used to sit out there waiting for us to get up mornings. (Now she’s inside in the mornings so doesn’t do that anymore.) I looked closer out there and found a lizard resting on a rock. He’s a curly tailed lizard, and they are fast moving. When they are out and about their tails are curled up, not laying out straight like it is here. They are not native, but they do eat mosquitoes.
The night before our anniversary, I was in you-tube and a title of a movie caught my eye  ~~  Seven Days in Utopia. ~~  Robert Duval and Lucas Black.  Robert Duval has always been a favorite actor of ours, and Lucas Black we saw as a young boy in Sling Blade with Billy Bob Thornton.  We loved Lucas and I loved him in this movie, my DH would have enjoyed this movie too. I feel it was a blessing to me and no coincidence to my finding it when I did.  It is a movie about golf, but what a movie with a lesson for all of us to learn. SFT.  You can watch the movie to find out what that means.
When I went in to work Saturday morning after the mechanic dropped me off, there on the desk were two different orchid blooms left there by my girlfriend Cathy.  That was so sweet of her.  She knew my husband too, as we met she and her husband in 1980 and she’s also an artist and restorer.  They are sitting on the shelf in front of scullery window.
Rainlilies keep blooming.  They are such sweet flowers.  DH liked my toenails painted and I do to. I usually wear a nice deep burgundy color, but couldn’t find one I like. I have a widow friend who had painted hers a green color.  She said the color just spoke to her.  I remember wearing a pale glittery yellow when I was 14. Smile Who knows, maybe I’ll paint them the colors of the rainbow next.
Now, for my latest needlework creation.  I found the pattern online, and asked the lady who created it if it would be ok for me to sell my creation using her patterns, and she wrote me back saying yes.  (Some people post their patterns but you can only use them for personal use, not for selling.) I’m always looking for patterns that look antique, feminine, and free to use however I wish.
The white felt is just sitting inside, not been made into a pouch yet, as I couldn’t decide which color to use, white or a darker color. (I need to get more felt colors.)  This piece took hours to create, but I loved it and with the next one I will mark my time so that I know how long it really did take.  It’s called a Bridal Purse, but could be used for any romantic special event. I want to make it in different colors too and add beaded edging at the bottom.  I’m planning to stitch the top to the felt liner with beads on the outside too. Flowers and leaves are on both sides of this piece and placed differently.

This is with a dark blue felt inside. I like both, but haven’t decided which to use for this particular piece.
Below are macro shots of both sides.
This is me last night after a margarita with dinner, pan –braised chicken in olive oil, green beans and sliced tomato, and listening to and dancing to ‘Havana Moon’ CD by Santana.  This was a favorite CD of ours by one of our very favorite musicians, Carlos Santana. I could just picture my DH playing his guitar or his harmonica with this CD.  I felt good and so thankful last night.  God is taking care of me right here in Plum Cottage. DH is dancing in heaven.
‘Havana Moon’

‘One with You’
Carolos Santana wrote the following:
This is a song that I heard when I was a child. When my mom and dad had a lovers' quarrel, we would wake up at 3 or 4 am to the sounds of music approaching our window. My mother would get up to peek through the curtains to see if the serenading was for her. She would always cry when she distinguished my father's voice singing to her. When she heard this (studio version), she cried again.
Finally, in the words of Duke Ellington, "There's only good music and bad music." To me the criterion for good music all around the world are soulfulness and sincerity. Thanks for listening and God Bless you! ---Carlos Santana
‘Vereda Tropical’
I found a new album on you tube of Santana’s Music that came out last year right before my DH became ill. These next two spoke to my heart from that album. DH would have liked this CD. I’m going to have to buy this for myself.  A thought just came to me while looking at the cover of this CD, Shape Shifter.  That’s what happened with DH, his shape shifted from this earthly one to his heavenly one. WOW!!!! To think this came out in 2012, right before he left this planet just touches me deeply.
‘Never The Same Again’
‘In The Light of a New Day’

Well, we are having heavy rains at the moment and I’ve heard some thunder in the distance so I better wrap this up.
Love and hugs to all of you ~ FlowerLady


Gary said...

Some beautiful memories for you all around Lorraine. Listening to Santana theremade me want to dance myself! You have a Ford van....hey, so do we. Take care.

Dawn said...

I love the bridal purse against the blue background, it's very feminine and pretty - it covers the "something blue" part of that old poem....'something borrowed......
Have a wonderful Day, I'm glad the tree trimming guy just 'happened by' to raise your spirits.

Sandy said...

It's amazing how the Lord speaks to us through every day happenings, as He was doing through this man to you.
My husband and I have agreed should cancer ever strike--no chemo or radiation. We are ready to meet the Lord. Besides it has been proven time and again that going through those horrible processes do not guarantee one will recover from cancer. My niece chose not to have them and she is alive and doing very well four years later.
And your purse? Just beautiful! I love it!
Stay strong and keep learning and growing and being creative, dear friend.
Love & Prayers~

crafty cat corner said...

The little purse is absolutely beautiful, it just shows what you can do with a few crochet flowers. I personally like it on the blue.

Sallysmom said...

Lorraine, you are such an inspiration. I read your words and feel uplifted. Thank you for sharing.

Morning's Minion said...

I think it gives us all courage to read how you are blessed and helped through the ups and downs of each day.

Becky said...

Love the little purse and think it would look stunning in a dusty rose too. I'm glad you had a wonderful Anniversary of tender memories.

Leslie said...

Oh, wow, the purse you made is wonderful! I love it! It's so feminine and romantic--and it's beautiful in both the white and blue.

Sandra said...

I just love the purse, it is truly exquisite :)

Glad to know you're doing well, I've missed visiting you and I really wish that I had more hours in the day to do everything I need to AND be able to catch up with all my blogging friends.

Big hugs,

Betsy Adams said...

Love that photo of you --and I can see you listening to that music and dancing... SO SPECIAL!!!!!

Glad you have found a tree trimming guy who can help you. Sounds like a really nice young man.

Love your Bridal Purse.. So pretty!!! You are just so talented.


Rose ~ from Oz said...

Your post made me smile and touched me deeply, there's rarely a post from you that doesn't. :)
How totally amazing about the tree-trimming fellow.
I think your lizard is utterly beautiful, I ADORE lizards!
Thinking of you this weekend dear Lorraine.

Ilene said...

Isn't it wonderful how God introduces people into our lives with just the message we need at the time? Sometimes we are on one end of it, sometimes the other.

I think your little purses are just darling. They would make wonderful potpourri bags, as well, lined with nylon net or something like that. I used to have a crochet pattern for Christmas ornaments, it started with those round styrofoam forms, you'd crochet each half of the cover for the ball and then join it in the middle and adorn it with various crocheted flowers -- there was one that was decorated with red poinsettia, another with blue flowers that had rounded petals, a few other styles. I lost the pattern and I have looked for it for a long time. They make good gifts at Christmas time, they are so Victorian and unique. I wish I could find that pattern. Anyway, those little purses reminded me of them. Hugs from me to you....

Susan said...

It never fails to amaze me how the right people always show up in our life at the right time. Your tree guy is definitely a gift of grace. And, your friend Cathy is an angel! Wishing you a wonderful week!

KathyB. said...

Your needlework is exquisite and reading about the music I remember in my youth, well, it brings back memories. Thank-you for a pleasant visit.

I love the view outside your scullery and a lizard as a guest is a very nice way to start the day.

Barbara said...

Oh how fun it would have been to join you with a Margarita and dance to Santana. Love the music. Miss chatting. B