Thursday, March 21, 2013

Latest project ~ not planned

This is how it has been a lot of the time here. Go outside to do one thing and end up doing something else. Does that sound familiar? Our ‘modus operandi’ for years. I think that’s why we’ve always had so many projects going on at once.

This project came about because Miss Tork hangs out in our screened room which we named ‘the catrium’ off the back of our cottage.  Tuesday morning I heard cats yeowling, jumped out of my chair and ran out back to see what was going on and there was a strange cat I’ve been seeing lately.  For Pete’s sake. There weren’t any stray cats around when that mean pit bull was behind us, so maybe he was good for something after all, not that I want him back, because I don’t.  Life is more peaceful without him snarling and slamming into the fence whenever we were back there. Anyway, I digress.

So, I wanted to protect the screening which is plastic screen in the one area, and to keep either Miss Tork from busting out or the other cat from busting in. I had some white plastic lattice that I had brought from out back a week or so ago, and decided to see what I could do with it. I had two pieces that would work, I just needed to cut some off. My husband would use the jig saw to do this, so I went into the workshop in search of the jig-saw, saying a prayer as I went, because I didn’t know where this was.  If he was here he could have told me and I would know where to look, but alas.

I saw his saws-all saws up on a shelf, but didn’t see the jig-saw, then I looked downward a few feet and there it was. Hurray and a thank you to God was said. I was happy to have found it. I had not used the jig-saw before, but had seen my husband use it plenty.

Below are the tools I used that day. Pretty exciting for this girl, who always was ‘helper’ not ‘doer’. I loved helping my husband with all of our projects, and working on this project, while lonely, was still fun and I laughed thinking about what he would be saying, and I felt great accomplishment when I was finally done. I still may put a strip of pecky cypress wood ‘if’ we still have enough left from trimwork in the catrium, to use to cover the seam. (He found a load of pecky cypress wood curbside out west of town a few years back, but we used most of it up.)


I didn’t want to attach the lattice to the aluminum framework, so I started looking for 2 inch by 2 inch sticks. I found one, and cut it to fit with a hand saw.  Then I had to look for another one, and finally did. Cut it to fit, had to use shims with both. Smile  They are the side pieces. Then I had to find something for the center, then I needed a cross piece and found a nice thin one, maybe 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch thick, just had to cut it to the length that I needed.


I don’t have an unblocked view anymore, but that’s ok.  This feels more comforting and cozy now.  I will put some plants in the planter and a pot or two of something or other on either side.


Here it is from the inside. I noticed that the center upright, is slightly bowed, but it was all I could find, and I didn’t notice it until I was done. So be it. We always go with what we have, and it if has a slight imperfection then that’s the way it goes.


I am quite pleased with the results even if they aren’t perfect.

I may put lattice up to the left in the picture but then again, maybe not.  It is heavier plastic screen. I don’t want to be totally blocked in by lattice.


Thank you for bday wishes. I turned 64 years young yesterday, the first day of spring. I went to a local botanical garden yesterday morning. Had emptied my camera card and charged up my batteries, and the weather turned out to be perfect, predicted rain did not happen.  I couldn’t believe when I got home and stuck the card in my computer and it said I had taken 322 pictures. I did a quick glance at them, and not all of them came out but I’ve got enough to give a good presentation of this wonderful and peaceful acreage.  I’ll be posting that later as I’ve got to pick and choose, edit etc.

Last night my friend Nanci and her husband John took me out for dinner to a lovely Thai restaurant that my husband and I had enjoyed.  They had asked me where I wanted to go, they had never been and they loved it. We had a ‘great’ time and I felt love instead of feeling lonely for the evening. I did shed tears yesterday, but that’s to be expected when one loses someone they love dearly. Forty-three years is a long time and not having your best friend anymore is a new experience that you must learn to live with, hopefully gracefully and move forward, being thankful for each new day.

