Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our little tree and latest needlework

Good evening Friends,

It is Thursday evening in balmy s.e. FL. We had a tiny cold front move in but by Sunday it is supposed to be 80 degrees again.  It certainly does NOT feel like Christmas.

Monday I decorated our tiny tree and have been enjoying it ever since.  It’s always disappointing to take a tree down, and I know it’s because all of the color and sparkle are no longer there.  I enjoy it while it’s up.  I turn on the lights first thing in the morning then go make coffee.

Here is our little $2 tree from a yard sale a few weeks back, decorated with crocheted and beaded wire ornies that I made  and some from a swap over several years between online friends in a forum.  The ornies from the swaps are special and bring back memories from that time.  Special ladies one and all.








As a comparison, here is our humongous ‘curbside shopped’ tree from last year, with all the wonderful ornies from our 42 years of marriage and some that were DH’s grandmothers too.  It is fun to do a tree this size, but not always.  This is only ‘half’ of this tree.


I left off the back bottom branches so that is would go flat against the wall.


Below is a picture that I captured the other morning when I went out to the scullery. The sun was shining in through the window and this tugged at my heart.


Here are the crocheted and beaded hearts I made yesterday.  I made two different ones today, but don’t have pictures yet.  These below are 2” across, and have 90 beads each.  They are made with size 30 crochet thread using a size 13 hook, tiny, and I wear strong glasses while creating these.  I really enjoy making them.


Well, it’s time to go get horizontal to read before sleep.  I’m actually working 4 days instead of 3 so have two more days of work, before I’m home again to putter around here.

DH is doing ‘mud’ work in the caravan.  This little, project is a delight.

Enjoy each day of this Christmas season, seeking the beauty and good in each day.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady


Rebecca said...

Your tree is beautiful (and I sure enjoyed the peek into a part of your house, too)! What special ornaments, too. I enjoyed the close-ups.

Gayle said...

Beautiful...I love Christmas lights!

You are so clever to leave the branches off the back. I'll need to tuck that away in my memory where I can hopefully find it again!

Marti said...

I love both of your trees. I decided not to do a tree this year, but thought if I had my old tree I could leave off some of the back branches and back it up to a wall. I'm glad to see how well that works. Yours is a beauty.

Bernie said...

I think Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes look fantastic and yours is no exception. It's lovely and looks fantastic all lit up. It's made even more special by being decorated with meaningful ornaments. Love your little hearts too.

Becky said...

I love your new header picture. Your tree is adorable; I have yet to set ours up - perhaps tomorrow.

Sunray Gardens said...

I like the little trees. Looks lovely and sure takes a lot less room.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Amrita said...

everything looks fabulous

HolleyGarden said...

I, too, miss the sparkle and cheer after taking down the tree. I love your tree - both of them - and love that you have sentimental ornaments. I can almost see you in the mirror!

sweetbay said...

Both of your trees look beautiful! I love the ornaments hanging along the wall.

Kit said...

Oh my, there are my little ornies I made! What a great memory those swaps are. We had such fun in those days, didn't we? Have a lovely weekend! Kit

gld said...

Beautiful little tree! I loved catching a glimpse of some more parts of your cottage too.

The new needle work is beautiful. I would need a magnifying glass to work under.

I will be looking forward to the new work on the caravan.

Nina Suria said...

oh my.. it's so beautiful.. I love the chrochet beaded most. You are really inspiring..

love to see more
Nina Suria

Masha said...

Your trees look so festive, the little and the big one. It must be a lot of work to decorate them, but also so much joy!

Betty819 said...

Your crochet and tatting is beautiful! I used to have an Aunt(she was really a cousin but in Baltimore, everybody is referred to as an Aunt)Aunt M..used to tat an edging on her hankies. What else do you use tatting for? I don't do any type of needlework but my dear beloved MIL did and I have embroidered tablecloths that I cherish. She could quilt, crochet, knit. She didn't feel that she did crewel well but it's not much difference in that than embroidered, except longer stitches(?). I always wanted a hairpin lace stole that she never got around to making. She made a niece one that was so beautiful and time ran out before she could make one for me. Her quilting stitches were so uniform that they looked like they were done by a quilting machine but they weren't. One of 12 kids, they all learned needlework and quilting. Her Mother quilted till the day she died.