Monday, January 2, 2012

Getting Cold in s.e. FL

Good afternoon Friends,

On this second day of Januay, it is partly cloudy, we’ve had a few sprinkles, it’s windy and a cold front is moving down over us. Here in southeast FL the prediction is for a low of 43 tonight, tomorrow night’s low 39, and with the windchill factor it will feel colder. To you people who live with really cold temps, this will seem mild. In northern FL it is really going to be cold, and hopefully it won’t harm the citrus crops.

I took some pictures this morning, changed my header, we had breakfast, the bed clothes were changed,  we headed out to do errands, stopped at a yard sale and I spent a whopping 60 cents. 

The teddy bear was so sweet and was only 10 cents, so I brought him home to be a member of my collection. The two sprays of flowers were 25 cents each and I couldn’t leave them there, they had my name all over them.  I told DH I’d like to put them in the gypsy caravan.  The flower sprays need to be gently dusted.  These goodies make me feel happy.



Now, on to the blooms from this morning’s walk around the gardens.

The first two are of bougainvillea. I love the sunlight hitting the blooms in the second picture.



Next two pictures are of the rose Chrysler Imperial.








‘Kathleen’, a real sweetie.




Well, that’s it for now. 



One of the most delightful things about a garden

is the anticipation it provides. 

W.E. Johns


Sunray Gardens said...

I love Bougainvillea but they're not hardy here. That Chrysler Rose is really pretty. Not sure what Kalnchoe is but I really like it.
We got snow today but nothing major in amount but the roads were really slick and there was a lot of wrecks. Hope things stay decent down there for you.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Kit said...

Oooo, I love your new finds. Especially the bear! So cute. Hope it doesn't get too cold down there for your flowers. Kit

Becky said...

We are expecting a 22* night here... bbrrrrr! The wind is making it feel so much colder. I dread tomorrow morning with ice on the windshields.

Sissy said...

The Chrysler pic is so beautiful, I could almost smell it from here!
I do hope the strawberries and the citrus crop is not harmed by the nasty cold...

organicgardendreams said...

Flowerlady, the teddy bear is so cute and really a steal for 10 cents, glad you got it :-)! The pictures of the flowers from your garden are beautiful as always. I especially love the hibiscus bloom and the 'Chrysler Imperial' rose is hard to beat. It must smell very strong in your humidity. Stay warm!

Jane said...

Cold here too. About 17 degrees and I don't even want to think about the wind chill. That Kathleen rose is a real beauty. Kind of looks like an apple blossom. Can't wait to have a tour of that caravan when you have it all decked out. Take care!

gld said...

It was 15° here this morning. Your temperature will be our 'warmup' later this week!

Love the beautiful single rose picture. It makes me think of an apple blossom.

mary_smith said...

It is chilly! We are so spoiled here in the southeast. I think said it was going to get down to 43 last night...brrrr!

Beautiful blooms!

Val said...

What a dear little bear. And I love the sunlight in that one shot too. How dreamy it is.

Lona said...

I always enjoy visiting your garden. It is so good to see color on a snowy cold day. I imagine that would really feel cold to you. I hope it does not ruin anything in your garden. Looks like you found some terrific goodies at the yard sale. We won't see any of those either until spring.ave a wonderful week.

Mrs. Mac said...

Oh I do hope your plants and the citrus crops are not affected. Your blooms are such a sight for winter deprived eyes. Have a happy new year.

Annie said...

Your flower shots are amazing! I just LOVE the bougainvillea one. I used to have a purple one in a previous garden and it gave me a lot of pleasure. We are roasting her in oz-my front garden is sizzling-I think we may get some relief today

lemonverbenalady said...

We are always glad to share our cold with you dear FlowerLady! xxoo Nancy

Anonymous said...

Oh, what wonderful flower pics! It must be so nice not to have several months of winter.

I lived in California when I was first married, didn't think California got cold, but it did (in Oakland). I had to send for my coat. No snow, but lots of sleet.

Your garage sale finds are wonderful. I wouldn't have been able to resist them, either. Hugs, Ilene

Susan said...

Kathleen is so delicate while the bougainvillea is so bold and stunning. I hope all your tender plants made it through the night. We hovered right around 33 early this morning and it's a bit too early to see the damage. I'm sure the angel trumpet and glorybower will go down :-(. But, they will return again when winter moves on. :-)

Balisha said...

I love the teddy and those beautiful flower sprays are wonderful. Will you leave them as they are or do something creative with them?

Georgianna said...

Happy New Year, Flower Lady! The new header is great – I would love to have that rose in my garden. I hope the cold weather isn't too extreme for your plants. Wishing you a great week. – g

Anonymous said...

We hit the 20s here last night in central Florida and already today I can see the damage to my plants. It's to be expected each winter, but always breaks my heart. I suffer the winter blues every year.

But on a brighter note - I love hearing about your thrifty finds. Makes me want to hit a few yard sales this weekend.

Hugs from your blogging friend who remains jealous of your beautiful roses. ; )


Gayle said...

I hope you didn't get below freezing and lose any of your precious plants!!

Sandra said...

I actually wouldn't mind some cold, we just had 87 degrees the other day and it's frustrating lol

Darla said...

Hi, long time no blog. Nice post today. The mom of millions you gave me is blooming in the greenhouse. Some reseeded in the gardens before I put the container in the greenhouse and you know what? The 20 degrees the other night didn't hurt them at all, so far. This could be interesting as how everyone one of the babies that falls seems to grow...they are in several containers now!

Becca's Dirt said...

You have some beautiful blooms to share. I'm not familiar with kalanchoe. It looks a lot like pentas. Pretty. Roses are on my bucket list. Really I am planning/hoping I get some pretty ones.

sweetbay said...

You have such beautiful flowers right now! Stay warm!

Jeri Landers said...

Golly, roses in January! I went outside for a wee bit today, and poked around the garden. I couldn't believe it when I saw my tulips popping up at least 3 inches! I do wish they would wait for while longer.
I love the sprays you purchased, they would look nice just about anywhere in the house.

Masha said...

I am glad you got something you enjoy for so little money. The flower sprays really do look lovely. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures of flowers, I have little blooming right now, so I really enjoy looking at blooms in your garden.