Some may get tired of my writing about my loss, but it is how I am dealing with my deep grief. The missing him will never go away, it will just not be so raw as time goes by. Each day almost brings some new experiences and I was thrilled with my latest project and can hear him saying ‘at-a-girl’.

That’s it for now. It is chilly this morning, but feels wonderful.  We will take days like this for as long as we are given them.  Summer’s heat and humidity will be here all too soon.



Balisha said...

Lorraine you are a treasure. I can just see the satisfied look on your face when you finished this project.It turned out so well and now your cat is protected.
We readers don't get tired of your posting thoughts about your "best friend." He was such a special person to you...and it will take time to heal. You are doing so well...if it helps to put it in a post....don't even think about what someone else might feel. We all love you and care....Balisha

Unknown said...

You did a great job on the lattice work. You'd be surprised how much you can see thru them but people can't see in and the animals can't get in or out. I've used about every tool my husband has used, we work together also and when I need something done if he is busy I can do it myself. I'm not one to sit around and just watch and usually I can read his mind and just hand him the tool he needs. We will be having our 43rd anniversary this July, we really gave Momma a workout on the weddings that year didn't we (only 10 months apart). I love hearing about your times together and don't let it bother you to write about Mark and your love for each other, there are not many couples who have that special bond that you two have. I love you sister, I'm glad you had friends to take you out on your birthday yesterday.

Gayle said...

You did beautiful work. You are an inspiration.... it would be so easy to give up on life, but you are finding a new way. May each day be more peaceful than the one before.

Nancy J said...

Please keep telling us everything, we read, comfort, share, and rejoice in your progress with all the "DIY" ( is that only a NZ acronym for Do-It-Yourself), yes Mark would be so proud, as we all are. He knows, and will be sharing your delight with each finished job. Beautiful flowers, fond greetings and very late birthday wishes, with love and hugs from afar. Jean.

Jane said...

Way to go Rainey!

Unknown said...

Happy 64th. You did a great job on the lattice. I'm glad someone took you out. Hugs.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Im a silly sausage missing your birthday yesterday, SO Happy Belated Birthday dear Lorraine.
Tire of you writing about your feelings? NEVER. (I wish blogs were around when I lost my beloved.)
I am so impressed with your lattice project, I have yet to use the dreaded hammer drill (which I have purchased) I've put it all together and just stare at it.
I think the Catrium looks just dandy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Lorraine! You've got a ways to go to catch up to me :)
I'd hire you in the blink of an eye. Well done, keep smiling and find joy in your life.

RURAL magazine said...

You are one amazing woman, handy, creative, and protective of your cat.

Never apologize for missing the love of your's beyond anything we can comprehend unless we have gone through that ourselves. You do whatever it takes to deal with it.

Happy Birthday, and I am so glad to hear that you had a good birthday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lorraine, I think you would enjoy the 'Green Cay Wetlands' in Boynton Beach much more than the Loxahatchee nat'l wildlife refuge.

Green Cay Wetlands has a lovely boardwalk and Nature Center. You are sure to see many birds and wildflowers. The people there are very nice and helpful. Google 'Green Cay Wetlands' to check what days the nature center is open. The wetlands are open everyday but holidays.

LNWR is not as nice and spotting wildlife is much harder and requires a lot of walking.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Happy Birthday. I missed wishing you on your day!

You did a great job with the lattice. I don't think I would have thought about the wood strips and not attaching it to the frame.

Mary Smith said...

HAPPY Birthday!!!

sharon said...

great job on the trellis wish I could take a soak with you under the stars...haha... It will look great with a vine...

sweetbay said...

Happy birthday!!

We're having a similar problem with a stray cat that's fighting with my cats through the back porch screen door. We've had lots of strays come through here but surprisingly never had fighting through the screens before. At night I've been putting up a piece of cardboard so they can't get face to face through the screen. Otherwise the sound of the tussling is just incredible!

Gary said...

