Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Soggy here at Plum Cottage


Good morning everyone.  Well, it’s morning here in s.e. FL. It’s right around 6:30, I’m sipping my first cup of two cups of coffee. 

Thank you to those who have emailed or commented to see how I am.  The last of Andrea was Saturday morning with one big thunderstorm with LOTS more rain.  I didn’t leave for work until an hour and a half later than usual, because of rain, thunder and lightening.  As it was, I still had to wade in water to get to the van and to open gates. The driveway was a river.  The ground is still soggy today.

Sunday I was able to get a load of laundry washed and hung out to dry as it was a sunshiny day, and also trimmed the secret gardens hedge and cleaned up the trimmings.  Monday I mowed early before doing errands, that afternoon I went to my first staff meeting for FNF.  I enjoyed it and getting to know some of the ladies a little more.

Yesterday morning I got out early again and weedwacked and raked and bagged the debris.  I ‘plan’ to get out and do some more this morning as I just can’t do it all at one time.

The past week I worked quite a bit on the new blog for FNF.  The founder/director, Dotti, loves it. I am honored and thankful to be able to do this. Dotti is a sweet, fun lady to work with.  I feel blessed as this has given me something to do to help other widows.  I first wanted to help widows when our dear Aunt Ruthie lost Uncle Wilbur but even more so once I lost my dear husband Mark, in December 2012. I wanted to connect with widows and God led me to this wonderful group which is growing.

I do have some flower pictures for you. I have lost some plants due to too much rain for three weeks and still squishy grounds. Weeds, of course, are having no problem growing.

Clock vine


Rose leaf Sage




A tiny sunflower


More sunflowers.









06-10 ~ the weedy, overgrown little back garden.


06-10 ~ This sunflower should open up today or tomorrow.


Yesterday, after lunch, I laid down for a nap.  While laying there I just felt so peaceful. I think it was the first feeling of this since Mark left the planet to be with our Creator. I had paid bills earlier, the checkbook balanced, I had done some gardening, the new blog had been worked on again,  and I had posted to my Continuing Journey blog.  I lay there knowing God is taking care of me in many different ways. He is working all things out.

Today is a new day, may I rejoice and be glad in it.

Thank you all again for your love, support, friendship.




gld said...

I am happy to see you are in a better place these days.

I knew Florida was getting heavy rains; it was on cable. Hope it is over now and things settle down.

I love the darker shades of the sunflowers but have never grown them.

Have a good rest of the week.

lil red hen said...

You inspire me with your positive attitude. Isn't it wonderful to be able to putter around in those beautiful flowers!

Anonymous said...

My goodness at the rain we've had! I'm backing to staking my smaller trees as my foundation is clay and with all this moisture the trees not yet fully established get very wobbly. In fact, Andrea had a few leaning quite heavily. We're still getting afternoon thunderstorms, but that's to be expected this time of year. Love to see the sun shine in between though!

It warmed my heart to read about your peaceful state of mind. That is a blessing like none other.

Love and hugs ~


Ruth Hiebert said...

Some of those special feelings almost come as a surprise at first,but just enjoy them. God really does take care of us,even when we don't feel it. Love your pictures,as usual.

crafty cat corner said...

I'm so pleased that you are finding peace.
It's raining hard here at the moment. My only worry when it rains like this is that our feral cat may not come for his food.

Nancy J said...

Lorraine, I ditto words from lilredhen, Inspiration galore in your words, photos and everything you tackle each day. Hope the rain has eased, and all is OK in your garden. As always, superb photos, the blooms close-up are stunning. Fond greetings, Jean.

Susan said...

We are very soggy up here, too. Better wet than dry though. with all the rain it is hard to get some yard work in. So happy you've found a new project.

flowerlady said...

I am so pleased that you could lie and rest and hope that your heart at last can continue to be peaceful.Glad also to hear that the storm is leaving you,too early for sunflowers for us yet but I have just bought a sage like yours, you will have to check my post next week to see what I have planted with it.

Balisha said...

Sounds like a busy week for you. I'm so glad that you are finding this group of women and helping as only you can help.
We are getting rain right now...and storms are all around us. I better turn this computer off as it's lightning.
Blessings to you my friend,

Julie said...

Wonderful news on all fronts! Keep up the great work! You are truly blessed!!!!!

Heather said...

HI Rainey... sorry I have missed your last couple of posts, I don't know how I missed them, but somehow I did! Anyway, you sound so peaceful... I am indeed happy for you! ...and it seems like you have a purpose with the new blog and these interviews... wonderful you have found some new tasks which can be exciting, and your skills at blogging being put to good use.... wishing you more great days ahead! Cheers~

Sunray Gardens said...

