Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brrr and flea goodies

Good evening Folks,

We had a ‘cold’ for us day, gray skies, wind and it was a good indoor day.  Although, we did go to an indoor flea market within walking distance. It was a nice brisk walk. They don’t have this very often and the last time we went I got a nice pair of clip on earrings. (My ears aren’t pierced and I love the old clip or screw on earrings with nice stones/beads or anything artsy that strikes my fancy.) The doors opened at 8 and we got there about 15 minutes early and with the wind blowing it was COLD.  We were up pretty close to the door and building so it was better than being further out. I wanted to find beads, or lace or what-have-you to create with. I had some $ from the sale of my first needle case, and spent it on beads, and 3 nice little pillows from Germany that I plan to embellish.


The beaded necklace I took apart.  Three groups of strands of nice creamy seed beads, a nice group of strands of black beads, and a nice strand of pearl beads.

I was thrilled to get more bugle beads in the bead box.  Sorted the beads according to colors and am itching to create.

I also bought a hand made pair of earrings that are made out of paper.  The copper and green colors caught my eye, and they were only 50 cents.


As I was going table to table I spied the next item with a piece of masking tape and the word FREE on it. I love birds and ducks and have them as figurines and paintings.  This one had been broken and glued back together, (not very good but still, they tried.)  The coloring really struck me. It looks like an older piece to me. It now resides in my scullery window display. Smile





DH bought a book by Lee Childs, then we left.

Not long after we got home our neighbor called up and wanted to know if DH wanted to go to the indoor flea.  DH told him we had already been but he’d go there with him, so off he went. 

He came home with a little something for me.  When we had been there earlier, I had seen these earrings that a lady had a whole display of and said they were all Monet.  I was familiar with the name, but when she named her price, I passed.  When we got home I told DH about the earrings, no description or anything, just that I’d seen this display and that she’d said they were Monet.  When he came back later, he said he had something for me and he hoped it was right.  I couldn’t believe it when he pulled these out of his pocket.  They were the very earrings I had held in my hand.  Of course, he got a thank you and a big kiss and a smile from ear to ear from me.



Now, here are some birdie pics from the other day and one from this morning. These photos were taken from inside the scullery, through the window looking out at the bird bath.  I had to race out here to my little space for the camera, hoping the bird would still be there when I got back. He was, and I believe he is some kind of finch. He was taking his sweet time getting down to the water, making sure there was no danger near, before dipping into the pool.







I don’t know what kind of bird this next one is.  This was taken this morning, and before I could get another picture, some other bird flew into the area and scared this one off.



Here is the caravan floor with 4 coats of polyurethane. Now you have to remember, this space is only 6’ wide by about 8’ long.  To the right is where the counter will be with the stove, refrigerator and sink.  The gray piece that the pillow is sitting on is where the butane tank goes. There will be a bench at the back of the picture up to the gray box, and most likely a bench on the left side so not much of this floor will even show, but the plywood flooring is now nicely coated with about 7-8 layers.



Well, it’s about time to go get horizontal to read awhile before sleep.  I had off today, which was nice as I usually work Saturdays.  Yesterday I had a good day at work, made a nice sale and got a nice tip from the buyer. My boss was pleased and so was I. I’ve never had a customer give me a tip before.  I don’t go back to work again until Thursday. I get to putter around here. Yay!

Tonight it is supposed to get down to 45 and with the windchill factor, feel like it’s 38, so that is going to be cold for us. I brought some orchids in hopefully everything else will do fine. I do need to hand water some things tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great week coming up.



Bernie H said...

45 deg would be cold for us here as well! What lovely earrings you got, and how wonderful is DH for choosing the exact ones you had wished for. The broken bird is just lovely too. The colouring is gorgeous. Perhaps a littel bow around the neck would cover up the repair job. Cute little finch? too! Now stay snug and warm.

Sandy said...

I enjoyed your post, loved the beads and pillows, and your lovely earrings, but most of all the sweet birds. And, yes, I think the first is a little finch but the second looks to be a young catbird. Darling.
Have a lovely rest of the weekend and enjoy your time off creating.

Sunray Gardens said...

You two have been very busy. The floor looks fantastic too. He did a really nice job on it.
Cher Sunray Gardens

shirley said...

Hi Lorraine, Love all your flea market finds. That blue duck is so handsome. Perhaps you could put a matching bow tie on him to cover the join.

Love the little finch.

Aren't you a lucky girl to have such a thoughtful husband as you do...the ear rings are gorgeous.

organicgardendreams said...

Hi FlowerLady, you got some really nice things at the flea market! My favorite are the Monet earrings that your husband got for you, though, they are outstandingly beautiful. Would love to see them on you :-)! It is fascinating that he picked exactly the ones that you wanted, without having seen them himself. I guess that is a sign that you are a very harmonious couple. The bird photos toughed my heart, there is something so delicate about this bird. Stay warm through your cold spell!

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

I'll bet you are feeling chilled. Funny thing, we're suppose to be 60 tomorrow. Hoping to take the bikes out for a rare January ride.
Such nice finds at the flea market. You certainly have a sweet hubby. Enjoy those earrings.

Jeri Landers said...

I wonder if you had ever seen "stump Embroidery"? I just got a book on it, it is so incredible! You have the fingers to do it.
Your husband is so thoughtful and sweet to you.
The little green birdie is a touch of cheer for this dreary season!
I am loving your caravan. I do hope you plan on many joyful and comfy trips in your little home away from home when it is all finished.
Thank you for watching my little video, it took me 8 attempts to get onto youtube! You always leave such very nice comments.

mary_smith said...

It is "cold." I'm up before the birds ready to go for a walk and it's 49F. Looks like you have a beautiful collection of beads.

Jane said...

What a romantic fellow your DH is! Whenever I come across a piece of vintage Monet or Trifari jewelry at a good price, I buy it, top quality stuff! What a sweet little bird. I probably would have missed him, he seems to have pretty camouflage with those green feathers. The floor looks great!

Tracy said...

It's 36 here this morning & I don't like it! I try to remember that Spring is just around the corner. :)

Love the pics of the green finch. I have loved birds since I was a child.

How sweet of your husband to surprise you with the very earrings you had passed up!

Enjoy your days off! :)

denimflyz said...

Love Monet jewelry. And I love the earrings he picked.
It is supposed to get to 60* here, a heat wave for us in January, but a hit of winter tomorrow.
Have a wonderful up coming week, my friend.

Lona said...

That would be a little cod for what you are use to. I love the pillow cases and cannot wait to see what you do to them. The caravan floor looks so good. What a wonderful job your husband did. Have a great day!

Becky said...

Of course I HAD to pull out our bird book... the second little bird looks just like the picture in our guide book of a North American Dipper.I'll keep looking for the little green one; or perhaps someone else will ID it for you.

Becky said...

The green fellow may be a Grassquit...

Corner Gardener Sue said...

You got some great finds there! I am glad you gave that duck a home. I have three Roseville pieces that I was only able to afford because they have cracks or repairs. They are still beautiful to me.

Your husband is so sweet!

gld said...

I have some catch up reading to do.

I would have taken the bird too and it will look perfect in your window.

Your husband gets the husband of the week award! He is so thoughtful and talented That floor looks like tile. I would hate to cover any of it.

Enjoy your time off.

crazyQstitcher said...

A wonderful blog FlowerLady.
Congratulations on your stash additions. The paper ear-rings are great. What a bargain there.
What a great DH too.
If the duck break bothers you, you could always add a choker. or add cheer at Christmas with a ribbon LOL

The birds are beautiful.