Hi Lorraine,
All that helping obviously paid off. The end result looks great, and the upright looks fine to me.

BernieH said...

You've certainly done a fantastic job with the lattice. It's looking great, and I'm sure it will solve the problem of stray cats getting into Miss Tork's territory.

Happy belated birthday wishes! It sounds like you had a lovely day. That was an impressive number of photos you took at the Botanic Garden.

gld said...

Great job and I love how it looks.

I use power tools whenever I need to.
I am glad to see you using them. I am proud of you!

Belated Happy Birthday! I have 10 years on you......almost.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Lorraine, We never ever tire of your talking about your husband. Please don't EVER stop... You need to talk about him to help you with the grief AND to keep his memory alive.

Looks like you had a fabulous birthday. That was nice that your friends took you out to dinner.

I'm so proud of you --doing all of that lattice work. It looks GREAT. (I could never do that...)

Hope you have a good day and weekend.

flowerlady said...

Great job,love your post,had to visit as I have the same blog name.I also have all the same interests as you,how spooky is that !!!!,must be great minds thinking alike

tina said...

Happy Birthday to you! Great idea on the lattice trim to keep the screen from tearing. Boy those cats sure can go at it. I think the stray cat wants some of that good life he saw his friend Miss Tork enjoying. He'll be back I am sure!

Susan said...

Happy birthday Lorraine. Sounds like you had an enjoyable day at the garden and a lovely dinner with friends. I'm so impressed with your handywork. Wow, it looks like you were paying attention all those times you helped your DH. It's amazing how resourceful we can be when we have to be. :-) Keep moving forward!

jerilanders said...

Hello Sweetie, I send you a belated birthday wish. Oh, I am so glad you are learning to use the tools! I have my own small power tools, but James has all the big stuff. I try to learn how to use everything. The lattice looks very good. I would plant a morning glory or two to climb along the edges . I know they can be invasive, but you can always cut away a "window" through the vines for your view.

Sandra said...

Well a very happy birthday for yesterday, sorry I missed it :)

You are one talented, handy lady, look at you go :) Love what you've done.

Hope you are doing well,

Karen said...

Rainey, I am so proud of you! That project turned out splendidly. I love the way it looks.

Mark was and is a huge part of your life and I never tire of hearing of your remembrances and the love you shared.

HolleyGarden said...

I love the lattice! Congratulations on doing that! Catrium - haha! I hope this works out well to keep the stray cat away. And Happy Birthday! So nice that you got to celebrate it with good friends.

Shirley said...

Lorraine, happy birthday to you!

Your screen should do the trick and imagine how beautiful it will be once planted with some vines!

I am sorry to read of your loss. I don't know how long it's been but it's good for you to write about him and how you are doing, for as long as you wish to. Your friends in the blogging world will understand and we all wish you well. Hugs to you, dear lady.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive FlowerLady! And happy belated 64th birthday.



Andrea said...

Whatever something turns out to be, if it's our creation, it's always wonderful and rewarding. For me who doesn't know how to do it, I am satisfied. If only i have some tools like you, maybe i will also try doing things. Lastly, belated happy birthday.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Lorraine, have not read some blogs for a few days. Forgive me and a belated Happy Birthday. 64 seems so young when you pass the 74 mark.
I am so proud of you using the tools. A number I use but not saws :)
Take care of yourself, continue to enjoy life.
God is Good...

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Happy Birthday to you a day late, Happy Birthday to you a day late, Happy Birthday dear FL a day late, Happy Birthday to you a day late! What a great project and a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. I'm sure you felt the presence of DH with you! Love from the snow and cold of the 'Burgh LVL and The Herbal Husband


Tired? Are you kidding? I don't get enough! I'm so sorry I missed your birthday, Lorraine. I can't wait to see your photos of the botanical garden. I'm glad you had a nice birthday dinner with good friends.

What I love about you is your honesty and candor. Many people would close up. I hope you feel the love from all of us who love you. Sending hugs.