Your blooms are lovely. Beautiful choices of Sunflowers. Glad you are having some peaceful days.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Lorraine, Glad you made it through the storm.. We've had alot of rain here --and it does do damage to plants/flowers. I noticed that some of our newer rose buds have brown spots on them --due to all of the rain I'm sure...

Glad you have taken on the job with the FNF. You will do great --and enjoy it.

Love your flowers. Isn't it neat to watch a sunflower evolve????


Kit said...

So glad you came thru okay! Glad all is going well in your little part of the world. Life is strange isn't it? It leads us in the most surprising way. :) Love, Kit

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorraine, your entitled to feel whatever you feel at any given moment over the loss of your dear husband and life partner Mark.
Each new day is different and
I think you are doing quite well. I'm proud of you!

Hugs and smiles ~:)

Sandra said...

No sogginess over here, just dry, dry triple digit heat and it's awful. I am so ready to get out of this weather.

I want to thank you for all your kind words and prayers for me, I truly appreciate you and you've given me wonderful advice which I always take to heart.

I know I haven't been by your blog lately with all the craziness going on in my life, but I can't wait for things to calm down a bit so I can come and visit more.

Love and hugs,

Gary said...

So glad to hear that Andrea has finally passed, and that things can return to normal once again. I love the glimpses of your garden Lorraine, and the close ups of the flowers. The sunflowers are wonderful. Have a good week.

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh my goodness Lorraine you have been through so much with Andrea!
Such a clean up job but nature has a way of somehow restoring life back to normal (and hope it will always be like that!). I am so pleased that you are feeling that lovely peaceful place in your heart since Mark departed!
You have worked so hard for that and lovely that you are working with the widows too.
I am so happy that you love your little heart so much. Nothing pleases me more than to bring a little comfort and beauty to those left in grief.
I'm presently caring part time for a friend, Andrea, with a malignant stage 4 brain tumor living here in a flat attached. She is so brave and courageous. I admire her so much.
Sending love and hugs and thank you always for bringng me back,

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Sorry it's all soggy there. You still have many lovely flowers. Certainly sounds like you are handling the daily tasks in good form and finding new friends and good projects for your many skills. Enjoy all the fun things you've discovered.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Enjoy visiting you
and always leave with a smile
and good feeling in my heart..

Marti said...

Our news hasn't been covering the weather in Florida. The only thing I have seen of that storm was on yahoo headlines. Having to wade to the car to go to work would be kind of scary I think. Were the roads to work under water too?

I'm glad you had a good day yesterday and hope more of them come your way.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Lorraine,
You have been a busy lady, as always! It felt so wonderful to me to read that you were having that feeling of peace for the first time.

Your blooms sure are looking good in spite of all the rain.

Thanks for your nice comment on my GBBD post. I sure am glad it is the gardening season!

Mrs. Mac said...

It's wonderful to read a post here ... I love the header photo with the gazing ball. You have been productive .. yet finding time to rest .. and you sound at peace. So happy to read how God is taking care of you. xxx Mrs. Mac

HolleyGarden said...

So glad you felt at peace. Your garden has such pretty blooms. Love the sunflowers, and prosperity rose. Nice to hear I'm not the only one with weeds popping up everywhere!

Han said...

I love the sun flower photos. Yes I think there is a caterpillar on the the yellow paper flower.

jerilanders said...

How happy to hear that you found that time of peacefulness, perhaps it is just the beginning of things to come! Aren't Sunflowers just the happiest of "people"?!

Balisha said...

Hope things are good for you and that you are busy doing what you love.

organicgardendreams said...

Dear Lorraine, I am glad to read that you are busy with things that give you a sense of fulfillment and personal satisfaction. As always the photos from your garden are a joy to look at. I especially love the Clock Vine, what a huge flower it is producing!

Morning's Minion said...

I haven't had much on-line time lately and just realized I hadn't seen a post from you pop up in awhile. It sounds like you are busy adn as well as you can be.
Stay safe in the storms.

Jean Campbell said...

My Alamo Vine is blooming.

June said...

I know that you have gone through a difficult loss Lorraine and love that you are reaching out to others to help and bring comfort to. I hope my sister finds someone like you to be a support to her. It is important that people who have been through the same loss help others with theirs. I remember after finding out my son was never going to develop like my other children and that he would be mentally and physically challenged all I could think about doing was finding other moms going through it too. What a blessing they were to me in a time when I was weak and scared. You will be that same great blessing to someone else my friend.
Your garden blooms are beautiful and I know it must be a haven for you too.
sending hugs...