Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hot and humid ~ summer is here!

Good afternoon Folks ~ I do hope you are enjoying your week. Summer has most definitely started down here in s.e. FL. It’s in the mid 80’s and feels like 98.  Humidity makes it awful for sure.  At least my dear husband doesn’t have to suffer through that this summer.  He’s where the weather is ‘perfect’.

I mowed and weed-wacked yesterday, trimmed vines, trees and shrubs this morning, pulled weeds too and washed and hung out a load of laundry. I can’t work outside after a certain time as it is just too dang much.  Had a couple of sprinkles as the laundry was washing, but that was it.  Some thunder later to the west of us, but no rain, which we could use more of.  We haven’t had any since Andrea dumped that last deluge on us a week and a half ago. I have to hand water things that are in containers as they dry out quickly.

Monday was my fourth meeting with my widow friends.  Here is the link to the blog and the day’s meeting.  You can look at tabs to get more info etc.  Friends Needing Friends

Flowers and weeds are growing like crazy.  I lost some things to the overly saturated ground from the rain, agastache and another sweet ground cover that was doing well.  Boo hoo!

But, I’ve still plenty of blooms drawing lots of butterflies and I am thankful.

Zebra longwing and hamelia paten blooms.  Hummingbirds love this also


Garlic vine blossoms


Hibsicus tree blooms in the driveway.  On the tree they are bright yellow. Hibiscus tiliaceus is a species of flowering tree in the mallow family.


Queen crepe blooms with palm and blue skies behind.


Gazania or blanket flower






Purple top verbena.  I love this. Bought it at the spring plant sale and the butterflies love it and I love how tall it is and seeing it sway in the breezes.






Front entry looking from the driveway


Start of front  path


Looking toward the driveway from entry patio


View of caravan garden


Now, below may not look like much to you, but to me, it means a lot. My dear husband was always drawing up plans for one project or another around here and I came across this one the other day and of course the tears just came. It’s little things like this that make me miss him every day.


I am thankful that he enjoyed working and creating with his hands.  He was that way from when he was just a boy. He would sit and build with his erector set while listening to Harry Belafonte on albums of his mother’s. He said whenever she put this album on he felt like building.  He liked using a hammer and nails, took shop in school, built furniture then for his bedroom at home.  In Spain we went to the woodworking shop on base and built furniture there out of teak. His dream was to have a work shop and we built one from the ground up and he loved it and so do I. It is FULL of all kinds of tools, lots of projects were created using those tools and I am using some of them now myself.  He did a lot of antique restoration for different people also. He was good. I miss working with him.

Here is the tune that he really enjoyed.  The music is fun and laid back.

Harry Belafonte - Matilda

Enjoy each day. Be yourself.



It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. 

e.e. cummings


tina said...

I sure don't envy you that humidity. It can make working outside so miserable. It's good you have some shade there. Harry Belafonte was fun!

His Sparrow said...

I understand how it can be coming across "those things". Did a bit of cleaning in the garage this am and got ambushed myself - blessings dear one. Please continue with the pics - just love those flowers of yours!

Leslie Kimel said...

I love the palm with the smooth white trunk. Is it a royal palm? It's like a beautiful sculpture.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Gorgeous flowers Lorraine, so uplifting. Coming across things like plans your DH did, really bring so much back.
Pleased you faired the deluge ok and did not lose too much of your beautiful garden. It really looks such a picture, reminds me of a story book. So happy that the widows group is going strong.
Thinking of you

Ruth Hiebert said...

Your yard and gardens look so lovely. I understand how finding something like this will bring the tears.It is not easy going on alone but go on we must.

Anonymous said...

Love your beautiful flowers- I'm tired just reading all the yard work you do in all this heat and humidy.
Hugs ~:)

Julie said...

You and your huby remind me of my mom and dad. He built so many things and loved his erector sets and model airplanes! Mom learned so much from him!!! They had a huge garage full of so many tools, gadgets, equiment...oh man it is still brother owns the house now and he has the garage still full of their goodies! Great happy memories! You and your hubby were a perfect couple! God bless you!!!
xoxo- Julie

Balisha said...

Hey, I was getting kind of worried about you. I know what you mean about running across things...I am doing that now. It's hard to get through grief like this.
Your place looks so tidy and colorful. I'm sure it's a lot of work to keep up...Do take care, Balisha

Mrs. E said...

Your gardens and landscaping just make me want to wander or sit and enjoy. Beautiful. And I love butterflies, too. I admire you for your ability to tackle all that yard work. And I am so glad you have a support group--I can't imagine going it alone, and I'm glad you don't have to!

Nancy J said...

What a lovely memento, super flowers, and Harry Belafonte, a great favourite too. Lovely path from the front, so peaceful and leading to some special shrubs and flowers. Greetings from Jean

crafty cat corner said...

You live in a beautiful part of the world but I don't think I could do the humidity. It's a bit like that here at the moment but once we get a thunderstorm it will clear.
Verbena Bonariensis is one of my all favourites as it can go between flowers and grow through them all, stands tall and looks ethereal in large amounts.
Lovely photos

Anonymous said...

That blanket flower is beautiful. I just love your gardens.

denimflyz said...

Love your garden photos, FL. I am so much in love with all of the plant life where you are. So stunning, so peaceful.
I know about coming across things that are special, and the tears come, doesn't matter how long ago, either. While moving, I have come across books my grandmother gave me as a child, and I was tearing up, silly, but the memories are still strong and special.
Take care, my friend.

It's Just Dottie said...

Everything always looks so very pretty. Flowers are happiness.Smiles, Dottie

lil red hen said...

I always love seeing the pictures of your pretty flowers, and appreciate the fact that you give us their names. We can never have our moisture just right, can we; when I made flower beds the trees were small. Now that they've grown, they sap the moisture right away and sometimes rain doesn't come in time to save the flowers.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Certainly summer here too but for us that means sunny, windy and hot.

Your hubby did a great job of drawing out plans. It does mean something to me. I took mechanical drafting in high school. Not my choice, but stuck as there wasn't another class I could take that hour. I learned a lot actually. He was very good at indicating all the measurements.

Han said...

Thanks for leaving your lovely comment on my blog.

The camera that I use my mum's Lumix super zoom. You can read about it on my mum's blog here

I love the pentas in your photo:)

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

What a lush and beautiful place to call home.

Amrita said...

sending you love and hugs